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MRAWA Updates: RE: Coronavirus Impact


As the Corona virus pandemic increasingly affects us all, the MRAWA has taken steps to ensure that the safety and wellbeing of all its members, associates and guests are protected.  The advice coming from Federal and State governments is for everyone to stay at home and self-isolate to slow down the spread of the virus.  Leaving the home should only be for essentials, such as food, medicines, visits to the doctor and the like.  Given this situation, the MRAWA has decide to cancel all the following activities which will be addressed individually:


MRAWA Organised Rides

All organised rides shall be cancelled until further notice.  Any member organising a ride with anyone member or friend cannot use the MRAWA name, website or social media to advertise the event.

MRAWA General Meetings

The General Meeting on the 21st April is CANCELLED, this will be a Committee Meeting ONLY. This will be a strategy session for subsequent meetings.

The May monthly meeting will proceed, and will be held via Zoom video conferencing for the active current members only, which will reduce the number of people trying to be heard.  The membership will be informed shortly after each meeting via the publishing of the meeting minutes on the website. UPDATES on that on the website and Facebook.

Numbat Rally

The rally has been postponed until the September 26th to 28th long weekend.  As we approach this date (say in June), the MRAWA will assess the situation and decide to proceed or defer until later in the year as an overnighter shortened version.  We will inform the motorcycling fraternity of developments as they become known.

Motorcycle Safety Week

The York motorcycle festival has been cancelled.  Due to the cancellation, the Road Safety Commission has not approved our application to run events such as the Ride Right course, First Responders First Aid and the printing of safety related pamphlets, the Motorcycle Safety week including the “Ride Your Bike to Work” day have been cancelled.

Australasian Road Safety Conference



On a personal note, I hope everyone stays safe and well and I look forward to seeing you all once the dreaded virus has run its course and is either under control or defeated.

Jeff Thomas




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MRAWA President

MRAWA President

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