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Motorcycle Safety Week 23rd to 29th April 2017

Date(s) - 23/04/2017 - 29/04/2017
All Day




MC safety week | Motorcycle Safety Week 23rd to 29th April 2017

Sunday April 23rd Launch at the York Motorcycle Festival

Will have our stand at the festival again this year to showcase our work for motorcyclists’ safety and rights that we have been successful with in the past year, and our projects that we are working on for the future, so please call in and say hi.

We will be running a series of safe riding demonstration throughout the day by professional riders, with the opportunity for participants to practice using a MRA 250cc motorcycle. This will be on a closed and fenced off section of road in York and will involve counter steering through witches’ hats and emergency braking.

We will also run a series of short First Responder First Aid Courses, (Helmet removal, basic stop the bleeding and keep them breathing) throughout the day run by professional paramedics.

Wednesday April 26th_ Ride Your Motorcycle to work Day

Promoted to make people more aware of the number of motorcycle riders on our roads and that we come from all walks of life and are not a faceless person behind a helmet.

Please on this day leave the car at home and take your motorcycle or moped to work, ask your employers to reserve parking spaces for motorcycle riders. Let us show the government and general public that there are many of us out there on the road and we are just regular people who need considering. If you can’t take your motorcycle this day then at least take your motorcycle helmet to show you are a proud motorcyclist.


Saturday April 29th – Motorcycle Skills Masterclass (booked out)

(A collaboration of three courses- Ride Right/On Yer Bike Training/Rider Down First Aid.

A full day course that will include-

Classroom instruction on motorcycle road craft. 

Riding range training on practical riding skills by qualified rider trainers.

Basic first aid life support covering safe helmet removal, blood loss control   provided by professional paramedic trainers.

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