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Ride Report – Lunch Ride to Cunderdin July 2019

Ok so the day started with a healthy cheeseburger chips and large Fanta. I walked outside and greeted everyone Jeff the Prez (Great ride Jeff but we will get to that) Chris, Perry and Oh and Carlos who came on wrong ride as there were 3 separate rides leaving from same place and last first timer Rick and Heather .

Stands were up about 9.08am. We headed up through some magic scenery, for a brief second would have been nice to be pillion (Yeah Nah). We went away to Beverly I never knew existed was pretty amazing but best was yet to come. We made it to Beverly with no drama quick stretch of legs a Coke and a cookie. On the way to Quairading someone had  a phone mishap fell off a phone holder turned round to get it phone was fine until last car deliberately drove over it. Anyway back on mission Quairading to Cunderdin there were once again majestic hills with water shimmering off far away rocks which made riding hard to concentrate on glad I wasn’t in the lead. I’m serious if I wasn’t making sure our new riders could watch me to see when it was safe to over take I would have stopped and snapped some pictures, I will bring my camera next time phone just wouldn’t do it justice.  Arrived in Cunderdin for one of my top 10 Steak sandwiches of all times and some great service from our amazing server Ruth, quick photo opportunity out front of Ettamogah Pub. Refuel at a BP.

Final 70km ride through rolling fields of scenery this time reached York for yet more fuel for our bodies, vanilla slice and an ice cold Coke .

We parted ways and I back tracked 30 minutes to visit a  Family  farm and Ask for Meat donations with my VP Hat on so we don’t go hungry while getting ready for the Rally Yep Future where my head is at.

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Vice President  Bandit thanks for Reading

IMG 5685 | Ride Report - Lunch Ride to Cunderdin July 2019 IMG 5691 | Ride Report - Lunch Ride to Cunderdin July 2019 IMG 5692 | Ride Report - Lunch Ride to Cunderdin July 2019 IMG 5694 | Ride Report - Lunch Ride to Cunderdin July 2019


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