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Minutes for AGM General Meeting November 16

Venue: Victoria Park Hotel, 605 Albany Highway Victoria Park 6100

** Actionable Items as a result of agenda/minutes

General Meeting Date:


Chaired by: Bruce Burgess

Minutes by: Lyn Jutte

Meeting Commenced: 7.40pm


Chris Cobain (Treasurer) – Away on site working

Gary Pontifex (Vice president)

Michael Couper (Member)


As per attendance register

Welcome Guests in Attendance:

Steve Wheadon welcomed everyone to the meeting

Members Joined or Renewing:

To be advised by Treasurer at the first CM or GM post AGM

New members may be in attendance who joined after 19th October

All members on membership list provided to chair including this who joined after 19th October

New Members in Attendance:

None noted

Membership Report:

No report presented

Previous Minutes:

As distributed to the committee and loaded to the website

Motion to accept:  Peter Butler        Seconded:  Dave Wright         Accepted: Y


Matters Arising from Previous Minutes:

Constitution Update:

  • Voted to accept by special resolution. PASSED and declared as CARRIED
  • MRAWA Constitution 2021 was submitted to Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety
  • Letter of approval to accept MRAWA Constitution 2021 sent by DMIRS received by MRAWA on 09/11/2021

Setup PBF Club Membership:

  • Email recently received to follow up.
  • Held over until after the AGM

Kate Fandry – Business Development Manage

PBF Australia – A: PO Box 538, Floreat Forum WA 6014

Freecall: 1800 809 780   |   T: (08) 9388 3366   |    M: 0448 455 460

E: kfandry@pbf.asn.au   |    W: www.pbf.asn.au

Committee Position Statements:

  • Work in progress but at this stage in stasis as there is no Secretary currently
  • Once completed, documents to be uploaded into sync folder
  • Held over until after the AGM


Secretary’s Report:

Vacant Committee Position – Report as submitted by Peter Butler



Secretary Email: Secretary position vacant

Post Box Mail:

1) Quarterly BAS Statement – Processed and submitted (MRAWA Treasurer)

2) Auspost PO box detail update – Processed and submitted (MRAWA Treasurer)

3) No mail picked up prior to AGM, will be processed before next Committee or General meeting

President’s Report:

Vacant Committee Position – Report as submitted by Jeff Thomas


Vice President’s Report:

Vacant Committee Position – No report as submitted by Gary Pontifex due to accident

Treasurer’s Report:

Annual report provided to Committee for GM presentation


For the period: October / November 2021

Opening Balance: No financials processed since last GM October 19th 2021

Deposits: TBA at first CM or GM after AGM

Payments: TBA at first CM or GM after AGM

Closing Balance: TBA at first CM or GM after AGM

Petty Cash: $200.00 with previous merchandise officer. Will be picked up and issued to new MO

Report as submitted by Chris Cobain


1) $160.00 for 3TB sync account annual fee has been paid

2) AGM finger food $370.00 cost has been paid

3) No invoices outstanding for the period end of October to November 2021 AGM


2021 first quarter BAS processed and submitted

Road Safety/AMC Report:

Vacant Committee Position – Report as submitted by Dave Wright


AMC officer to be delegated at Committee meeting or General meeting post AGM

Website Update:

Smarter websites has been paid to host website until end of December 2021

Cost of $137.50 per month

Website hosting arrangement post December 2021 to be decided by the new MRAWA Committee

Social Media Update:

A good reach was obtained for MRAWA and MRAWA Group pages detailing GM and AGM dates.

Stock Report:

Remaining MRAWA merchandise stock is currently at the previous MRAWA MO place of residence.

Needs to be picked up and returned to the MRAWA sea container – To be done post AGM

GM Business:

Nothing raised

Upcoming Events:

Nothing raised

Rides Report:

No rides this month

Next Committee Meeting Date:

To be confirmed (Early December)

Next General Meeting Date:

To be confirmed at December CM – 3rd Tuesday in January 2021

General Meeting Closed (time):

General Meeting Closed 8.00pm – Break then commence AGM

AGM Minutes:

Annual General Meeting Date:


Chaired by:

Bruce Burgess

Returning Officers:

Lyn Jutte – Minutes
Roger Jutte

Chair to declare all MRAWA Committee positions vacant

A quorum was confirmed as per MRAWA Constitution

Minutes By:

Lyn Jutte

Meeting Commenced:


Committee Nominations:

Chair presented written nominations

Committee Positions:


President:                    Steve Wheadon

Vice President:            No Nomination

Secretary:                    No nomination

Treasurer:                     Chris Cobain


Safety Officer 1:           Simon Waters

Safety Officer 2:           No nomination

Membership Officer:   Pene Mihajlowits

Web Master:               No nomination

Social Media Officer:   No nomination

Event Coordinator:      Steve Wheadon

Ride Coordinator 1:     Michael Couper

Ride Coordinator 2:     Simon Waters

Merchandise Officer:   No nomination

General Committee:    Chris Farmer

Nomination Statement:

Chair handed over AGM to incoming President

Nominations from the floor for Secretary requested – No nominations offered

May be interested member for VP role – not at AGM


President Statement: End of Year Report –


Vice-President Statement:

No statement recorded

Treasurer Report: End of Year Report –


Secretary Report: End of Year Report –


Safety Officer Report: End of Year Report –



Steve Wheadon nominated for AMC representative – Seconded by Chris Farmer

One more delegate required – to be confirmed at next Committee meeting







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1 thought on “Minutes for AGM General Meeting November 16”

  1. Nunya Biznus

    Well these minutes show the lack of relevance of the MRAWA.
    Can’t even get people to fill numerous committee positions.
    Steve Wheadon will be the last president of the MRAWA as he is totally incompetent and will be responsible for the demise of this organisation.

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