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2021 MRAWA Constitution For member Voting

By Peter Butler | 26/09/2021


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Blast from the past – MRAWA 1986 photos

By Peter Butler | 08/05/2021

This email was sent through from Damien Codognotto of MRAA. Thanks Damien, blast from the past. G’day MRA WA. Sorting through old boxes. Found these. MRA WA visitors to MRA House at 184 Brunswick Street in Fitzroy, an inner Melbourne suburb. MRA WA Membership Secretary Terri Healand, with Les, in the motorcycle precinct in Melbourne. […]

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Motorcycle Safety Week Overview

By Peter Butler | 05/04/2021

In This Update: Motorcycle Safety Week Charity Ride to York Motorcycle Festival Use a Facebook ‘Profile Frame’ to promote Motorcycle Safety Week. ‘I Ride a Motorbike’ day #irideamotorbike ============================ Charity Ride to York Motorcycle Festival Support Beyond Blue by joining the Charity Ride to the York Motorcycle Festival. The Charity Ride meets at Midland Gate […]

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Help To Raise Awareness of How Many People Actually Ride Motorcycles

By Peter Butler | 30/03/2021

NEW ANNUAL MOTORBIKE EVENT TITLE: Ride Your Motorcycle To Work Day: Previous years this has been an epic fail. The participation was very low, feedback from lots of riders who do ride to work stated “I already ride”. The point was to raise awareness of that, or promote the fact that they ride at all. […]

2021 03 29 12 34 48 | Lane Filtering 'Freeway' Exclusion Removed

Lane Filtering ‘Freeway’ Exclusion Removed

By Peter Butler | 30/03/2021

Actual ‘Good News’ that the ‘Freeway Lane Filtering Exclusion’ has been removed officially in the new legislation filed today 29th March (see the diagram of the deletion of the term ‘freeway). All the emails that were sent by riders to the Road Safety Commission and the Minister letting them know our thoughts on this matter […]

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Update Regarding Lane Filtering (Media Release)

By MRAWA Ambassador | 19/02/2021

– (addressing some comments and grievances) When the MRAWA announced the upcoming lane filtering laws, many were upset, as were the MRAWA committee and members about ‘Freeways’ being excluded. As far as the ban on lane filtering on freeways is concerned, we were totally blindsided and shocked by this clause. Our stance was like many, […]

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Road Safety Report January 19

By Peter Butler | 31/01/2021

Motorcycle Safety Action Plan: Steve Fish and I have now gone through the results and comments from both the Motorcycle Safety Week Survey and Forum and have condensed and consolidated the ideas from those events into a Motorcycle Safety Action Plan 2021 We held a meeting with the Road Safety Commission on 14th January and […]

pexels gijs coolen 2948297 1 | MOTORCYCLE LANE FILTERING REGULATION March 29


By Peter Butler | 31/01/2021

MRA has been the driving force in lobbying for legal ‘lane filtering’ here in WA since 2011. After many years of sometimes frustrating lobbying, going back to our initial meeting on this issue in 2011 when Troy Buswell was the Minister for Transport,  we have finally received news on this issue. Lane filtering was discussed at […]

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7 Motorcycle Riders killed in January 2021

By MRAWA Ambassador | 30/01/2021

Hi, my name is David Wright, and I’m a longtime motorcycle rider. I’ve come to talk to you today about the terrible start we’ve had to 2021. So far this year, we’ve lost 23 people on our roads. Of those 23 people 30% of the motorcyclists. So that’s seven motorcycles dead since the start of […]

Numbat | The Numbat Rally Story - Lyn Simpson

The Numbat Rally Story – Lyn Simpson

By MRAWA Ambassador | 04/09/2020

What I do know is that the event was started to have a weekend camp to have fun, get drunk and give some of the money made to the save the NUMBAT fund, alternative years to the Black Duck at Lake Dumbleyung. The rally started at a farm in Balkuling owned by a gentleman named […]

MRAWA Social Header | MRAWA AGM 2020 Nominations

MRAWA AGM 2020 Nominations

By Peter Butler | 28/06/2020

2020 Nomination List Actual People taking those positions at the AGM July 20 2020 President: Jeff Thomas Vice President: Steve Wheadon Secretary: Peter Butler Treasurer: Chris Cobain Membership Officer: Peter Butler Road Safety Officer 1: Dave Wright Road Safety Officer 2: Steve Fish Website Manager: Peter Butler AMC Rep 1: Dave Wright AMC Rep 2: […]

road safety no bus lane use

Bus Lane Use for MC Riders Trial Deemed Illegal – Challenged by MRAWA

By MRAWA Ambassador | 27/06/2020

The Road Safety Commission advised us via email on Wednesday, 24 June 2020 9:56 AM on the decision to ban the sharing of motorcycles to share certain bus lanes. They further advised us that Main Roads WA will be removing signs from five metro bus lanes that permit motorcycles to share the lanes. This follows […]

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