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MotoCap (Motorcycle Protective Clothing) – Jackets, Pants, Gloves

There is misinformation circulating in social media at present, that behind the MotoCap Safety Ratings, there is an agenda to enforce compulsory wearing of protective clothing.

Simply not true.

An excerpt from Dave Wright Motorcycle Consulting statement on this:

MotoCap has been developed over the past 10 years and with some of the best protocols and material testing methods used in the world, some of which have been developed in Australia.

MotoCap is based on a series of tests to give the garment a safety rating and is not as claimed by some to be based on the European Commission’s standards for motorcycle clothing, that will be in force until 2023 when the standard EN 17092 will supersede EN 13595 until that date both standards will be in force.

It is generally considered that the new EU standard sets the bar too low, where even a pair of quality denim jeans can achieve an AA or A certified standard, and these are being sold in our shops as safe motorcycle protective clothing.

The EU Commission has passed regulations that all motorcycle protective clothing sold in European countries must meet EU standard from 2019 onward, hence the lowering of the standards that have been enthusiastically supported by manufacturers. You can make your own judgements as to why. This does not force you to wear these garments…

End of excerpt.

See full statement here: https://facebook.com/davewrightmotorcycleconsulting

MRAWA are NOT advocates for any legislation around compulsory wearing of protective clothing, but we support a platform that provides unbiased information about protective clothing.

Tested clothing bought using the mystery shopper model, there was an inference there was something untoward about that process. It was actually quite the opposite. This was to ensure that tested products were ‘shelf’ products purchased in your local motorcycle shop, rather than ‘premium versions’ submitted by the manufacturer. Make sense?

Deakin University testing facility. There was also criticism of the MotoCap Safety Ratings using one facility. The inference was there could be bias in the testing. Again, a fallacy, one testing facilty ensures an absolute uniform testing regime, and consistency is paramount.

The question of some agenda to enforce compulsory wearing of protective clothing was raised at the MRAWA May 2021 General Meeting. The MRAWA made this ‘post meeting comment’ in the minutes –

POST MEETING COMMENT: From the MRA Committee perspective having one organisation perform the testing provides security in knowing the tests are uniform and consistent regarding the methodology used, and the testing equipment used.

Our stance is the MotoCap system finally gives us an objective report of the actual safety rating, the comfort rating, and thermal rating of safety gear, whereas previously we had to trust what the manufacturers stated.

Check the comparison on Draggin’ Jeans for example, some do not rate well at all, yet others do, and no one would be any the wiser if it were not for the MotoCap system.


See the minutes here – https://mrawa.org/meeting-minutes/minutes-for-general-meeting-may-18/

but regardless, this misinformation regarding MotoCap has been initiated since that meeting.

The RSC did a survey, and this was one of the questions “Do you think MotoCap safety gear should be mandated by law like motorcycle helmet standards?”

That question certainly raised our eyebrows initially, but then we thought in the context of the survey, are they simply getting bikers input and feedback?

We then contacted the RSC direct, always best to check the source for the correct information.


Hi Peter, Thanks for the email and yes I can confirm that there are no plans to legislate clothing items to be worn whilst riding a motorcycle in Western Australia. The Road Safety Commission support the MotoCap program and its intent which is to provide consumer information on the safety and comfort of motorcycle clothing so that consumers can make informed decisions about the clothing they choose to wear whilst riding a motorcycle.

Kind Regards

Matthew Samson
Acting Assistant Director
Policy and Legislation


Turns out there was no intent of legislature behind this question, they were simply asking the biker community their thoughts and feedback. Surely this is just an opportunity for bikers to voice their strong opposition to any legislature.

If at any point the RSC change their stance on legislature with protective clothing, the MRAWA will in no uncertain terms rally with the 120,000 motorcyclists in WA to challenge that.

The MotoCap testing regime includes rigorous testing for –

Safety: Abrasion Test, Impact Test, Burst Test

Breathability: Water Resistance, Thermal Comfort

These are all facets of the MotoCap Safety Ratings that we believe most bikers would be interested in.

Some say the MotoCap Safety Rating system should also comply with the new CE EN 17092 Certification, and that MotoCap should be abolished in WA. The MRAWA believes riders should have more rights, not less, and use either the CE Certification and/or the MotoCap Safety Ratings system to find out more about the attire in regards to both safety and breathability to make their buying decisions.

At least with the MotoCap system there is more detailed information rather than just a score – Class A, AA, AAA, B, C over, and C under. (Source: https://www.revitsport.com/en/revit-ce-certification)

An interesting article is the FEMA (Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations) news regarding the uncertainty of the European standards and that the Australian MotoCap may be a better solution – https://www.femamotorcycling.eu/new-testing-standards/

also, Motorcycle clothing: the CE approval law explained – https://www.femamotorcycling.eu/new-testing-standards/

Furthermore, MotoCap wins an international safety award – https://motorbikewriter.com/motocap-wins-international-safety-award/

We trust this clears up the misinformation and dispels the ‘fake news’ being circulated in the social media.

Dave Wright as Safety Officer for the MRAWA is open to taking any questions on this – 0418 954 424

The MRAWA Committee.

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