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Help To Raise Awareness of How Many People Actually Ride Motorcycles


Ride Your Motorcycle To Work Day: Previous years this has been an epic fail. The participation was very low, feedback from lots of riders who do ride to work stated “I already ride”.

The point was to raise awareness of that, or promote the fact that they ride at all.

Imagine if social media feeds were flooded with pictures of riders and their bikes/helmets/whatever showing the rest of WA how many bike riders there actually are.

It then makes it personal “oh, I know someone that rides a bike.”

We all want all people to be more ‘bike aware’ right?

We have stickers, we have pamphlets, flyers, we have Freeway message signage during Motorcycle Safety Week, the Road Safety Commission and Government run TV ads on occasion.

But surely a solid strategy is to make people realise they actually know people who do ride a motorbike, but maybe they never knew that.

In business circles, I’ve known people for years, and never even realised they ride. So for how many people is that true?

We’re posting this to hopefully get engagement on:

  • Finding a new name that riders and people can resonate with
  • Better ways to raise awareness on social media to how many bikers there are
  • Raise awareness for safety issues related to motorcycling

We’ll be looking at using possibly 2 ‘tags’ to be able to show people how many bikers there actually are, 1 of those ‘tags’ will be the event name.

We’d appreciate your positive input.

LINK TO FACEBOOK GROUP POLL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/mrawagroup

** UPDATE ** April 2 2021

The Poll results for the new NEW ANNUAL MOTORBIKE EVENT TITLE:

Looks like we have a clear winner with ‘I Ride a Motorbike’

So the primary hashtag will be #irideamotorbike

We’re now looking for SECOND hashtag that –

  • riders resonate with
  • captures the essence of bike or biker awareness
  • that vehicle drivers understand clearly

Does that make sense?

What say you? What hashtag has a nice ring to it, what will last the test of time?


Poll I ride a motorbike | Help To Raise Awareness of How Many People Actually Ride Motorcycles


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