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Day Ride to the Numbat Rally Ride Report

The day started with 5 riders and a pillion. a typical September morning at Midvale.

Open for a general consensus, the route was changed to accommodate everyone.

Happy to see some riders from DOCWA members amongst us, also a big welcome to young Tom who came along as a pillion.

Three other riders, long-time stall warts, in the motorcycle community came along for the 200kms to Kellerberrin.

A short stop at Cunderdin opposite the servo, I offer a big thanks to Andrew,  an MRAWA member for helping me out with a slight compass ambiguity, getting on to the main highway was directly after some refreshments at Tammin roadhouse. It was off to build relationships with a local at Kellerberrin outside IGA, once again with Andrews help out with consumable evening fuel, accommodating his bike to carry the goods leaving the street colourful display of goodwill to all.

Arriving, at the Hayshed we were greeted by check-in staff that was only too pleased to distribute the MRAWA Numbat Rally badges that appeared from a place you’d rather be and gratefully received by all.

Hughie dished out the weather menu fit for a king, the riders set up their tents with a backdrop of views on far-reaching hills and valleys, only to make the event even more with a sense of freedom, a cause to all motorcyclists enjoying the MRAWA Numbat Rally.

Gratefully M.C.

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