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Minutes for General Meeting 18.02.2020

Venue: Victoria Park Hotel, 605 Albany Highway Victoria Park 6100

Date: 18.02.2020

Chaired by: Jeff Thomas

Minutes by: Peter Butler

Meeting Commenced: 7.31pm

Apologies: Steve W – Overseas,

Attendance: 21. As per attendance register.

Previous attendance in reverse order – Jan – 13, Nov – 10, Oct – ?, Sept – 14, Aug – 13

New Members/Guests:

New Members: Rob Pieri,

Guests: Gary Pontifex – Ride4Life, Pam Erasmus – WARMA, Neil Erasmus, John Ferguson, Muttley – Bikes Unlimited, Chewy – Bikes Unlimited

Previous Minutes: General Meeting Minutes 21.01.2020.

** Motion to be accepted moved by Ainslie, seconded by Dave W, Motion carried by committee members present

Matters Arising from Previous Minutes:

New Constitution agreed by committee at 14.01.2020 Committee Meeting

  • Sent to all members 27.01.2020 to be read, understood, and be voted on at the next General Meeting
  • (with at least 28 days’ notice prior)
  • (shall become effective after a two-thirds majority vote of those members present at such meeting)

** Motion to be accepted moved by Peter Butler, seconded by Jeff Thomas, Motion unanimous


Secretary’s Report:

Correspondence: Junk mail

Mailchimp Account:

  • Access to the Mailchimp account changed
  • Access to account via a private email account an issue

** Sorting access with Ainslie

Email Broadcast Updates: In my opinion we should be emailing ALL subscribed users/people in our database.

Why exclude people who were previously a member, or a part of MRA at some stage, and may well want to rejoin us at some point? If we don’t stay in touch they will have no idea what’s happening, the great rides we’ve been having, etc.

Some members wanted to limit the email newsletter being sent to members only to highlight the value of membership. Note, Dave W abstained from voting on this pending further discussion.

** Motion to be accepted moved by Peter Butler, seconded by Chris Cobain, motion carried by 15 votes.

President’s Report:

Below are the summary points from the Presidents Report, full details on the website under – https://mrawa.org/presidents-report/



Over the last 6 months, our constitution has been modified to both comply with the new legislation and to suit how the MRAWA operates.

Code of Conduct

The new Code of Conduct has been developed to inform members of the requirement to be respectful when dealing with other members. 

Motorcycle Safety Week

The Motorcycle Safety Week will be kicked off on Sunday 19th April as always with the York Motorcycle Festival. 

National Road Safety Week

This event is another one to put in your calendars and will be held from Sunday 3rd to Saturday 10th May. 

The Razors Edge magazine

The Razors Edge magazine will be ready to publish by the end of February. 

Bindoon Ride

The second ride of the year was a brunch ride to Bindoon Bakehouse on the 16th February. 

Numbat Rally

It is now only 15 weeks away and we still do not have a replacement venue.

Victoria Park Hotel Venue

I have spoken with the events manager who has asked once again why we are not paying the venue fee ($200). 

** Peter Butler advised that we have now placed them on our sponsors page. We check in on Facebook and post photos at the meeting. They do have a permanent link on the website in the footer section.

Vice President’s Report:

NA, Steve Wheadon not present, still on leave

Treasurer’s Report: ‘on file’


PO Box renewal

Website plugins $280.50

Other: NA

Road Safety/AMC Report:

The Vulnerable Road Users Advisory Group meeting for February was cancelled. The Road Safety Commission is planning on restructuring the meetings to include smaller group specific – Motorcycle Riders, cyclists, pedestrians – meetings rather than the current large meetings. 

Dave Wright has been involved with this process and advised that things are moving along.

Western Australian Road Safety Research Forum 2020 on Wednesday 26 February in Perth. 

  • Steve Fish, Jeff Thomas and Dave Wright will be attending

AMC – The Australian Motorcycle Council Chairperson – Guy Stanford – has stood down due to health issues.

Dave Wright, as the Vice Chairperson will be Acting Chairperson until a formal vote takes place, probably at the next AGM. We wish Guy all the best as he deals with his health concerns. 

Website Update:

Premium plugins x 2 upgraded (Membership Subscriptions Message and Events)

  • Invoice sent to treasurer Inv6617 $280.50
    – Woocomm Subscription Follow-ups US100 > AU$145 + GST
    – Events Pro US75 > AU$110 + GST
  • Renewal message sequence now ready for final configuring

** Will let you know final messages and timing – generally 30-day, 7-day, 1-day notifications

Ainslie to add ‘Fire Striker’ as product to website. Ainslie to get video.

** Ainslie noted for herself to action this

Peter B to check highlighting – Members Benefits from our list of suppliers on our website and highlight that many insurance companies will give MRAWA members a discount off their motorcycle insurance that in many situations would be more than the MRAWA membership fee.

** Peter Butler to action more of these website edits/updates

  • Now reads > Discounts on Insurance and from MRA Business Supporters
  • And added > See details here:Deals & Wheels

Added > Victoria Park Hotel as sponsor for free room use, woohoo, $200 monthly room hire saving.

Dave W making progress on MRA achievements timeline for website.

Website Statistics shared

Social Media Update:

Peter B updated some elements within the Facebook page, the about us image.

Need to maybe add ride dates as TBA until ride plan for 2020 complete?

** Chris Cobain and Jeff Thomas agreed, they will work on this, while they’re doing nothing

Steve F to create ‘Radio’ events on FB Page as feature spots come up – is that still viable?

** 14th March is radio feature, Steve Fish will add to Facebook, and promote

MRAWA Group? Was ‘suspended’. Only 44 members at this stage. Delete or grow? Facebook report and statistics.

** Discussed pros and cons, end decision was to leave group page active as is and monitor activity and merit

Stock Report: NA as Steve Wheadon away

Membership Report:

Ainslie did cleanup of membership count and we actually have 96 members, not the reported 121 as per January meeting.

General Business:

Register MRAWA with United Petroleum:

Ainslie – To register MRAWA with United Petroleum, as a not for profit organisation, this will enable our members to apply for a discount card that will give them 2 cents per litre off their fuel bill and also give the MRAWA 2 cents per litre that will be deposited directly into the Clubs bank account.

** Edit note to agenda/minutes – above read Dave W to action, should have read Ainslie to action, now updated.


Numbat Rally:

 – Still NOT off the table

** Chewy suggested we form a sub-committee to organise rally, all present agreed.

Chewy also has contact for Kellerberrin Hayshed, will/did pass contact details onto Jeff Thomas.

Discussion on likely sub-committee members and went with –

  • Jeff Thomas
  • Dave Wright
  • Lyn Simpson
  • Roger Jutte
  • Bruce
  • Jeff Mazey
  • George and Ray Fittall

Jeff Thomas to do final sub-committee list and communicate with those people within the next week.

Was discussed sending an email to valid clubs to see if they wanted to have a representative participate in the planning. Noted was Gary Pontifex has relatives in Kellerberrin.


Vulnerable Road User Group:

** Feb meeting was cancelled as noted in Road Safety/AMC Report


Rob Pieri (member) shared thoughts on –

  • having more MRA organised rides
  • higher social media presence

The consensus was for ride coordinator Chris Cobain and Jeff Thomas to continue to plan out the rides for 2020. The points about more rides duly noted and have been taken into consideration.

The point on social media was also noted, and it was agreed that we could be more proactive. Each committee member does post their relative social information already but having a strategic social media plan would be beneficial.

Peter Butler outlined that he is working on a core strategic social media plan and will update members at the next meeting.


Gary Pontifex (visitor) and representative of Ride4Life shared Ride4Life upcoming rides for 2020.

** Gary has since sent the full years ride calendar through to Peter Butler, just not sure how to help the Ride4Life group with promoting those rides at this point in time. Thinking…

Peter Butler did share that ALL bike groups have open use of the Bike Runs WA Facebook Group >



Crash Card

Dave W did update. ICE on phone not supported, too many issues with access to phone, dame to phone, etc

Crash Card adopted nationally in the UK. MRA with pursue.


Gary Pontifex also shared about the Ride4Life Dog Tags.

Here is some summary info, Gary did send 2 display images of the tags, not sure how we can share that info.

You can have 5 lines with up to 15 characters per line. It’s free format but again I have gone with, My Name, Blood Group –Allergies, Spare Line ( could be used for Medical Conditions, Next of Kin and last line Contact Phone for next of kin.

Cost are depending on quantities and we have ways of ordering to make them affordable.

We are selling ours at $25.00 a set. (Includes a small amount to Ride4Life)


Dave Wright shared about the MotoCap gear principle.

** The summary is listed here, and the full information will be loaded to the website as a page/post.

Dave W notes: The first time that I heard of this star rating for motorcycle clothing initiative was at a Road Safety Forum in 2009 and this to me made so much sense.

Since that time the challenge has been taken up by all State and Territory Governments who all contribute to the MotoCap fund based on the number of registered motorcycles in each jurisdiction.


Jeff Thomas to organise more MRA business cards.


Dave W grant approval notification is Feb 28th

Grant 1 – National Road Safety Week, 3rd – 10th May ($4,960.00 pending approval) for subsidised First Aid Courses.

Grant 2 – Motorcycle Safety Week, 19th – 25th April ($4,550.00 pending approval) for York Motorcycle Festival and rider skills enhancement course.

Hereafter known as Dave ‘Grant’ Wright 😊

Upcoming Events:

National Road Safety Week 3 May to 10 May

** Dave W spoke to Jarrahdale Road Safety Committee and shared our modified flyer from last season with them, they are keen to be involved. Suggested MRA should look at a new version of this.

** Dave W to send contact details to Jeff T. A flier to be produced for this event.

Motorcycle Safety Week 19 April to 25 April

‘Ride your Motorcycle to Work-Day’ Thursday 23rd April

  • advertising for the event to be helped via a request to the Department of Main Roads for a display on their roadside electronic billboards. More information will be made available closer to the date.

Black Dog

  • One Dayer – 15th March (7 Locations, some to be confirmed)
  • Red Centre – 200 people registered – 14th to 22nd August

Ride4Life Doing a ride to York/Wagin in March.

Rides Report:

16.02.2020 – Breakfast Ride to Bindoon

40 + bodies and bikes. Great feedback on ride route.

2020 Ride Calendar – work in progress?

** Consensus was great ride routes, well organised rides, very safe rides.

Next Meeting: 17.03.2020

Meeting Closed: 8.54pm

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