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Minutes for General Meeting October 20

** Specific notation action to be taken by relative committee member

Venue: Victoria Park Hotel, 605 Albany Highway Victoria Park 6100



Chaired by:

Jeff Thomas

Minutes by:

Peter Butler

Meeting Commenced:



Peter De Blanc, Chris Brent, Linda Pieri

Attendance: As per attendance register. 15

New Members/Guests:

New Members: Total 20 new

8 last month

  • Daniel Membry
  • Graham Astbury
  • Brett Taylor
  • Finn Svensson
  • Paul Young
  • Marty Wenham
  • Sandra Mutch
  • Paul Bonham

PLUS (12 new members)

  • Rodney Block
  • Warren Maughan
  • Andrew Dicken
  • Peter Henderson
  • David Anderson
  • Kim Friis
  • Steven Sewell
  • Lee Kirby
  • Cathy Thatcher
  • Shaune McNamara – Renewal 3 years, Shaune ahs been a member for years.
  • Christopher Brent
  • Frank Gardi


Previous Minutes:

Minutes from 15.09.2020 as distributed to Committee and published on website. Move to accept.

Accepted unanimous.

Matters Arising from Previous Minutes:

Stock Report, merchandise officer to make order as required. Not done.

** Peter Butler will be providing merchandise sales report for committee meeting review asap.

** Clothing/Merchandise sales over Numbat report required by Peter Butler.

Jeff Thomas, Peter Butler and Steve Fish yet to meet to discuss sponsorship opportunities for MRA supported and advocates.

** Peter Butler to initiate meeting, added to list of FUTURE COMMITTEE MEETING DISCUSSIONS: in these minutes. 


Secretary’s Report:


Website Emails:

Guy asking about “Hi WRAWA, MRAWA we are a small group of riding friends that have decided to start a social motorcycle club and we are not sure how to go about this, we would like to do this properly. We would like to register the club but don’t know how to go about it or who to contact. Are you able to give us some advice in this area (we are Perh based). Look forward to your thoughts/ advice.”

Invited him to ride on Sunday and MRA General Meet

MAIL: Albany Vintage & Classic Motorcycles Club Inc Newsletter arrived. Always a good read.

Dropbox: We have officially used our 2TB of free space. To upgrade Dropbox will cost AU$306.90 per annum or AU$30.79 monthly, so AU$369.48 yearly, or if we pay 12 months is AU$306.90, youch

I recommend we use SYNC.com – We use it for my business, lot cheaper than Dropbox.

For the MRA Sync recommend this – https://www.sync.com/pricing-individual/

We setup MRA owned Pro Solo account. rate is US$10 monthly billed annually, so US$120 per annum, and I have confirmed we can add share with multiple free users in that package. If the committee can consider this, decision to be made at the next committee meeting.


  • New Member Welcome Review
  • Membership Drive
  • Merchandise Review
  • Constitution Update
  • Numbat Debrief
  • Motorcycle Safety Week Debrief

President’s Report:

Topics were:

  • Numbat Rally
  • Motorcycle Safety Week
  • National Road Safety Week
  • Absence from November Meeting

The last month has been quite busy for the MRAWA with the Numbat Rally having been rescheduled due to Covid fears from June to September and The Motorcycle Safety Week being postponed until October.

Numbat Rally

The Numbat Rally held on 26th to 28th September at the Hay Shed in Kellerberrin which is a new venue.  Attendances were down this year, with about 120 people coming along to enjoy themselves.

There were some learnings along the way on how to best operate there, however it was a good venue and the Numbat committee shall meet at time to be decided to discuss the outcomes.  Namely how to improve the planning, advertising and execution (mainly getting more volunteers) for the 2022 rally.  I am looking forward to next rally.

A big thankyou to Safety Su for her tireless help in the kitchen, and Bruce B. for running the Gymkhana in the way only Bruce can do.  Also, thanks to Chris C, Chris M, Steve W and others for their help in the kitchen and the manning the front gate.

Motorcycle Safety Week

This year’s Motorcycle Safety Week was once again successfully organised by Dave W with the able assistance of Steve F in ensuring the forum had the engagement of government bodies was professionally managed and delivered.  A questionnaire was put onto the MRAWA website with over 440 replies.  The interest was amazing and very appreciated.

  • Motorcycle Safety Forum – Saturday 10th
    • Good presentations and many ideas were tabled for later discussion. One of these ideas was for the MRAWA to become more relevant to younger riders.
  • Ride Right Advanced motorcycle skills course – Sunday 11th
    • Run by Dave W and was fully booked.
  • Ride your Motorcycle to Work day – Wednesday 14th
    • I had contacted multiple radio and TV stations in the week leading up to the MSW but there appeared to be little interest to give the MRAWA any air time. The number of hash tag responses from the committee was also not our best showing.
  • First Responders First Aid seminar – Saturday 17th
    • First aid talk and demonstration by Janine Nicholas from Rider Down
  • Serpentine Dam Safety Ride – Sunday 18th
    • Rob P took the lead for the first time on a big MRAWA ride with around 60 people attending. Thanks to Rob P, Chris M, Chris C and Peter B for making sure the group arrived safely.  Also, a big thanks to Dave W, Steve F, and Linda for setting up the marque and cooking the sausage sizzle.
    • It was noted that the promised motorcycle police liaison was a no show. It was disappointing however I am sure there was a good reason.

National Road Safety Week

The National Road Safety week will occur from 15th to 22nd November with pledges and daily themes.  Refer to the website https://roadsafetyweek.com.au.

  • Sunday 15th November – Pause to remember the 1200 that died last year.
  • Monday 16th November – Take the pledge and lead the way by promising to drive so that you and others may survive.
  • Tuesday 17th November – Safe driving to work day.
  • Wednesday 18th November – Move over / Slow down. Emergency services, roadside assist and roadside workers risk their lives every day to help us.  When you see the flashing lights move over, slow down to keep them safe.
  • Thursday 19th November – Protecting Every life. Its not just cars that are victims of road trauma.  Drive safely to protect every life along the road including pedestrians.
  • Friday 20th November – Shine a light. Turn your headlights on for road safety and protect your mates so everyone gets home safe.
  • Saturday 21st November – Cyclists and Motorcyclists. – Our cyclists and motorcyclists are our most vulnerable road users. Share the roads and give them the space they need.
  • Sunday 22nd November – Arrive home safe for your loved ones. The greatest gift you can give your loved ones is to arrive home safe.

Dave W will provide more information on the MRAWA activities during this week.

Absence from the November Meeting

I will be in Adelaide for the November meeting for family reasons so I will give my apologies now.  While there, I shall meet with the MRASA to discuss common safety topics and how we can collaborate to best convey these messages to the public.

That is all for now, the next general meeting will be on the 17th November 2020 which will be chaired by Peter Butler.

I propose the next Committee meeting to be held in the new year.  Please remember that there is no general meeting in December.

Jeff Thomas


Vice President’s Report:

Steve Wheadon not present, no report.

Treasurer’s Report:

For the period: Previous month – PROVIDED

Road Safety/AMC Report:

From Dave Wright:

Steve Fish and I met with the Minister for Road Safety, the Hon. Michelle Roberts MLA on 7th October 2020 and the issues that we raised with her were –

Motorcycle lane filtering. We were informed by her that she had approved the proposal and that it is now with the Parliamentary Committee being drawn up and it is expected to be passed by parliament early in the new year.

Motorcycles using bus lanes. We informed the Minister that we do not accept the recommendations that she received from the Road Safety Commission that motorcycles using bus lanes is dangerous, and that we will be carrying out our own submission based on research that we have which is more up to date then the research used by the Road Safety Commission showing that it is safe for motorcycles to use bus lanes.

Motorcycle Safety Position

As motorcycle riders make up about 6% of the total traffic fleets, but account for about 22% of fatalities on our roads and many more serious injuries, we believe that this issue deserves to have a dedicated Motorcycle Safety Officer appointed to the Road Safety Commission, This person could look at world’s best practice, emerging issues, trials for safety being used elsewhere, new date and research etc.  We see this position as being funded from the Road Trauma Trust Account.

Motorcycle Upskills For Rusty Riders

We would like to see a subsidised scheme whereby existing and returning riders could complete a riding course to improve their riding skills that covers the whole area of rider safety including protective clothing, defensive riding, hazard perception etc

We believe this would be one of the most cost effective safety measure for motorcyclist and could be funded through the Road Trauma Trust Account.

Motorcycle Crash Investigation

We have mentioned this before, but would like to bring this issue up again. We as sure that the Police Department Major Crash Investigation Team do a great job in establish ing who was at fault in a road crash, but believe that this can be enhanced with a full Crash Investigation Team that is made up of Police, Road Safety Auditors, Road Engineers, independent Motorcycle Safety representative. This team would look at not only the how and why, but what lead to the crash (causes such as a medication issue, lack of training, the mental condition of the riders etc.

Motorcycle Training For Road Engineers

Many states employ the services of Safe System Solutions to train Road Engineers in road designs that are an improvement for riders and how motorcycles and there particular dynamics need to be considered when designing and maintaining a road.

Safe System Solution could run a series or Better design for motorcyclist in WA and be funded from the Road Trauma Trust Account.

Motorcycle Safety Week 2020

The Motorcycle Safety Survey that we put out leading up to Motorcycle Safety Week to give us your thoughts on motorcycle safety and a basis for the Motorcycle Safety Forum was completed by 442 riders and I would like to thank you all for taking the time to complete this survey and for your comments.

The Motorcycle Safety Forum on 10th October had over 60 people attend and we received some great presentations from our guest speakers, but more importantly we received some great feedback and ideas from the workshop and open mic sessions that followed the presentation.

From these two events we will be forming a list of actions that we will take to the relevant authorities to form a Motorcyclist Safety Strategy with short, medium and long term actions moving forward.

We will be sending out the results of the survey and Motorcycle Safety Forum and our action plan in the coming weeks.

Ride Right Course was held on Sunday 11th October and was filled within a few hours of being advertised, this was held with the help of the City of Stirling, who have always been great supporters of the MRAWA

Ride your Motorcycle to Work Day was on Wednesday 14th October and we received some photos and feedback from riders.

First Aid Seminar was held on 17th October and was attended by 26 people and run by Janine Nicholas from Rider Down and once again supported by the City of Stirling

Safety Ride to Serpentine Dam on Sunday 18th October was the last event for the week and the ride was attended by over 60 people and concluded with free sausage sizzle at the lower picnic area, a great end to the weeks activities.

I would like to thank the group of people who helped make this 2020 Motorcycle Safety week such as success, without you it could not of happened.

The Motorcycle Safety Week was funded from a grant that we received from the Road Safety Commission out of the Road Trauma Trust Account and I would like to give them a huge thank you for all of there support and help during and leading up to this event.

We now have a signed Partnership Agreement with the Road Safety Commission for funding on ongoing projects for the next year.

Dave Wright

MRAWA Safety Officer

From Steve Fish:

At the Motorcycle Safety Week Forum an intense open mic ‘brainstorm’ session was held, where the attendees were able to have their input onto what they thought were high priorities, that we as the MRA body should tackle as priority issues.

Steve is working laboriously through the notes taken at the forum to collate a clear and distinct breakdown and form an ‘action plan’.

Once that is done, both Dave and Steve will compare the forum notes and action plan with the feedback and comments made through the 442 survey submissions. This will then be publicised.

This is an absolute MAMMOTH task, so full kudos the Dave and Steve for doing this, you guys are legends, and the crowd roared their commitment.

Steve Fish

MRAWA Safety Officer

** Dave to do his thing

** Steve to do his thing

** Dave and Steve to let Peter know, so he can help publicise this

Website Update:

Share printed report handout (attached and will be loaded online as attached)

MRAWA Website Traffic Report – PDF

mra web report

Left Column – how many visitors to the website, per day

Page 1:

Sessions: 3588 with 110 % INCREASE

Pageviews: 8485 – 147% INCREASE

web report2 | Minutes for General Meeting October 20

Page 2:

Sessions – 3588 – 110% increase, mostly NEW Web Visitors.

Pageviews – How many actual pages were visited, so on average everyone visited 2.36 pages, good

Ave Session Duration 3 min 38 sec so 122% increase

web report3 | Minutes for General Meeting October 20

Page 3: Where the traffic came from. Want to what is working right? The rest of the traffic was email

m.facebook.com is Facebook on a mobile device

l.facebook.com are just anonymous Facebook users

Bottom line is we get massive traffic through our Facebook marketing

web report4 | Minutes for General Meeting October 20

Page 4: What pages they visited. Top Posts/Pages. Listed below are the pages used in our marketing campaign.

These are the highest traffic pages that were visited over this period. Standouts are –

1: 1,888 – Motorcycle Safety Week – This is the survey page

2: 788 – This is the homepage

5: 348 – Rides and Events – Both the Forum, and the Sunday ride

6: Forum Registration

8: Motorcycle Safety Week – Overview page

9: Membership – Winning 😊

Apart from the pages we were promoting, Numbat and MSW, the highest visited page was # 4 – ‘Motorcycle Favoured Routes’ – https://mrawa.org/rider-tips/motorcycle-favoured-routes-in-wa/

This post had 408 hits in the last 45 days. I did not even know this page existed.

Thinking we leverage this. We could use an APP like Rever, track our rides, publish them, with a link to MRA. Just another medium. Talk with ride coordinators, get their thoughts.

This could be a massive membership drive benefit.

FB Last 28 Days | Minutes for General Meeting October 20



FB – Last 28 Days.png

Stand outs are highlighted pink in each of the screen shot reports.

Short story version is massive boost in Views, in Reach, in Engagement, in all statistics.

Outcome is a refreshed view of MRAWA as a brand, and recognition as the leading Bike Rider advocates in WA.

Updated the Committee Members Page – https://mrawa.org/about-mrawa/mrawa-committee-members/

Numbat Stuff:

  • All pages, tickets, all archived for reinstatement later
  • Think we need an official Numbat debrief meeting
  • Think we need a Numbat Report blog post

Social Media Update:

As per MSW Report

Ride Your Motorcycle To Work Day – sad result really. I think there is a misconception that the only option is to ride your bike, this needs to be looked at.



MRAWA Facebook GROUP – Starting to get traction. Is a good way to get interaction with riders. Need to look at ‘driving’ that in the near future.

** Peter Butler to organise master admin access.

Motorcycle Safety Week

442 survey responses. IMPRESSIVE. Very successful marketing…

Interesting emails some people have to the survey 😊

Email responses:

Ride your bike to work day. Had a couple email their photo through to me, I posted for them, great, they got the best reach.

Had dozens saying ‘already do’.

So, we may have missed the mark with the messaging. The point was to share that you ride, whether you could ride or not

Had 2 negative nellies complain about MRA on a shared post I did on Perth Café Racers. Have to take note, historically we haven’t been consistent in our communications.

Got this reply as well to one ‘Ride To Word Day’ email broadcast, whatever…

“hi , your emails are very bossy and rude … not nice disgruntled – Name Withheld” 

I replied with ‘sorry you feel that way’.

REPORT from Sue Lipsit on the Motorcycle Safety Week Forum

$4.20 refund on used water bottles etc-to be presented to the Treasurer at the next meeting.

90 grams of lids and rings from above- to be taken to City Farm recycling centre.

90 grams of labels from above-to be taken to Gwelup Farmer Jacks Red Cycle bin.

7 litres of very expensive water-used to water my rhubarb.

Membership Report:

New Subscriptions: 30

Subscription Renewals/Resubscribes: 4

Current Subscriptions: 142 + life members 9 = 151, from 107 in July so increase of 44 in 3 months.


Need to add more ‘SERIES’ to our social media posts –

  • Donate series
  • Join/Support/ Make a difference series

When the funding from the RSC Partnership comes through, I will extend the social media marketing

  • MOTOCAP Series
  • Rider Fatigue & Hydrate Series
  • ETC

Dave has passed on the minutes from the Committee Meeting on membership drive.

** Peter Butler to review and we can call committee meeting to strategise.

Stock Report:

Merchandise – Patches

MRA Members Round Cloth Patch (White) – Now added 70mm

MRA Members Round Cloth Patch (Black) – Now added 70mm

Never been listed on website, yet we have XX in stock, no wonder sales have been slow 😊

MRA Members Round Cloth Patch (Black) – Now added 85mm

Question: Why do we have ‘Members’ in the title? Can only members wear these?

Was then a commentary of past bad representation on MRA, whether they were actual MRA members or not.

Consensus was “NO, you don’t have to be a member, as we don’t vet sales, but likely only members will buy badges anyway”

General Business:

New Member Welcome: I’d like to share what was done previously, what we do now, not much different, but get the committee’s input into this.

** Peter to initiate Committee Meeting review

New business cards arrived.
Grab a box if you’re a high distributor, or a bunch otherwise.

Business card holders – keep them protected on your bike. Available at Office Works for about $3

Steve Fish does have more New Member Membership Cards.

Upcoming Events:

Perth Charity Bike Run: December 6 set off at 9.00am sharp

Dummy Run is November 22.

** Ride Coordinators to get shyte together to make plan for MRA presence.

Rides Report:

Peter Butler complimented Rob Pieri on his handling on a safety aspect on the last ride. We had a learner rider with no L plates and no shadow rider. We could organise a shadow, but they still need to get a set of L plates. They declined and were advised to not join us on this particular ride. Although it was a learner friendly ride, and there were several in attendance, we need to abide by legislation. Well done Rob Pieri!

Great ride. 49 bikes so about 65 peoples present. Rob Pieri did a stellar job, first ride leader with MRA.

The ride was a casual and scenic route on nice winding roads. The route was enjoyed by all.

Everyone was compliant with all the road rules putting safety first at all times.

We ended up at the picnic area at Serpentine Dam. We were met by Dave, Steve and Linda who cooked us a nice BBQ of hamburgers, sausage sizzle and a cool drinks supplied by the MRAWA.

This wrapped up a very successful Motorcycle Safety Week.

Thank you for all that attended and catch ya on the next ride!!

We need to organize a Police Coffee Run/ Safety Ride as part of National Road Safety Week on Saturday 21st November 2020

** Dave Wright will liaise with Chris Meyer 0n this ride and promotion.

Next Meeting:

General Meeting – 17.11.2020 – This will be our final general meeting for the year.

Next Committee Meeting? When?

  • New Member Welcome Review
  • Membership Drive
  • Merchandise Review
  • Constitution Update
  • Numbat Debrief
  • Motorcycle Safety Week Debrief

Meeting Closed:


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