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MRA has been the driving force in lobbying for legal ‘lane filtering’ here in WA since 2011.

After many years of sometimes frustrating lobbying, going back to our initial meeting on this issue in 2011 when Troy Buswell was the Minister for Transport,  we have finally received news on this issue.

Lane filtering was discussed at the meeting we had with the Road Safety Commission in January 2021, in regards to an education campaign leading up the official launch of lane filtering in WA on 29th March 2021.  We have also received a letter from the Minister for Police and Road Safety informing us that the legislation has been drafted.

We have carried out research into the wording of the legislation and this is what the legislation states –

  • The maximum speed a motorcycle is allowed to travel at when lane filtering is 30 km/hr.
  • The penalty for noncompliance is $100.00 fine and the 2 demerit points.
  • Learner riders cannot lane filter.
  • Only two wheel motorcycle can lane filter not sidecars or trikes (pretty obvious)
  • Not allowed at school or pedestrian crossings, or in a school zone.
  • Not allowed between a heavy vehicle.
  • If it is not safe to do so safely.

The surprise is it is not allowed on our freeways.

We have contacted the Road Safety Commission asking to the reasons behind this and have received a reply that it is not seen as safe. We will continue to argue this point and hope that we can get this section altered in the future, I for one don’t want to be forced to sit on a stationary motorbike on the freeway when it is 40 degrees Celsius and I am wearing all my safety gear. I believe this would be far more dangerous than lane filtering at 30km/hr.

These changes have been published in the Government Gazette(regulation 130A and 130B) and will become law on 29th March 2021



The President Jeff Thomas and Safety Officer Dave Wright from the Motorcycle Riders Association of WA held a productive meeting on Monday 8th January 2021 with the Road Safety Commissioner, Adrian Warner and Assistant Commissioner Paul Zanetti from the WA Police Force who has responsibility for the State Traffic Branch of Police, this followed a request for the meeting from the MRAWA and emails from many concerned motorcycle riders, regarding the proposed legislation changes to lane filtering in WA freeways.

The Minister for Road Safety is sympathetic to the concerns we have raised on behalf of motorcycle riders regarding the restriction on lane filtering on freeways but given the upcoming general election, the Government is required to assume a ‘caretaker’ role, which limits the actions and decisions a government can take in this period. The Minister has asked the Road Safety Commission to prepare further options for consideration after the election result is clear and a new government has been formed.

As a next step we are meeting with representatives from the Road Safety Commission and WA Police to discuss the new regulations in more detail, with a view to identifying the specific changes that we want presented to the Minister for Road Safety for consideration as soon as possible after the election.”

Motorcycle Riders Association of WA Inc.

Jeff Thomas President

Dave Wright Safety Officer






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  1. FFS…it was already legal, now you’ve given the pigs a excuse to hand out fines for doing it too fast… Then it’s my obligation to prove it wasn’t done faster than X-km/h.

    Who asked you to sort this out?

  2. The freeway is definitel a place lane filtering should be legal! You have multiple lanes to filter through and generally a wider space between cars/lanes than in the suburbs, making it far safer! It’s far more hazardous to be sitting stationary on a 30deg plus day in full protective gear risking heat stroke or even the initial symptoms of light headedness and disorientation than filtering at low speed. How you lot make these decisions beggars belief and I doubt any of the motorcycle riding fraternity will stop doing what they’ve been doing since day dot, filtering.

  3. Robert Tafani

    Dear Sir Madam , I have just sent this letter to the minister and I hope some sensible adjustments to this legislation can be made quickly.
    Thanks for the work you do to help us motorcycle riders , good luck lobbying to change these laws !

    New Motorcycle Lane Filtering Laws WA
    Dear Minister,
    I am writing this email as a motorcycle rider of about 30years too raise some concerns about our new laws which restrict the ability of motorcycle riders to lane split . I beg you to reconsider and adjust the new laws as what has been proposed currently is unsafe and will lead to an increase of injury and possible end of life situation for motorcycle riders . When cars are at a standstill on the freeway it makes no sense for motorcyclists to sit motionless. The reason for my concerns are as follows.
    Sitting on a motorcycle without moving in safety clothes and a helmet is no different than sitting in a car on a hot summers day with all your windows wound up and no aircon.The heat becomes unbearable and could cause you serious injury and heatstroke , perhaps try it yourself and see how quickly it becomes overwhelming. Also I travel the freeway everyday and have seen many a car rear ended , the difference is on a motorcycle there is a good chance you will die or become a paraplegic and most definitely fall of your bike even if a car does nothing more than nudge you from the rear . Being on a motorcycle also involves changing gears constantly and pulling in the clutch over and over again during stop starts , just imagine how many times that would have to happen during peak hour on the freeway . The design of motorcycle helmets are made to run water backwards as you ride in rainy periods and the vents stop your helmet from fogging up through airflow when moving , not moving would make it impossible too see anything very quickly.
    These are just some of the extra risks we will face as motorcyclists if you don’t review these new laws and are rushed without further consultation with those of us which it will affect the most and will be put a serious risk of injury.
    Kindest Regards
    Robert Tafani

    1. Appreciate your positive response, and action of sending this in. We will be updating members on next best actions soon. I trust you get our newsletter updates Robert.

  4. I for one have been rear ended on a motorcycle in stagnant traffic. The last thing I want is to be stuck on the freeway, rear ended and crushed between that and the car stopped in front of me.
    Major safety concern in not allowing filtering on the freeway where it is most needed.

    1. Could not agree more. I’ve also been rear ended, albeit slow motion in my case, but potential for injury is still bloody high.

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