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Brunch Ride to Toodyay

The day started off almost with a hint of thinking you were in a warmer month, but as 4 riders and one pillion departed from Gingers Roadhouse, at 9:24 am. We headed north through a greenish Chittering Valley, cruising through Bindoon, then turning right on Dewar’s Pool Road. It was then the road opened up to more long twisty bends only complimented by roadside canola fields. Riding on towards Bindi Bindi Toodyay rd, A short timely stop to take care of matters that arrives at one’s anatomy.

Resized 20200823 104005.jpeg | Brunch Ride to ToodyayHeading into Toodyay at 11:07 am. someone then decided to have a coke in a cafe that didn’t exist. so, after much confusion, we finally entered the cafe that had the right omelette on the fly.

Leaving long brunch behind us at 1:03pm Hughie drenched us with more civilized weather…

Heading on towards Gidgegannup via Toodyay rd, then turning right on Berry Rd .

For no apparent reason, the compass had turned sideways making the lead rider compensate a decision to complete the 12ish finish timeline closer to 2:08 pm.

A relaxed brunch ride was made possible with Dave, Evan, Ben and Nicole.

Thank you for the honour.  M.C.

Resized 20200823 114758.jpeg | Brunch Ride to Toodyay

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