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2021 MRAWA Annual General Meeting

Dear MRAWA Member,

The MRAWA Committee provides 42 day notice to all MRAWA members to hold our Annual General Meeting 2021

The meeting will be held upstairs at the Victoria Park Hotel, 605 Albany Highway in Victoria Park on the 16th November at 7.30pm

Finger food will be provided by the MRAWA, after the General meeting and before the AGM commences.

The Agenda will include:

  1. November General Meeting.
  2. Declaration of all committee positions are now vacant.
  3. 30 minute break for refreshments.
  4. Annual General Meeting.

The AGM will be chaired by Bruce Burgess with two returning officers to count the votes.

Each nominated person will be requested to give a brief address to state how they can forward the interests of the MRAWA.

Notice of Business 

General business, Committee reports, Association Committee nominations and voting

Nominations for the Association Committee can be done by downloading and completing the form (link below)

The form provides details on how to submit your supported nomination for a role on the Association Committee


A separate email will be sent shortly if the nomination portal on the MRAWA website may be used.

If so, the Notifications for online nominations will be received by the MRAWA  Committee.

The Association looks forward to seeing you at the 2021 AGM to cast your vote

The MRAWA Committee

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