An Urgent Message To ALL Motorcycle Riders in WA!

7 Motorcycle Riders killed in in January 2021!

Hi, my name is David Wright, and I’m a longtime motorcycle rider.

I’ve come to talk to you today about the terrible start we’ve had to 2021.

So far this year, we’ve lost 23 people on our roads.

Of those 23 people 30% of the motorcyclists.

So that’s seven motorcycles dead since the start of the year, in 28 days.
That’s one motorcyclist every four days, we just can’t continue like this. And we’ve got to do some something better.

On top of those fatalities, we have the serious injuries. This is serious injuries, life changing injuries.

Basically, for every fatality, we have 20 injuries. So this is where people in wheelchairs, being fed through a tube, lots of things like that. So we need to get ride of that.

We are a community of motorcyclists, and we’re losing way too many of our people, so we can’t, we can’t do that. What we need to do is get better at what we do, and ride better.

I’ve been riding for a long time. I’ve done hundreds of kilometeres over time, and I’ve made mistakes. One example, I took a corner too wide once, I got around this corner, thought, oh thank heavens, that was lucky a truck wasn’t coming. Luck should not come into this. It’s purely about skill and not making mistakes. If you do make mistakes, learn from them, and continue.

Going on from this, we need to ride to the conditions. The road conditions, your own conditions, the weather conditions, all those things taken into account when we’re riding.

But also, we need to reduce our speed. We don’t have to get there fast.

We just need to get there and arrive. On top of that, improve our skills, go to a professional school, learn all about the skills you need, so if you do get yourself into trouble or make a mistake, you can get out of it again, with a minimum stress.

That’s about it, and remember ‘ride to arrive’.

Courtesy of Dave Wright – Safety Officer MRAWA


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