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2021 MRAWA Constitution For member Voting


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MotoCap (Motorcycle Protective Clothing) – Jackets, Pants, Gloves

There is misinformation circulating in social media at present, that behind the MotoCap Safety Ratings, there is an agenda to enforce compulsory wearing of protective clothing. Simply not true. An excerpt from Dave Wright Motorcycle Consulting statement on this: MotoCap has been developed over the past 10 years and with some of the best protocols […]

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2021 03 29 12 34 48 | Lane Filtering 'Freeway' Exclusion Removed

Lane Filtering ‘Freeway’ Exclusion Removed

Actual ‘Good News’ that the ‘Freeway Lane Filtering Exclusion’ has been removed officially in the new legislation filed today 29th March (see the diagram of the deletion of the term ‘freeway). All the emails that were sent by riders to the Road Safety Commission and the Minister letting them know our thoughts on this matter […]

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Update Regarding Lane Filtering (Media Release)

– (addressing some comments and grievances) When the MRAWA announced the upcoming lane filtering laws, many were upset, as were the MRAWA committee and members about ‘Freeways’ being excluded. As far as the ban on lane filtering on freeways is concerned, we were totally blindsided and shocked by this clause. Our stance was like many, […]

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pexels gijs coolen 2948297 1 | MOTORCYCLE LANE FILTERING REGULATION March 29


MRA has been the driving force in lobbying for legal ‘lane filtering’ here in WA since 2011. After many years of sometimes frustrating lobbying, going back to our initial meeting on this issue in 2011 when Troy Buswell was the Minister for Transport,  we have finally received news on this issue. Lane filtering was discussed at […]

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7 Motorcycle Riders killed in January 2021

Hi, my name is David Wright, and I’m a longtime motorcycle rider. I’ve come to talk to you today about the terrible start we’ve had to 2021. So far this year, we’ve lost 23 people on our roads. Of those 23 people 30% of the motorcyclists. So that’s seven motorcycles dead since the start of […]

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