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Bus Lane Use for MC Riders Trial Deemed Illegal – Challenged by MRAWA

The Road Safety Commission advised us via email on Wednesday, 24 June 2020 9:56 AM on the decision to ban the sharing of motorcycles to share certain bus lanes.

They further advised us that Main Roads WA will be removing signs from five metro bus lanes that permit motorcycles to share the lanes. This follows a trial that found there was no road safety benefit, and that the practice actually posed a road safety risk for riders.

Once these signs are removed, MC riders will be subject to the same bus lane regulations as drivers and subject to a $100 infringement and 3 demerit points.

Dave Wright of MRAWA has requested the actual research that this decision was based on, as the use of bus lanes by motorcyclist has been in practice for many years in ACT and NSW.

See Dave Wrights email response below.


The Motorcycle Riders Association of WA do not accept that the findings from the research is correct. We will undertake our own research into this proposal if we believe the findings from the Road Safety Commission research are flawed.

Dave Wright


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