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General Meeting-January/2014

Meeting started at 19.40

ATTENDANCE: Ray Fitall, Roger & Lyn Jutte, Joanne Wells, Clint & Sherry Carlson, Guy Hoyrs, Colin Hewitt, Sandy Chun, Luke Farenden, Geoff Weaver & Dave Wright.

APOLOGIES: Jeff & Dee Mazey, Jeff Thomas, Marilyn Wright, Dave Moore & Dick Watson.

NEW MEMBERS/GUESTS: Luke & Sandy, Clint & Sherry, Guy.

PREVIOUS MINUTES: Matters Arising 

  • Dave – I gave Peter Wood (the Bike Show) a bottle of wine and personally thanked him for his continual support to the MRA.
  • The fighting fund (for Queensland) Haven’t done it yet.


  • Emails – Brookton Old Time Motor Show – send onto Jeff Mazey.

Glenda Maloney – Road Trauma Support WA

Member Dannae about merchandise.

  • Mail – Centrestand mag.

Vintage Chatter mag.

M/C Racing Club WA Inc.

Telstra account.


  • RAC Street Smart show to be held at the Arena for students. Display for the show.
  • The RAC have given a damaged M/C to the MRA for display. It is a Hyosung which has been crashed and the motor has seized. I took to Steve’s M/C to be told there is nothing wrong with the engine. It could be used as a rally bike.
  • Dave – Motion – To spend $300.00 – $400.00 for work required to get the Hyosung running.

Ray – Second it . Motion approved.

  • There still seems to be a problem people doing memberships online. You either get application and no money or money and no application (with no way of knowing who to contact).
  • Dave – Motion – To change the application form to include credit card section.

Lyn – Second it. Motion approved.


TREASURERS REPORT: Joanne – We have got quite a few new members.

Dec/Jan Credit – $195.15    Debit – $645.59    Total – $6285.59

EDITOR: None tabled. Dave – With new members we are not sending hard copy Edge (as we are not getting many extras printed) instead emailing them a copy.

Next 15th February.


  • Sun 19TH Jan – Lunch ride to Pinjarra. Leave Kelmscott 10.00 am.
  • Sun 9th Feb – Breakfast ride to GigGin. Leave Gingers 8.00am.
  • Sun 23rd Feb – Lunch ride to John Forrest Tavern. Leave Herne Hill 11.00am.
  • Sun 9th March – Breakfast ride to Margaret River. Leave Success 5.00am.


  • The crash stats for M/C last year were down. Car crashes were also down, but pedestrian incidents were up.
  • I am attending a Rd Safety meeting next month with other attendees being the Police and Main Rds.
  • Attending a meeting with the Dept. Of Transport about the trials in the Bus lanes. It has been signed off but the Ministers Buswell and Lisa Harvey want a relook at it. Will still go ahead.
  • M/C/ Scooter Advisory group have had their funding withdrawn, but after the reactions it has been reinstated. The funding won’t be through the RAC, but through the Office of Rd Safety.
  • Looking at criteria for Black Spot funding. At present is only for car oriented crashes, but needs different criteria for M/C crashes, with Mains Rds looking into it.

MEMBERSHIP: Michelle is away. We have about 200 members at present.


  • Anti association Laws in Queensland – There will be a High court challenge in April.
  • The Numbat Rally is on this year. Need to organise a Sub-committee.

Meeting to be held at Lyn & Rogers 22nd Jan at 19.00.

Lyn to do a ring around, include Bruce.

  • Trailer – The blind auction didn’t work Get Jeff T. To put into Gumtree.

Next meeting 19th February.

Meeting finished 20.30.

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