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So you think you know the road rules?

Know the rules | So you think you know the road rules?
I often get asked questions regarding the regulations regarding road use in Western Australia.
I hope the following information helps to increase your knowledge in this area and reduces the chances of being fined or worse.


Road rules are constantly being updated and new regulations added; if like me you have had your licence for a while then you may not be up to date on the latest Australian Road Rules or the Western Australian Traffic Code.

Below are some useful resources that may help you update your knowledge and help you in not receiving an traffic infringement fine from the police (ignorance of the current rules and regulations are not accepted by the courts as a legitimate defence)


Road Rules – theory test for both motorcycle and car drivers, give it a try and see how you go, would you get your licence if you applied for it today?



Hazard perception test – also required for a pass on your licence.

Try it and see if you would get a licence now.



Another useful site is the Road Safety Commission that lists regulations regarding road use. This website also has a link to the complete W.A. Road Traffic Code 2000



I do hope this saves you a fine and wasting time in the courts.


Dave Wright Motorcycle Consulting


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