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Make Yourself Visible

We’ve all seen (or heard about) motorcyclists crashing into cars, or having near misses. Usually the car driver will apologise and say, “sorry mate I didn’t see you” (SMIDSY).

do not use - Blind Spot Turning Vehicle 2

Well, the truth is sometimes they just don’t. And it’s not always because they are not looking either. You see, we are relatively small objects on the road, and it’s not always easy for car drivers to see.

So it’s important to get into a position on the road that will give other road users the best chance of seeing us, and avoiding a crash that causes serious injury.

The purpose of this booklet is to highlight a few of the situations that we find ourselves in on a daily basis, and to consider the choices we make regarding our road position. You’ll be shown the recommended
road positions that increase the chances of yourself being seen by other road users, and reduce the blind spots we sometimes find ourselves in. It’s important to realise you may be able to see a car at an intersection, but the driver may only be able to see a small portion of you, due to obstacles such as parked cars, vegetation etc.

All of the illustrations on the following pages are based on real motorcycle and scooter crashes, and the photos highlight some of the challenges we have to make ourselves seen by other road users. Please note there are many more blind spots on our roads that we have not covered here.

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In summary, you should be aware of your position on the road at all times. Remember to imagine what the driver can see from their position behind the wheel – and think – can they see me clearly?

Please share with friends and groups. Your share may save a life.

Download your own copy of the full booklet ‘Make Yourself Visible’ Here

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Peter Butler

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