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Introducing the GRT&L project:

The Motorcycle Graduated Rider Training and Licensing (GRT&L) project is a Department of Transport led initiative to review the ways that motorcyclists are licensed, trained and assessed in WA. A GRT&L system is made up of measurable increments or stages for the training and licensing of riders and/or motorcycles.

WA already has a graduated system for riders with levels of learner, provisional and full licences along with restrictions on motorcycle use.

Based on the recommendations of a review of best practice in motorcycle rider training and licensing, the changes proposed introduce a system that more thoroughly prepares and tests new riders, promoting safety on the roads.

How to get involved:

Please visit the Transport web site to find out more, and to:

  • Read the GRT&L discuss paper
  • Complete an online survey
  • Nominate to attend a workshop

    Survey closes 30 May 2010 – Workshop nominations close 10 May 2010

    Best wishes from,

    GRT&L project team

Contact us:


1800 287 551

Motorcycle Graduated Rider Training & Licensing
Department of Transport
Reply Paid 1290
Perth WA 6844

Survey closes 30 May 2010 – Workshop nominations close 10 May 2010

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Ross Veasey, son of Diesel and Wendy, brother of Sara (Frog) and Claire (Spider) died in a motorcycle crash 1st of October 2007 in Glen Forrest near his home, he was just 20 years old and lived life to the full until prematurely taken from us. Ross loved his Kawasaki Ninja ZX10 and always rode it like it was meant to be ridden.

Ross was in full safety gear, as he always was, but on this occasion it wasn’t enough to save his life.

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Chad Peters
of the Honda Shop in Midland, Western Australia passed away late March 2006 after a long battle with cancer.

Chad’s very active involvement with the motorcycling fraternity in WA is well marked and remembered.

The MRA WA members pass on their condolences to his family and friends.”

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Simon Charles Milward
born 28th of January 1965 in Strete, South Devon, UK.

In 1989 Simon quit as quality control manager with a leading British reprographic printing company to concentrate on something he believed in and where he thought he could do something useful. Simon started a fulltime career working for the interests of motorcyclists with the Motorcycle Action Group United Kingdom.

In 1992 Simon established the Brussels headquarters of the Federation of European Motorcyclists (FEM) in Brussels and became FEM’s General Secretary. Finding his way through the EU maze he started co-ordinating efforts towards specific legislatory targets. This resulted in bikers being among the first citizens to benefit from the democratic changes of the Maastricht Treaty and due to Simon’s never ending work, FEM became a well-known and effective lobby group in the EU institutions. In 1998 FEM merged with the EMA (the European Motorcyclists Association) to form the Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations (FEMA). Simon Milward became FEMA’s General Secretary. Affiliated to FEMA today are 22 national riders rights organisations from 18 European countries.

On January 1st 2000 Simon left Europe to fulfil a lifelong dream: to ride his handmade motorcycle around the world on a humanitarian mission. His journey was supposed to last for 18 months, but it turned into a five year long odyssey. Simon was expected to arrive back in the UK around October 2005. It is with profoundly sad that Simon died following a road accident near Kayes, Mali, West Africa.

With the passing away of Simon Milward, the European motorcycle community has lost a true rider and a pioneer in the riders’ rights movement. Simon always inspired those who have had the honour and the privilege to work with him and we will never forget him. We have lost a friend, the world has lost a true friend and a very good man.

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Rick and his wife Sam were killed 21.02.03 by a drunk driver. They were members of the Mandurah Ulysses Club. Unfortunately we haven’t a photo of Sam.

They were husband and wife, aged 41 and 24. They were riding their Harley at the time of death.

Rick & Sam

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Gunther “Gunner” Glaessner.
1958 – 2001 Killed – Waroona Dam Road Feb 11th 2001

Lived fast, Died fast -” Doing what he loved to do most, riding his beloved R1100 RT”.

A much loved, much respected man who will be missed by many for the longest time.

A note of thanks to all who attended the memorial ride, a very moving, very special day.

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Robert “Rob” Rothwell
Killed – Waroona Dam Road Feb 11th 2001

A much loved, much respected and now very missed husband, father and grandfather.

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