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AGM Safety Officer EO Year Report 2021

Summary of work completed and in progress since the 2020 AGM.

September 2020 launched the 2020 Motorcycle Safety Survey; this was offered for comment and input from all motorcycle riders in WA through motorcycle clubs. Groups and online organisations.

We had 470 logins and 441 submissions from motorcycle riders.

This input was used to form the basis of the 2020 Motorcycle Safety Forum.

October 2020, Motorcycle Safety Forum, these have been held every two years since 2008.

We have approximately 60 riders in attendance, with presentations from the Road Safety Commission, Main Roads Department, rider trainers, and the Motorcycle Riders association to review the results from the 2020 Motorcycle survey.

Following the round table discussions on rider safety and feedback from the riders in attendance we started to work on the WA Motorcycle Riders Safety Action Plan.

October 2020, Meeting with the Minister for Police and Road Safety. The Hon Michelle Roberts MLA. Dave Wright, and Steve Fish in attendance. The issues raised with her were motorcycle lane filtering, motorcycle in bus lanes, employ a dedicated motorcycle safety officer, motorcycle skills upskilling for rusty riders, motorcycle crash investigation, motorcycle design training for road engineers, her assistant made notes and promised to follow up

November 2020, Dave Wright, and Steve Fish worked on compiling the results from the 2020 Motorcycle Safety survey and Forum to list the work that WA riders asked MRAWA to move forward. The result was a list of 48 actions that we have begun to move forward. The actions involve the Road Safety Commission, Main Roads Department, Department of Transport, WA Police, Local Government Authorities, Motorcycle Riders Association of WA and other riders’ clubs and groups.

March 2021, Lane filtering legislation was introduced. We did have to go back to the minister and Road Safety Commission to have the restriction on lane filtering on freeways removed.

This was successfully achieved due to many riders and organisations lobbying the Minister and Road Safety Commission.

April 2021, Motorcycle Safety Week, was completed with the MRAWA attendance at the York Motorcycle Festival, a free riders skills enhancement course, subsidised motorcycle rider specific first aid course, safety ride to Serpentine Dam.

June 2021, Meeting with the new Minister for Police and Road Safety, the Hon Paul Papalia MLA. In attendance Peter Butler, Dave Wright Gary Pontifex. The issues raised were, motorcycle lane filtering, motorcycle in bus lanes, undertake more stakeholder consultation, enhanced motorcycle crash investigation his principal policy advisor Peter Zappelli made notes and promised to follow up

Grants During the year we have applied for and received grants from the Road Safety Commission of approximately. $11,000 and a partnership agreement for an additional $10,000.

These funds have been used to fund the motorcycle survey, forum, motorcycle safety week, and printing of motorcycle safety literature, posters, and banners.

Australian Motorcycle Council.

The AMC has been busy working with the Federal Office of Road Safety on the 2021- 2030 Road Safety strategy, and more recently on the Road Safety Strategy Action Plan.

We have also made a submission to the Joint Select Committee on Road Safety, both in writing and in a video link.

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