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General Meeting-February/2014

Meeting started at 19.35

ATTENDANCE: Lyn & Roger Jutte, Ray Fitall, Dick Watson, Chewi, Allan Sanger, George Batt, Colin Hewitt,m Jeff Mazey, Joanne Wells, David Wright, Chris Meyer, Rick Putland & Mark Gilbert.

APOLOGIES: Dee, Jeena, Rhonda.

NEW MEMBERS/ GUESTS: Rick & Mark from Ulyses Fremantle.

PREVIOUS MINUTES: Matters Arising.

Dave – The money for the Queensland Anti Association Fund has been sent off.


Correspondence – Albany Vintage & Classic M/C Club mag.

Corse Language (DOCWA) mag.

Black Dog Ride newsletter (email).


  • M/C donated from the RAC has been repaired by Steve’s Motorcycles at a cost of $427.40/ to be used as a rally bike.
  • AMC annual Conference to be held in Perth this year. I approached the RAC to sponsor. They have agreed for the use of the RAC building and catering in August.
  • I will send pictures to Jeff M. Of the trailer to go on Gumtree.


On my long rides I am using a Spot tracking device. Is quite small and easy to locate onto the bike. Costs $188.00 and $170.00 a year for satellite tracking. The information is easy to retrieve.

Dave and I have been talking about this and other devices and information has just been received about an app for Iphones which can track and is free.


Debit – $797.25  Credit – $ 72.60 Total – $5561.24


The Edge Mag has been sent to print. Most people are getting their magazines now.


  • Sunday Feb 23rd Lunch ride John Forrest Tavern. Leave Coffee hut 11am.
  • Sunday 9th March Breakfast ride to Margaret River. Leave BP Success 5am.
  • Sunday 23rd March Black Dog ride.
  • Overnighter 5th – 6th April Walpole. Leave Kelmscott Macca’a 9am.
  • Sunday 27th April Day ride to Moora. Leave Gingers Roadhouse 10.00am.
  • Sunday 4th May Day ride Wongan Hills. Leave Caltex Midvale 10.00am.
  • Long weekend 31st May – 2nd June NUMBAT Rally.

Not doing the Chicken Run this year because of the Numbat rally.


  • Bus Lanes – M/C trials in bus lanes seemed to have stalled. Unable to find out what is happening, I am a bit concerned.
  • Helmet Standards – NSW is looking at accepting European Helmet Standards. ACCC has to agree (If passed, eventually will become Australia wide).
  • Had a call from Ulysees Geraldton about if I had a video on M/C cornering. NSW has a good M/C website of M/C riding techniques, sent them the information.
  • Attended M/C Safety Advisory group meeting last week.
  1. New actions including a separate M/C safety strategy. Draught version.
  2. Organising black spot funding for M/C with Main Roads.
  3. Main rds crash stats found most accidents involving M/C are their fault. Fatalities 2/3 city & 1/3 country.
  4. Blowin interlocks for drink drivers, can be placed on M/C.
  5. Police are using unmarked M/C and have caught 2500 people using phones while driving.


  • I need permission to do a stock reorder as there are only a couple of T-shirts left? Done.
  • Do we want hoodies (as they are popular)? Dave – Leave till after Numbat as funds are getting low.
  • Colin – Can you order me a long sleeved (m) T-shirt. Thankyou.


  • Lifers – 9 Single – 126  Family – 30  Total – 197
  • Dave -Membership forms will contain section with credit card details.

Jeff M. – I am concerned about those details being sent by post.

Dave – You will be able to pay online, by phone or post.


  • Had the first meeting at Lyn & Roger’s on the 29th
  • George is organising toilets, screens and stubbie holders.
  • Jeff M. is organising media/ advertising and will start early.
  • Bruce is organising printing of posters and leaflets.
  • Lyn to organise the shop, letters to York Hospital and Quairading St John Ambulance and to contact the Vietch family about the rally site availability and soup kitchen.
  • Busybee on the weekends of 15th–16th March and 17t –18th Volunteers needed.
  • Ray to pick up the Roadwise trailer.


Chris – there is a Vintage swap meet in Cannington Show grounds Sunday 30th March.

Next meeting 19th March.

Meeting closed 21.00

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