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AGM Secretary EO Year Report 2021

I believe in always leaving something in better condition than when you found it. I believe I’ve helped to do just that.

When I came on as Secretary and Membership Officer in November 2019 we had –

  • 85 members only – Now 160+ – didn’t get to my target of 600, that was the 3-year goal, but doubled in 2 years so not so shabby.
  • No newsletter – We now have built in newsletter functionality and regular newsletters
  • Old website – Now have modern website, up to date
  • Membership was managed by spreadsheet with complex color-coding system
    – Membership is now managed fully online
  • No membership automation – Now semi-automated
  • MRAWA were not compliant with regulatory bodies – now compliant
  • No record keeping system, regulatory breaches – Now centralised online storage
  • No Online Digital Policy – Now Formal Digital Policy
  • No password management – Now centralised password management

What do I believe is next for the MRA?

Focus on what matters, what will make a difference for riders, and choose the battles that can be won.

  • Lane filtering legislation, the majority believe this is a positive thing, accept that and move onto education and awareness.
  • Lane filtering education, paramount importance, for both drivers and riders – Create and push for a strong engaging social media campaign.
  • MotoCap, is not controlled by the RSC, mandatory legislation will never happen, but still, don’t let your guard down.
  • Bus Lanes usage for motorcyclists, go full hilt, this is a battle worth pursuing, win for motorcyclists and the MRAWA as a brand.
  • Motorcycle parking on verge/pathways. MRAWA have list of all the councils, formulate a united approach to canvas for allowance for motorcycle pathway parking and uniformity.
  • Rider training, obvious level variance programs required, newbies, returning riders, advanced.

In regards to the RSC and MRAWA relationship, use the grant money, it can fund great things for motorcyclists, but stay in integrity with the cause.

Motorcycle Safety Week:  MRAWA representation at York Motorcycle Festival, the Motorcycle Forum, I Ride a Motorbike campaign, the Safety Ride, the Ride Right Course, all matter.

In preparation for last year’s Forum the survey the MRAWA did, we received 442 survey submissions, one of the best responses noted in the open motorcycling community.

The Forum itself, with the participant brainstorm and input, it matters and should be a focus for the MRAWA in 2022 when it is due to run again being a biennial event.

Marketing activities I wanted to see happen this next year but didn’t get to.

  • Driver/Rider Awareness Campaign (SMIDSY, Lane Filtering Education components)
  • Freeway Sign Messaging
  • Road Hazard Awareness
  • General Motorcycle ‘Field Days’ for the country areas

That’s the end of my report as such.

For the new incoming secretary and membership officer. I will do a walkthrough or handover of what you need to know. I will add you to the necessary folders, file access or website portal as per the MRAWA digital policy.

I wish the new committee all the best and hope they can get a better deal for riders in –

  • Safety
  • Licensing
  • Laws

Best Regards,

Peter B Butler – MRAWA Secretary (2019 – 2021)

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