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General Meeting-March/2014

Meeting started at 19.35.

ATTENDANCE: Lyn & Roger Jutte,

Jeff Mazey, Ray Fittal, Joanne Wells, Allan Sanger, Colin Hewitt, Johnny De Rosa, Michelle Macrae Morgan, Jeff Thomas, Chris Meyer, Dave Wright, Loose Bruce.

APOLOGIES: George, Dee, Marilyn.

PREVIOUS MINUTES: Read Moved Roger and Seconded Jeff M, no matters arising.


  • Emails – Greg Hirst – Rides, Qld anti rights laws etc.

AES news letter.

  • Mail – Return of Edge, M/C Racing Club WA Inc, Vintage Chatter Mag, Telstra Invoice, Edge invoice/ UWA, Commonwealth Bank statement, Numbat rally entrance form,

Postal – post Box renewal & notice of stamps going up.


  • M/C Safety week is the 2nd – 8th The Office of Road Safety would like to get involved. (dates may change).
  • I did a presentation at the engineers state conference about road building to make safer roads for motorcyclists.
  • NSW have legalised road filtering between stationary vehicles.


  • M/C sales in 2013 were 11300, up on the previous year. Scooter sales have dropped off.


  • There has been an increase of 3% foe postage.
  • Credit – $85.06 Debit – $66.00 Total – $5580.30


  • Had a phone call from a M/C accessory shop who would like to link into the MRA website, not to hard to do.
  • Had a phone call from a Reverend William Thomas ( said he was a founding member) who wants to put a story into the Edge for fund raising and sponsorship for a charity for the homeless. As there is no M/C connection , not appropriate.
  • Deadline for the Edge is the 10th


  • The Black Dog ride – there are 4 separate rides happening on Sunday in WA. Beverly, Bridgetown.
  • 27th April Overnighter to Walpole, the accommodation booked out.
  • Dave – The ANZAC centenary being held in Albany on the 30th Oct – 2nd Would like to do an overnighter.

Bruce – The Albany Rifle Club will let you camp on their premises for $10.00 a night,

( contact the caretaker – Dougie).


  • M/C in bus lane trial is progressing slowly and there is going to be 3 routes. Main Rds have designed a sign. There will be advertising before the trial starts and the RAC will promote.
  • Geraldton Ulysees have enquired about information for cornering. There is a good site with riding techniques, which I will send to all our club members and affiliates.
  • Ride Rite presentations – I will be doing one in June at the Prestige Honda shop. Will try and get funding.
  • Approached by Neil to do a maintenance day /maybe in July and have a sausage sizzle.


  • I have put in an order with Aussie Gold for T-shirts and sweat shirts.
  • They are not going to make T-shirts any more, they going to import them. Will look at other options next order.


Life – 9  Singles – 126  Family – 30.

Jeff M – A new member has paid for Badge, patch and stubbie holder. Lyn if you could send off thankyou. Louse Dalton 16 Angora Road Mt Nasura 6112.


  • Dave – I’m going to attend NORAG which is Road safety involving the northern city councils.
  • Lyn – Dave & I attended. The City of Swan Roadwise committee has been commended about their commitment and work within the City of Swan.
  • There is a car check in conjunction with Stirling pre Easter. Dave & I have been invited to the blessing of the roads for Easter.

AMC: Dave

Some states are starting to paint there wire rope barriers to make them more visible.


  • York festival 13th April We have been given a free marquee, will be needing volunteers.
  • Bikes Unlimited/ Charity Ride are running a sausage sizzle at Bunnings Malaga to raise funds for venue fees & insurance. Being held this Sat 22nd March and need volunteers.


  • George is sorting out the toilets, stubbie holders and screens.
  • Dave – I would like to thank Bruce for organising the posters and order forms.
  • Jeff M will start the advertising soon and will do a mass email for busy bees.
  • Road wise trailer is available and will bring up.
  • No cars will be allowed on site, all gear will be moved by by designated MRA vehicles for gold coin donation.
  • Lyn – have spoken to Norm Veitch and the rally site is still available, will get back to me about who might run the soup kitchen.
  • Dave – Will check fine print for insurance, but I think we are fully covered.

Next meeting 16th April.

Meeting closed 21.00.

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