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PRESS RELEASE – Motorcycle Safety Week 23rd to 29th April 2017

The Motorcycle Riders Association of WA Inc. has made a plea to motorcycle and scooter riders to accept that we are a group of vulnerable road users and as such we need to understand that the road environment, speed, our behaviour and other road user mistakes can all add to the chance that we will be involved in a crash. We do however need to take responsibility for our own safety on the road, ride defensively and always be prepared for unexpected situations developing.


Dave Wright, President, Motorcycle Riders Association of W.A.

Ph. – 0418 954 424

Email – president@mrawa.org

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2 thoughts on “PRESS RELEASE – Motorcycle Safety Week 23rd to 29th April 2017”

  1. Phil Preston

    The problem is that a lot of road users cannot judge speed and distance. There are people out there that should not be in charge of any motor vehicle. The concept of anything mechanical to some people is daunting. Yet they still get a licence to drive a missile. When someone with a brain stops this stupidity then we can have people who are capable of driving these machines in a safe manner.

  2. Steven Grant Taylor

    Hello Dave,
    It was great to see you at the York Motorcycle Festival. I hope that you finally got something to eat. I look forward to seeing you at the NumbDuck soon.
    Keep up the good work.
    Steven Taylor

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