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COVID-19 and Riding

One of the reasons many of us ride motorcycles/scooters is not to get anywhere specifically but to de-stress, look after our own psychological welfare. There is something about getting on a bike, firing it up and just cruising.

Happy Motorbike RiderFirstly, I must stress that we must obey the law. If we do the right thing in regard to the social distancing, hygiene and congregating we may have a real chance in getting past the problems this virus is presenting to our nation.

At the time of writing we are being told stay at home unless working or travelling to get supplies. I have certainly been choosing to follow those instructions and taking care with the other instructions, but I do wander down to the garage and also see a motorbike waiting to be ridden.

Each State/Territory has similar requirements but may have stricter measures in place where you live. At 6pm today (Friday, 27 March 2020), my state made it illegal for gatherings of 10 people or more anywhere. All our national parks and reserves have been closed.

Staying indoors or around our property may drive some of us stir crazy. We also are worrying about family and friends and how they may be coping in these difficult times. A coping mechanism may be going for a ride!

Riding a motorcycle/scooter allows us to socially distance ourselves and comply with requirements presently in force. It may be the best way to relieve your anxiety and stress in a safe manner. In that regard one may suggest that it is necessary travel.

Remember the following requirements:

  1. Practise good hygiene
  2. Maintain social distancing
  3. Avoid public gatherings
  4. Understand how to self-isolate if you become sick

Remember carry hand cleaner with you and if you visit take away establishments maintain your social distance and hygiene.

Be aware restaurants and cafes will probably be closed but some may do take away coffee/food. Be prepared and perhaps safer, take your own drinks and food.

I am usually quite happy to ride alone but occasionally will ride with a mate. Leave it at that though. The next phase of restrictions may make it impossible to go for a ride.

Terry McCarthy #40625

Ulysses Club Road Safety Committee

Email: roadsafety@ulysses.org.au

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