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Minutes for General Meeting February 16 2021

Venue: Victoria Park Hotel, 605 Albany Highway Victoria Park 6100

Date: 6.02.2021

Chaired by:  Jeff Thomas

Minutes by:  Jeff Thomas

Meeting Commenced:  7.33pm

Apologies:  Peter Butler, Chris Cobain, Tony Beetsam

Attendance: Jeff Thomas, Dave Wright, Chris Meyer, Sue Lipsit, Bruce Burgess, Gary Pontifex, Steve Fish.


New Members:  Ross Fawcett, Joshua Tompkins

Renewing Members: 

Guests:  James McDonald, Stefan Jones, Simon Waters

Previous Minutes:

As distributed to the committee and loaded to the website.

Motion to accept: Dave Wright, Seconded: Sue Lipsit, Accepted: All


** denotes actionable item:

Matters Arising from Previous Minutes:

Action points from last minutes:

Need Main Roads 138 138 cards for new member welcome pack.

** Dave W to send artwork file to Peter B to get quote on print run.

** Peter Butler to get quote on cards.

Business cards for the Safety Officers.  Dave W to get a quote.  (Dave does not need many as he is stepping down in July).

** Jeff Thomas, Peter Butler and Steve Fish yet to meet to discuss sponsorship opportunities for MRA supported and advocates.

Motorcycles using bus lanes trail denied. Road Safety Commission declined support for this.

** Dave Wright to investigate and report, MRA to challenge.

Website Rides and Events. One of our biggest traffic web pages. ‘Motorcycle Favoured Routes’ – https://mrawa.org/rider-tips/motorcycle-favoured-routes-in-wa/

** Committee to review how we can better leverage this.

** Any committee member that is a part of rides to consider how we can best leverage this.

** Peter Butler to investigate which APPS might integrate better with the website.

Stock Report, merchandise officer to make order as required. Not done.
** Peter Butler will be providing merchandise sales report for committee meeting review asap.
** Clothing/Merchandise sales over Numbat report required by Peter Butler.

Motorcycle Safety Week (MSW) Debrief Matters Arising:

Ride Your Motorcycle To Work Day: Epic fail. The participation was very low, feedback from lots of riders who do ride to work stated exactly that “I already ride” but missed the point about raising awareness of that or promoting that fact. We need to look at what is the core rationale for the ‘day’ and figure out a better name for it, something along the lines of “I ride a motorbike day” or the like.

** Tabled for further discussion when we have a Motorcycle Safety Week debrief

Summary of MSW Forum open mic ‘brainstorm’ session. Summary of Survey submissions.

MRA to action transparency of this summary.

** Publicise in platform that allows public access, viewing, progress status.




Secretary’s Report:

Not present:

President’s Report:

MRAWA Vice President

Steve Wheadon has decided to stand down as Vice President due to personal reasons.  Under section 12e of the constitution, the committee came to the decision to offer Gary Pontifex the role to fill the casual vacancy which he has accepted.  Gary will bring a lot of skills to the MRAWA and would like to welcome him to the committee.

The MRAWA would like to thank Steve for his valuable contribution in his 18 months as Vice President and look forward to working with him in the future as a valued member of the General Committee.


MotoCap is constantly updating its motorcycle clothing safety ratings (jackets, pants and gloves).  Have a look at their website http://www.motocap.com.au to discover how safe your riding gear is.  The new ratings bring the total number of items of clothing to 281, comprised of 117 jackets, 72 pairs of pants and 92 pairs of gloves.

MotoCap says many of the latest garments tested received lower protection ratings due to poor impact protection.

MotoCap is a partnership between Transport for NSW, State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA), VicRoads, Transport Accident Commission (TAC), Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV), Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR), Motor Accident Insurance Commission (MAIC), Lifetime Support Authority (LSA), the Department for Infrastructure and Transport, Western Australian Police: Road Safety Commission, Department of State Growth, Insurance Australia Group (IAG), Australian Motorcycle Council and Accident Compensation Corporation in New Zealand.  Testing is carried out by the Deakin University Institute for Frontier Materials on behalf of the MotoCap partners.

If your safety gear has a low star rating the test then it may be time to upgrade, after all, what is your life worth to you?

T shirts, shorts and thongs or sandshoes definitely receive a low star rating.


C.R.A.S.H. (Consumer Rating and Assessment of Safety Helmets) have also updated its ratings to include the latest helmets on the market.  It is worth a look on their website http://www.crash.org.au  to see how your helmet rates, remembering insurance implications if they do not.

Your Helmet must comply with the following (reference https://www.rsc.wa.gov.au/Your-Safety/People/Motorcyclists/Helmets-and-helmet-standards ):

  • Your helmet should fit you properly and offers protection that complies with the Australian Helmet standards.
  • Try the helmet on for size before you buy it and don’t purchase online unless you are sure it will fit correctly.
  • Light coloured helmets are more visible to other vehicles day and night.
  • Do not buy a second-hand helmet, as you don’t know how it has been treated, if it has been involved in a crash or if there is any damage (e.g. UV degradation).
  • Helmets must be replaced if you are involved in a crash or it has been dropped.

Regulation 244 of the Road Traffic Code 2000 states that a motorcycle, including a moped, must not be ridden unless an approved standard or type of helmet is securely fitted and fastened to the head of the rider.  Failure to comply can incur 4 demerit points and a $550 fine.

Regulation 244 also stipulates that any other person, who is riding or being carried on the motorcycle, including a moped, shall wear an approved protective helmet fitted securely on the head.  The fine is $550 for failing to comply for the passenger, and possibly also for the driver.

For Un ECE 22.05 helmet independent star ratings go to https://sharp.dft.gov.uk or search- sharp helmets

They have tested over 482helmets and this will cover most helmets now sold in Australia.

Reminder of the Road Rules

Most rules that apply to motor vehicle drivers also apply to motorcyclists.  However, some rules are specific to motorcyclists. Refer to the Road Safety Commission website https://www.rsc.wa.gov.au/Rules-Penalties/Browse/Motorcyclists for details of offenses and penalties.

MRAWA Policy Statements

This section was in January’s report and is included to retain relevance.

Our senior Safety Officer has offered a suggestion that the MRAWA should have policy statements on our website roughly aligned (updated to suit the MRAWA) with those from the Australian Motorcycle Council (AMC).  The purpose is to let MRAWA members and the general public know what the MRAWA stands for and how we operate, which in my view will help to advance people’s understanding of us.

MRAWA Constitution

Notice was given to the membership in January’s meeting regarding the updating of our constitution to better protect the MRAWA as an entity and to better define the required conduct of the committee and members.  The update is now in its final review and all members will be invited to view and all members will be sent a link to view the changes.  Please ensure sure any comment you make be returned by the 2nd of March for any comments to be reviewed.  The constitution will be presented at the meeting on the 16th of March for voting.

Longriders Bikefest

The Long Riders café in Dwellingup is being held on Sunday 14th March.  The MRAWA will have a combined stall with the Ulysses Club to display safety messages and sell merchandise.  The MRAWA will also assist in judging a show and shine and give a brief speech reminding riders of safe road practices.  Volunteers are required to help man the stall.

Motorcycle Safety Week

The Motorcycle safety week begins on Saturday the 11th April with the York Motorcycle Festival.  The MRAWA will have a stand to display safety videos and pamphlets.  Volunteers are required to assist in manning the stalls.

11th – The MRAWA will lead a safety ride to the York Festival for all interested riders.  Riders will meet at the Midland Gate carpark where a donation can be made to support Beyond Blue.  A coffee van will be present for those who need charging.   MRAWA volunteers are required to act as corner markers.

14th – Ride your Motorcycle to Work Day.  The purpose is to get as many motorcycles onto our roads as possible, so drivers become more aware that they do actually share the road with motorcycles.  Talk to your employers about allocating a couple of car bays at your workplace for the extra motorcycles.  Get behind this initiative to raise awareness.

17th – Free Ride Right advanced motorcycle skills course run by Dave Wright.  Registration for this event is required as seats are limited, further details will be available closer to the date.

18th – MRAWA sponsored safety ride and barbeque for all riders.  Further details shall be forwarded closer to the date.

Lane Filtering

The release of the proposed legislation due to come into law on the 29th of March has been the subject of some quite vitriolic Facebook posts.  Unfortunately, a lot of the posts were incorrect in their assertions about the MRAWA which appear based on perception rather than fact.  Not one person has contacted the MRAWA so far with any intention of learning the facts.  The Facebook dialog has also been focused on one part of the legislation pertaining to lane filtering on the freeway.

On Monday 8th of February, Dave Wright and myself were invited to participate in a Zoom meeting with the Commissioner and Assistance Commissioner of the Road Safety Commission and the Inspector of Traffic, WA Police and member of the Road Safety Council to discuss Lane Filtering on Freeways and other sections of the legislation where we believe modifications are required.  We will meet with them face to face again tomorrow 17th of February for further discussions.

As these discussions are ongoing, it is inappropriate to disclose any information other than official statements until agreement is reached.

All members and guests who wish to add their voice to the discussion will be heard and their comments minuted.

The MRAWA does not believe that entering into discussions on social media will serve any purpose.

Vice President’s Report:

Not applicable.

Treasurer’s Report:

Not Present.  Report to be forwarded at a later date.

Road Safety/AMC Report:


Jeff Thomas has covered this in his report, so I will simply add the piece that I sent to our affiliated clubs for the record.

The President Jeff Thomas and Safety Officer Dave Wright from the Motorcycle Riders Association of WA held a productive meeting on Monday 8th February 2021 with the Road Safety Commissioner, Adrian Warner and Assistant Commissioner Paul Zanetti from the WA Police Force who has responsibility for the State Traffic Branch of Police, this followed a request for the meeting from the MRAWA and emails from many concerned motorcycle riders, regarding the proposed legislation changes to lane filtering in WA freeways.

The Minister for Road Safety is sympathetic to the concerns we have raised on behalf of motorcycle riders regarding the restriction on lane filtering on freeways but given the upcoming general election, the Government is required to assume a ‘caretaker’ role, which limits the actions and decisions a government can take in this period. The Minister has asked the Road Safety Commission to prepare further options for consideration after the election result is clear and a new government has been formed.

As a next step we are meeting with representatives from the Road Safety Commission and WA Police to discuss the new regulations in more detail, with a view to identifying the specific changes that we want presented to the Minister for Road Safety for consideration as soon as possible after the election.”


11th April – Launch

York Motorcycle Festival

Beyond Blue Charity ride from Centre Point Shopping Centre Midland to York.

Coffee van on site at Midland.

Donations towards Beyond Blue ($5.00 pp)

Talk at Midland by representative from RSC

Safety talk and promote MRAWA by ride leader.

AT York –

6 metre x 3 metre booth on site by organisers including power.

Focus – Motocap, fatigue, hydration.

Will need additional brochures, stickers banners produced and printed.

Funded by RSC grant/partnership.

Wednesday 14th April

Ride your motorbike to work day, or something similar? suggestions

Saturday 17th April

Free Ride Right Course

Funded by RSC grant/partnership.

Sunday 18th April

Safety motorbike ride (similar to last year’s ride to Serpentine Dam) with a sausage sizzle or similar.

Funded by RSC grant/partnership.

All week

Variable message board signs on freeways etc withy MC safety messages.

Huge social media campaign safety campaign.

Mainstream media announcements (TV, radio, newspapers)

Funded by RSC grant/partnership.


The  Road Safety Commission/State Government 24 hour drug driving prohibition legislation change education campaign.  Effective 26 February 2021, WA Police Force will issue drivers who test positive for certain prescribed illicit drugs or refuse a roadside drug test with a prohibition notice which bans them from driving for 24 hours.

15sec Television commercial 1: https://youtu.be/NhjI7In04pw

15 sec Television commercial 2: https://youtu.be/vPcC9Z9yUQg

15sec Television commercial 3: https://youtu.be/zxsN3p5Z2IM


I have now started going through some research that I have received that seem to contradict the Road Safety Commission’s (RSC) decision to not allow motorcycles to use priority bus lanes, based on safety concerns.

This is despite the Public Transport Authority’s (PTA) report concluding that there appeared to be no safety concerns and recommended that the majority of priority bus lanes be open to motorcycle use.

These finding were based on a 12 month trial that actually lasted for 3 years, and during that time there were no crashes or incidents that involved a motorcycle and the PTA actually increased the number of trial roads during that time from 2 roads to 4 roads.

We will be contacting the RSC and the Minister for Road Safety to challenge their decision that we believe was based on out of date research.

I will keep you all posted on our progress.


Steve Fish and I have now gone through the results and comments from both the Motorcycle Safety Week Survey and Forum and have condensed and consolidated the ideas from those events into a Motorcycle Safety Action Plan 2021

Since the meeting with the Road Safety Commission on 14th January and worked through the 14 actions that we allocated to them along with the actions by the WA Police and the MRAWA we now have a more details list with specific actions that will need to be taken to complete all tasks.

We will now more onto the Main Road Department, the Department of transport and the WA Police to progress the actions that belong in their areas.

These lists of actions are available on the MRAWA website.

Steve Fish will take the lead on this Motorcycle Safety Action Plan and Steve will provide an update

Dave Wright

Road Safety Officer


Website Update:

Not Present

Social Media Update:

Peter Butler has added Rob Pieri to MRA Facebook Page

Stock Report:


Membership Report:

Not Present

General Business:

Discussion between the MRAWA and the 2 new members and 3 guests, questions were asked:

Question:            Why was the legislation introduced and why did we need more legislation?

Answer:               People have been asking for the legislation for years, so they know what the law does or does not allow and what their legal standing is if they have a crash.

Question:            I feel I have less options with the new legislation.

Answer:               You can always ride the same way as before.  The police have the same ability to prosecute as they see fit.

The discussion became too wide ranging and repetitive to mention in the minutes

The MRAWA has a productive meeting with the Road Safety Commission regarding aspects of the legislation.  There will be another meeting tomorrow to further discuss the Freeway filtering laws in particular and other aspects the MRAWA is not happy with.

The MRAWA will fight for issues of riders when they are presented and worth pursuing.

Meeting Closed:



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