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How to prevent motorcycle theft

Motorcycle theft in Western Australia

In Western Australia, 2,093 motorcycles were stolen in 2017/18 and 64% of those stolen were less than nine years old, according to NMVTRC.

KTM, Honda, Kawasaki, LongJia and Yamaha were the top five stolen motorcycle makes and 72% were stolen from a residence.

Ellenbrook was the top location for theft in Western Australia with 37 stolen motorcycles.

Motorcycle recovery in Western Australia is currently 52% compared to 45% nationally.

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How to prevent motorcycle theft

In thinking about how to stop motorcycle theft, Parking wisely, physically securing your motorcycle and making smart purchasing decisions should all be fundamental parts of your overall approach to protecting your motorcycle’s security.

1. Park your motorcycle wisely

With research showing that most motorcycles are stolen from residential locations, Margin suggests people should conceal where they store their motorcycle at home as much as possible.

“Try to store your motorcycle next to a fixed object or anchor that can’t be easily moved in a locked garage or behind locked gates. It’s also clever to use a motorcycle cover,” he says.

2. Have the right tools for protection

“Most importantly, make sure your motorcycle is insured and keep a record of your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) number. This is a unique code made up of 17 characters and numbers to identify your motorcycle,” Margin says.

Motorcycle owners should also consider having a manual device to lock your motorcycle up securely. A disc lock, thick chain and padlock or a U-lock are some examples, according to Margin.

“It’s also a good idea to invest in an alarm for your motorcycle lock. If your motorcycle is attempted to be stolen, at least the burglar will be startled, or a passing person or neighbour may be alerted. In the best case scenario, the burglar may not even attempt theft if they see the alarm initially,” he adds.

3. Be smart about your motorcycle purchase

Be careful about purchasing your motorcycle in the first place. If you’re buying your motorcycle from a private seller, do a proper background check, says Margin.

“To make sure your motorcycle isn’t listed as stolen, as written-off or not under finance, you can conduct a Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) check.

4. Insure your motorcycle

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