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Minutes for Committee Meeting August 4

gavel minutes | Minutes for Committee Meeting August 4Venue: Victoria Park Hotel, 605 Albany Highway Victoria Park 6100

Date: 04.08.2020

Chaired by: Jeff Thomas

Minutes by: Peter Butler

Meeting Commenced: 7.33pm

Apologies: NA

Attendance: As per attendance register.

All incoming committee members present

Previous Minutes:

Peter Butler moved to accept committee minutes July 7 2020. Seconded by Jeff Thomas, motion moved. Noted Steve Fish stated he thought it required edits.

Matters Arising from Previous Minutes:



Secretary’s Report:



Committee Meeting minutes: They have never been published or distributed publicly, never. Not sure what the correct protocol is, but we all need to agree on that moving forward.

This was discussed and agreed that in future we publish committee meeting minutes.

** Peter Butler to publish these current and future Committee Meeting minutes

Note from Peter Butler. For me to manage tasks that are agreed, and set in minutes, I print the minutes off, and use a highlighter on my set tasks. In the minutes I also endeavor to mark action points with a double Asterix such as **

President’s Report:

Numbat Rally:

The Numbat Rally, to proceed or not?

Jeff Thomas, Chris Cobain, Chris Meyer, Michael Couper, Evan Eble, Steve Wheadon visited the new Kellerberrin Hay Shed to make sure its suitable, met with Peter the owner. They can provide meals, drinks, entertainment, alcohol – licensed bar area. No problems with BYO. Set area for MRA. No glass.

Determining factors whether to proceed? $$$ viability.

Jeff did numbers on providing for threshold number of 100 people, cost $1350. Insurance $900, excess on a claim is zero.

All in after catering consumable, condiments, etc was $25 per head. Charge $40 for presales ($50 gate entry), allow for badge, $5 return per head (more on gate entries). Cost of fuel for generators, gas for catering, firewood, and consumables are included in the charge of $25.00 to the HaY Shed.

** Note, Peter Butler to make sure ‘new location’ is clear on website.

Sue Lipsit handed a copy of bulk research she had done on Kellerberrin, local produce suppliers, local businesses, ideas over to Jeff Thomas.

** Sue Lipsit to email this to Peter Butler to attach to minutes.

After much discussion, the consensus was to move forward with the Numbat Rally. Possible impact from COVID-19 was discussed, we are clear at this point so no reason not to proceed.

Jeff Thomas moved the motion, seconded by Steve Wheadon, motion carried.

Chris Cobain offered use of Ute.

Chris Cobain suggested allowing the use of cars to bring camping gear, just NOT to be parked on camp site. Use paddock across the road. Dave Wright said that this had been the model previously.

** Outcome to be determined in next Numbat committee meeting.

** Order 100 Rally Badges. Steve Wheadon, Jeff Thomas to handle.

Constitution Updates:

There are some issues with the current constitution that do not address handling of behavioral issues of either members or committee members.

Some points raised were, no warning system, no provision of dismissal, or removal from acting committee role, yet perhaps not removal as MRA member.

** Jeff Thomas to investigate if there are any preexisting protocols on this already in place.

Chris Cobain suggested members review the constitution, make notes, for the next committee meeting. The next committee meeting will be TBA

** Peter Butler to send constitution out to all committee members, PDF copy along with links to this on the website.

Vice President’s Report:

Banking now sorted, new committee all setup. Thanks for making this happen Steve.

Numbat Rally, volunteers needed. Stock order much needed.

Treasurer’s Report:

Chris Cobain had clarification questions about the role between the treasurer and the membership officer.

Peter Butler will transfer any membership funds from PayPal account to bank account. Peter will handle anything membership and financial related.

Merchandise and financial, as Peter handles the website, and it make sense for him to liaise with the Merchandise Office Steve Wheadon on anything financial, merchandise and website related.


Grants that we get. Clarified that Dave Wright currently handles those, the application, processing, liaising with relative authorities.


Chris Cobain queried the validity of us operating under the GST model. He’d spoke to an accountant, and unless we reached the $150,000 threshold we were not required to be registered for GST.

** To be tabled for review at the next committee meeting.


Financial Audit: MRA End of Financial Year, and Committee changeover. It was agreed that we should.

** Jeff Thomas to initiate audit


Business Cards Updated: Sorry, didn’t bring copies along, will post in workspace.

** Peter Butler to post new business cards for review

** Once reviewed get 2 quotes

Road Safety Report:

MOTORCYCLE SAFETY WEEK 2020: 10th -17th October 2020

We now have confirmation from the Minister for Road Safety the Hon. Michelle Roberts MLA and the Road Safety Commission and regarding the grand for the National Road Safety Week has been approved for $4,960.00. We are still waiting for the approval for Motorcycle Safety Week grant application but have been assured that this is in the pipeline, so based on that advise we will continue with the planning for the Motorcycle Safety Week, the details of the week are below.

We will enter into a partnership with the Road Safety Commission to promote the Motorcycle Safety Week.

Saturday 10th October 9.30am – 2.00pm Motorcycle Safety Forum. (by MRA RSC)

Venue – Charles Riley Recreation Centre, 7a Kitchener Street, North Beach, 6021.

Facilitator – Ron Kemp

The focus of the Forum will be taken from the Motorcycle Safety Questioner that will to close on 18th September 2020 and broadcast through WA Motorcycle Clubs and social media.

The Hon. Michelle Roberts MLA has been invited.

  • Draft Run Sheet
  • Welcome by MRAWA
  • Address by The Minister for Road Safety Hon Michelle Roberts MLA
  • Presentations by-
  • Road Safety Commission.
  • Department of Transport.
  • Main Road Department
  • WA Police
  • WA Local Government
  • Morning tea
  • MRAWA (results from motorcycle rider questioner/ input)
  • Workshop based on presentations/ questioner.
  • Lunch
  • Outcomes from workshop
  • Questions
  • MRAWA (closing address)

Sunday 11th October 9.30am – 1.00pm – Motorcycle Skills Enhancement Course.
Herb Graham Recreation Centre, 38 Ashbury Crescent, Mirrabooka, 6061.

Wednesday 14th October – Ride Your Motorbike To Work Day.

Jeff Thomas will organise promotion and information.

Saturday 17th October 9.30am – 12pm – Motorcycle First Aid Seminar.
Herb Graham Recreation Centre, 38 Ashbury Crescent, Mirrabooka, 6061.

Organised and run by Janine Nicolas from Rider Down First Aid Training.

All week – Main Roads VMS motorcycle safety messages. (organised by Dave Wright)

All week – Social media motorcycle safety posts.
(by Jeff Thomas, Steve Fish, Peter Butler, Road Safety Commission)

All week – TV and Radio interviews and messages. (by MRAWA Road safety Commission)

Motorcycle safety brochures and posters at motorcycle gathering venues. (MRAWA)

Focus- Fatigue, MotoCap Protective Clothing, Enhanced Rider Skills Training, Group Riding, Reporting Hazards.

Dave Wright – Motorcycle Riders Association of W.A. Inc.

Safety Officer/Life Member #6

Email: safety@mrawa.org

Ph: 0418 954 424

Sue Lipsit and Peter De Blanc volunteered to help on MRA Marquee at Motorcycle Safety Forum.

** Sue and Peter, please liaise with Dave on actions or requirements.

Peter Butler questioned, what actually happens on each day, what are the details, where can people find out the details?

** Peter Butler to liaise with Dave W to perhaps add information on the MRA website, or on social?

Dave also highlighted and input survey that is happening.

** Dave to update Peter Butler with details of survey for promotion.

** Social Media ‘Safety Posts’ Campaign needs to be planned. MRA Team involved Jeff Thomas, Steve Fish, Peter Butler

AMC Report:

Australian Motorcycle Council AGM will be held by Zoom Video Conference on Saturday 15th August 2020

Secretary’s Report: (Part 2)

 PayPal Account:

PayPal access email has been reset, was membership@ email (is fine) and committee@ email (not fine), this is a forwarder to all committee.

Reset to paypal@mrawa.org as owner of PayPal account, with **individual user accesses will be provided to –

  • President (president@)
  • Treasurer (treasurer@)
  • Peter Butler in webmaster, and membership officer role, not secretary role (membership@)

Role based access should be setup, not one access for all, otherwise no tracking of actions, just good best practice.

** Peter Butler to setup role based access

PayPal contact mobile numbers reset, to same members as above

‘Treasurer & Membership Report’ from AGM from outgoing treasurer is only in printed and scanned format.

We will need to convert this into a digital format to hold on file in MRA Dropbox, such documents like the ‘Inventory List’ and the ‘Stock Variation Report’.

Online Nominations – Online Signature Legality:


https://www.docusign.com/how-it-works/legality/global/australia https://insight.thomsonreuters.com.au/legal/posts/electronic-signatures-guide

Generally, for an electronic signature to be deemed effective under the Electronic Transactions Acts, the following conditions must be satisfied:

Identity: The person must use a method to identify themselves and indicate their intention.

** 1) Only active members were emailed the link. 2) We can validate anyway

Reliability: The method of identification must be as reliable as appropriate considering the purpose of the communication.

** 1) Confirmation to the nominee will help validity. I have now updated the form to send an email notification to the nominee at the time of nominations, with a reply email address being sent to the president and secretary.

** 2) It is in the constitution. Section 10 – Line 3. This was confirmed by Travis Kean – Kean Legal

Consent: The person to whom the signature is given must consent to the use of electronic communication to fulfil the requirement for a signature and to the method of identification.

** 1) IT IS IN THE CONSTITUTION. Section 10 – Line 3. This was confirmed by Travis Kean – Kean Legal

Question I posed within business owner group

Question for the legal peoples, legality of online form submissions and typed signatures. I’m secretary for the MRAWA (motorcycle riders association of WA) and we recently setup an online nomination form, with a typed signature field.

We had the biggest nominations results EVER, 42 instead of the normal 8 to 10. One of the committee members claimed it was illegal despite us finding documentation online to the contrary.

End result was we had to redact those nominations and take nominations from the floor on the night.

All the nominations could have been validated by a simple SMS or call to the active member nominee but the committee was concerned because of the claims of illegality. All said and done, we all knew the nominations were all actually legit.

What we need to find out in prep for next year is how can we make this indisputable?


Steve Walker – CFO Direct

Are you a registered (INC) club, if so you should have a Constitution? This should tell you what you can do or not do or it may be silent. Some clubs allow these practices, and some do not. It is not ‘illegal’ at law but may be ‘ultra vires’ to your Constitution. If you have a Constitution that is silent, change it to allow you to conduct these activities.

Juan Perez – Quest Legal

Hi Peter. Yes electronic signatures are legal. However as Steve mentioned to ensure this is indisputable by your membership next year you should review your constitution to ensure it says electronic nominations are allowed. If it is silent on the point, then as Steve says get it amended for absolute clarity and to avoid the issue next year. Feel free to send me your constitution and I will have a quick look at it for you.

Travis Kean – Kean Legal

I spoke to Travis at length, he went straight to the Constitution within 20 seconds and quoted Section 10 – Line 3.

We are complaint and covered by our own existing constitution to handle online nominations.


To help further the transparency of the online nominations, I have now updated the form to send an email notification to the nominee at the time of nominations, with a reply email address being sent to the president and secretary.



Peter Butler moved a motion to accept that the constitution as it stands covers the use of online nominations as a legitimate nomination process. Seconded by Jeff Thomas, motion carried.

** Possible inclusion in the constitution update although it does categorically state ‘use of electronic means’ as already noted. We are compliant for online nominations as it stands.

Website Update:

User accesses reset to new committee members as required.
Removed: Ainslie/Previous Treasurer
Added: No one, new treasurer does not require access.

Committee Teamwork Portal Users reset – Explain portal

** Peter Butler to send test message with review of the business card.




We need to rationalise, and standardize the use of MRA email accounts and forwarders

safety@mrawa.org > davmar08@bigpond.com

safetyofficer@mrawa.org > steve@thebikersguideaustralia.com

amcrep@mrawa.org > steve@thebikersguideaustralia.com

What about resetting these, so they make more sense? safetydave or the like?

After discussion it was decided to keep them not name specific, more general. Not actually specified though

** Peter Butler to follow up. Decision required


Current committee@ email forwarders. committee@mrawa.org is on the MRA business card, and website

committee@mrawa.org > davmar08@bigpond.com

committee@mrawa.org > president@mrawa.org

committee@mrawa.org > secretary@mrawa.org

committee@mrawa.org > treasurer@mrawa.org

committee@mrawa.org > vicepresident@mrawa.org


rides@ as possible forwarder to ride coordinators?

** No decision

Newsletter Upgrade: Now upgraded, 1000 to 5000 subscribers so future proofed.
– $77 as proposed, invoice now sent through to treasurer@

** Treasurer to pay invoice

Newsletters contact list:

  • High bounce rate, old email addresses, some typos
  • Our list of 569 is now cleaned, purged
  • Cost of software Clearout.io was US$25 but Peter Butler likely to use elsewhere so will cover cost

Manual Payment Methods: Form on website updated, so people can fill in a form online to become a member.

  • Added 2 required radio buttons ‘Agreement to abide by the MRAWA Constitution and Code of Conduct’
  • Ride coordinators can register new members, can also use this form if they get a paper form from a rider

Social Media Update:

Facebook User Access: User accesses can be reset to new committee members as required

  • Added – No one
  • Removed – Old treasurer

Steve Wheadon requested Facebook access

** Peter Butler to add Steve as editor on MRA Business Page

Membership Report:

4 new members so far in August.

Paper membership forms and manual signups, not preferred, and hour out of my life each time. FYI.

New Member Onboarding Process:

3 ways members can join, and with variations comes intrinsic issues to consider. Steps now mapped

  • Online Payment
  • Direct Bank Transfer
  • Manual Payment Method

Auto renew message sequence not active UNLESS Online Payment method used.
– (see 30-member discrepancy below).

** We need a better membership system

Full Membership Management via Website:

107 – Total Membership + 4

23 – Family

65 – Single

10 – Pensioner

9 – Lifetime

 A copy of the full membership list, with manual registered member membership expiry dates, was provided to the President at the commencement of the General and AGM meeting July 20 by the Membership Officer Ainslie.

This is the complete membership list previously requested and referred to in the July 7 committee minutes.

107 total members – 9 lifetime members = 98 paying members.

But only 68 subscriptions, meaning we have a discrepancy of 30 members.

These 30 members will get no ‘membership due renewal reminders’. So, we run the real risk of losing them, and I believe this is one reason why we have dropped our membership so much.

For the Follow Up messages to work, I need to manually tag, and connect the recurring subscription ‘product’ to each actual member. Big job, PITA.

I estimate 15 – 30 minutes per member to update, check details, merge, so 30 x .25/.50 so 7.5 to 15 hours.

** We need a better membership system

Membership Numbering System: The number system is flawed, and an issue. The membership website assigns a member # which does not line up with our current membership number system

** Peter Butler to do proposal for new membership management system within website to present to the committee


Dave Wright introduced this back in March 2020, a committee meeting was held to focus on just this. There are no actual minutes of that meeting, secretary was not able to attend, although there are notes available.

Peter Butler said he would like to see MRA membership at 600 Members by July 2022.

** Peter Butler to reintroduce this at a later date

Stock Report:

Website stock report now updated to match stock-take as at July 20 2020

  • Clothing/merchandise naming protocol updated to be capitalised

MRA 15oz dual logo coffee mugs ??? delete from stock list in website?

** Peter Butler to delete

 Jeff did a new stock report tracking reporting spreadsheet. Peter Butler reset stock report to match website, regrouped in product style then colour. Kept original file though, as this is to show sales not so much stock control. Also recreated as Merchandise Stock Control form, to make future stock orders easier.

Steve Wheadon needs to be able to place stock order, work with either Jeff T, Chris C, Dave W to get order numbers. Need 2 price comparisons, either as quotes or compare known vendor pricing to previous order.

** Stock Order Quotes x 2 required or comparison to previous order

** Stock Order placement

** Stock Order quantities to be provide to Peter Butler to update website stock levels

General Business:

Jeff Thomas suggested people be a member of MRA for X time (to be determined) before they are able to be nominated for a committee role.

Discussion was around protection of the integrity of MRA, and perhaps negative influences. It was also pointed out, with that as the only standing rule, that one of our new committee members, would be ineligible as ride coordinator.

It was then discussed that, by agreement of the committee, that a member could be approved for nomination, prior to that term being served, should the case warrant that.

This will be set for review in the upcoming Constitution update.

** Addition note for this to be included in constitution update

 Steve Fish suggested that actions determined in a committee meeting be followed through with. That people be accountable for what they say they’re going to do.

Note from Peter Butler. Peter Butler shared how he manages tasks agreed, that are set in minutes > I print the minutes off and use a highlighter on my set tasks. In the minutes I also endeavor to mark action points with a double Asterix such as **

** Please note, no responsibility for this by Peter Butler, but I will endeavor to do this. See what I did there 😊

 Steve Fish pointed out that we need to update the committee members on the contact page of the website, duly noted. Peter Butler asked whether we wanted to have committee member profile blurb, mixed reactions, seemd obvious to just proceed with mug shot and contact details.

** Peter Butler to make request for mug shot, best contact details.

** Peter Butler to update website

 Dave Wright mentioned that in storage we have heaps of old photo’s. Need someone to scan them?  Dave Wright to send link?

** Dave Wright to send link?

Dave Wright discussed costs incurred and an invoice that needed to be raised by him for MRA

** Dave to raise invoice

** Treasurer to pay invoice

Rides Report:

 Chris Meyer – Ride planned for 16th July, Moora, more details to come.

** Chris to send through ride details

Michael Couper – suggested day ride to Numbat venue for those who might want to do a day trip. The isea was well supported. Michael to discuss with Chris Meyer. To send details to Peter Butler of Jeff Thomas for promotion.

** Michael Couper to discuss with Chris Meyer

** Details to be sent for promotion

Next Meeting:

General Meeting August 18

Meeting Closed:


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