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Motorcycle representation on RAC Council Election – 2015

1Hi All (especially the RAC members among you),

I have nominated for selection on the Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia Council (RACWA).

I firmly believe that I can contribute positively to the growth of the RACWA in the areas that I have worked with that organisation over many years –  to improve the safety of the most vulnerable road users in our community namely pedestrians, cyclists and particularly motorcycle and scooter riders.

I remain committed to actively assisting and supporting all riders and pedestrians.  I have accumulated many years knowledge and experience and will work tirelessly for rider safety and sensible, practical legislation to improve roads and roadsides for all vulnerable road users.  Those amongst you who know me personally can testify to that however, I NEED your support to achieve this.

There are currently 15 sitting councillors on the RACWA Council.  This election, there are 7 candidates standing for the 4 available positions.

You can vote for 1, 2, 3 or 4 candidates and I would sincerely appreciate your support by placing a ‘X’ alongside my name (not a tick).  As 4 incumbent RAC councillors are re-nominating, my best chance of success is for my supporters to vote for me only.

RACWA members will be receiving their copy of the RACWA Horizons Magazine towards the end of September in which the RACWA Council Voting Ballot Form will be included.

Again, I would sincerely appreciate your support and sharing your personal recommendation to your friends, family & neighbours.

David Wright
Motorcycle Riders Association of Western Australia Inc.
Ulysses Club National Road Safety Committee (WA representative)
Motorcycle Safety Advisory Group member.
Vulnerable Road User Group member.

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