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Lane Filtering ‘Freeway’ Exclusion Removed

Actual ‘Good News’ that the ‘Freeway Lane Filtering Exclusion’ has been removed officially in the new legislation filed today 29th March (see the diagram of the deletion of the term ‘freeway).

All the emails that were sent by riders to the Road Safety Commission and the Minister letting them know our thoughts on this matter was effective.

A meeting was initiated by the RSC between the RSC, the Minister and the MRAWA on the 8th February to review the ‘freeway’ exclusion.

The RSC agreed that the Freeway filtering regulation was not sensible as filtering was allowed on all other major roads.

An agreement was reached whereby the Freeway regulation only would be removed at this time to allow the regulation to be enacted on the 29th March.

The remainder of the proposed changes will be discussed in due course.

The next steps are to work with the motorcycling community to identify other issues and concerns about any current or new legislation that affects the safety and wellbeing of bikers.

This is a good time for the motorcycling community to act as one to present a coherent, intelligent and united voice to improve the legislation.

We’ll be posting some updates shortly on the best way forward as there are many talented people out there and to harness that so we can work together so we can truly work towards “Let Those Who Ride Decide”.

2021 03 29 12 34 48 | Lane Filtering 'Freeway' Exclusion Removed
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Peter Butler

1 thought on “Lane Filtering ‘Freeway’ Exclusion Removed”

  1. Good to see an immediate pragmatic response to amend a regulation that shouldn’t have made it to paper in the first place, cheers to all involved, keep up the good work!

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