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Make Yourself Visible

16 - Blind Spot Between Cars

Consider how other vehicles interaction may imact you

14 - gps mobile phones blocking view

Columns, GPS or mobile phone holders in vehicles

11 - Blind Spot Mirror

Car and mirror blind spots

8 - Blind Spot Turning Vehicles simple intersection

At this intersection the rider

9 - Blind Spot Stopping Vehicle

At this traffic light intersection the rider

5 - Blind Spot Turning Vehicle 1

At intersections turning vehicles can cause blind spots

2 - Blind Spot Behind Vehicles

A vehicle in the left lane turning left


This van is parked legally but can still block their view

1 - Blind Spot Sign

Signage can cause a rider to become lost behind them

14 - gps mobile phones blocking view

Roundabouts are a place that riders


Roadwork signs and vehicles on footpaths


A pedestrian on the roadway can create a situation

4 - Blind Spot Bushes

Posts, trees and high vegetation can easily hide a rider at this intersection

12 - Blind Spot Parked cars

Parked cars can also create blind spots

13 - Blind Spot Road Position

Incoming vehicles at intersections

do not use - Blind Spot Turning Vehicle 2

Make Yourself Visible

15 - rubbish bins

Rubbish bins placed on the edge of roadways

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