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Motorcycle Graduated Rider Training and Licensing

Introducing the GRT&L project:

The Motorcycle Graduated Rider Training and Licensing (GRT&L) project is a Department of Transport led initiative to review the ways that motorcyclists are licensed, trained and assessed in WA. A GRT&L system is made up of measurable increments or stages for the training and licensing of riders and/or motorcycles.

WA already has a graduated system for riders with levels of learner, provisional and full licences along with restrictions on motorcycle use.

Based on the recommendations of a review of best practice in motorcycle rider training and licensing, the changes proposed introduce a system that more thoroughly prepares and tests new riders, promoting safety on the roads.

How to get involved:

Please visit the Transport web site to find out more, and to:

  • Read the GRT&L discuss paper
  • Complete an online survey
  • Nominate to attend a workshop

    Survey closes 30 May 2010 – Workshop nominations close 10 May 2010

    Best wishes from,

    GRT&L project team

Contact us:


1800 287 551

Motorcycle Graduated Rider Training & Licensing
Department of Transport
Reply Paid 1290
Perth WA 6844

Survey closes 30 May 2010 – Workshop nominations close 10 May 2010

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