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The MRA WA is a non-profit voluntary organisation that has existed in Western Australia for over 25 years. Political representation regarding road safety and legislation affecting motorcyclists are our main aims. That is, to oversee all motorcyclists rights and work for a fair and sensible deal for ALL motorcyclists. All motorcycle riders are welcome to join the MRA WA. As a member your support in promoting the aims and leading by example will help to enhance the image of motorcycling.

MRAWA Mission Statement

The Motorcycle Riders Association of Western Australia inc. is a not for profit organization that has existed in Western Australia for over 28 years.

The MRAWA is constantly working with Federal, State and local government Ministers and their Departments and agencies as well as other motorcycle organizations in all other Australian States with aims similar to ours on a ongoing commitment to provide a safer road environment, improved rider training and sensible motorcycle related legislation on behalf of all motorcycle and scooter riders in Western Australia.

Let those who ride decide.


To Strive for Fair and Sensible Legislation

We as citizens need laws that will protect and preserve our right to choose, without being compelled by legislation to conform by those who have different opinions toward our lifestyle. The MRA WA is apolitical and actively pursues the rights of ALL motorcyclists by lobbying ALL political parties.

Improve Road Safety

All road users must develop a greater awareness for motorcyclists. The MRA WA supports Rider Training Programs, and all road user training programs, and encourages all motorcyclists to participate. The MRA WA firmly believes Education not Legislation Saves Lives.

Improve the Image of Motorcycling

We aim to promote the positive aspects of Motorcycling to the public. As an Association, the MRA WA provides events such as the Annual Motorcycle Awareness Ride and Memorial Ride, and supports the activities of other motorcycle organisations such as the Bikers Charity Ride and other rides for positive causes.

To Promote Motorcycling

Motorcycles are a viable transport alternative. Motorcycles generate less pollution, use less fuel and require less parking space in public areas. Sporting activities such as off-road racing is exciting for both riders and spectators. The motorcycle lifestyle with its sense of community and camaraderie can offer a change of pace with current lifestyle trends.



Your membership entitles you as a motorcyclist, to a say on how the organisation is run. You are also entitled to vote, raise issues and express your concerns on matters affecting motorcycling and the MRA WA


There is a range of activities and events that include monthly general meetings, to which all members and non-members with an interest in our association are welcome. The Awareness Ride, the bi-annual Numbat Rally, the bi-annual Karri Rally, and regular day rides are regular association activities, as well as supporting those events held by other motorcycle groups. A Calender of Events is published in our magazine The Razors Edge and on our website at


Our General Meetings are held at the Victoria Park Hotel on the third Wednesday of every month at 7:30pm except December. Our Annual General Meeting is held at the Victoria Park Hotel on the third Wednesday in July also at 7:30pm.


As a member you will receive regular copies of The Razors Edge to keep you in touch with the MRA’s progress and activities. You may send articles to our editor for publication. Various businesses offer discounts or special deals to our members and a list is available in The Razors Edge and on our website.

Your membership of the MRA WA does not affect your membership of any other organisation.


The MRA WA operates under a constitution which can be viewed here.

PO Box 196
Victoria Park WA 6979
ph: 08 9487 0400

Let those who ride decide


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