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Minutes for General Meeting 19.05.2020

Venue: Zoom

Date: 19.05.2020

Chaired by: Jeff Thomas

Minutes by: Peter Butler

Meeting Commenced: 7.38pm

Apologies: Dave Wright, Chris Cobain

Attendance: Jeff Thomas, Steve Wheadon, Peter Butler, Steve Fish, Ainslie Kounis, Chris Meyer, Dyani Cobbord, Evan Eble

New Members/Guests: NA

New Members: NA

Previous Minutes: Jeff Thomas to update minutes from March

Matters Arising from Previous Minutes: NA


Secretary’s Report:

We had 2 Committee meetings, dated 21.04.2020 and 12.05.2020

Correspondence: NA

President’s Report:

As per https://mrawa.org/presidents-report/presidents-report-may-2020/

Summary Notes:

  • Corona Virus
  • Rides Calendar
  • Meetings
  • Annual General Meeting

Chris Cobain although couldn’t attend suggested we need ‘Spinning Compass’ Award. And that goes to ‘Steve Wheadon’ for taking a group of riders astray on a recent ride 😊

AGM Summary – All committee positions will become vacant so I would urge all members to consider stepping up to help run this great organisation. Nomination forms will be sent to all members in the coming weeks.

Jeff Thomas has spoken to Rob Pieri regarding his taking a role as ride coordinator.

Vice President’s Report:

Video – quirky, helmet on, work requirement, Steve wanted feedback. Feedback was video was fine. There were questions around statements around sponsorship item.

Spoke on RAM Mobile device Mount – as offer on MRA Membership renewal.

Steve W had on the fly offered sponsorship to the RAM Dealer, not really defined what the offer was, and MRAWA would get the RAM mount to offer as a prize for MRA Membership renewal over a 3 month period.

Steve Fish pointed out that this was discussed in principal at the previous Committee Meeting 12.05 but it needed to be formalised. That was the consensus between the members, Steve Wheadon to communicate this to the vendor.

The committee will meet to formalise the conditions and guidelines around that, possibly with a 2 or 3 tiered options offer. The meeting has not been set, it’s tabled by the secretary.

Steve needs apparel for stock. Steve also wanted Hoodie’s. He has quote for small orders at large rate cost. Chris Meyer suggested we compare that price with a previous purchase to validate price competitiveness, rather than getting other quotes for now. Ainslie to provide that, which at time of writing has been done.

Ainslie suggested do FB poll, on expressions of interest, for possible large orders. Ainslie to source images, size ranges, and do FB Poll.

Treasurer’s Report: On File

For the period: Previous month

Road Safety/AMC Report:

NA – Steve Fish advised that all meetings on hold due to COVID-19

Website Update:

A member mentioned that the family membership specific details on the website were vague at best, Dyani Cobbord confirmed this as result of her recent sign up experience.

Ainslie said that more specific details are in the constitution, Peter Butler to follow up, will update details on the website.

Membership renewal notification sequences are written, need to be loaded to the website. Peter Butler to action before the next meeting.

Social Media Update:

Social Posts automation running – for Rider Risk Video Series and Make Yourself Visible. If we could all try and share those posts, or comment on them, that would be helpful.

Would be good to other social media post sequences done. One around membership would be great.

Ainslie suggested use of Motorcycle Rider as good source of content for MRA blogs or social posts.

Northern Territory M/C group requested using our social media posts series, use approved on condition they’re accredited to MRAWA, authorised by Jeff Thomas.

Stock Report:

Steve Wheadon to email Peter the stock report, not arrived as yet.

Ainslie suggested do FB poll, on expressions of interest, for possible large orders of hoodies. Ainslie to source images, size ranges, and do FB Poll.

Membership Report:


General Business:

Steve Wheadon discussed ‘Champion Ride Days’, date was 20th June. Steve Wheadon to get more details.

MRAWA Dropbox access issue – Jeff hasn’t been able to access the files he requires. Ainslie said she needs to free up file storage to get access back. Ainslie also made a point that these files should not be open to general access, which I believe has always been the case. Steve Wheadon also needed access to check the phone number of a member, obviously quick access would be helpful. Ainslie did offer to provide information from that file, but that would hinder easy info retrieval.

Peter Butler suggested an MRAWA owned Dropbox Account, which would then comply with the MRAWA Policy of ‘Digital Online Assets Policy’ – Item C – as adopted in April. Peter Butler to action. The ‘Membership’ list can be set to be ‘read only’ to manage the membership detail updates, as required by the ‘Membership Manager’.

A short committee meeting was held after to discuss membership renewals.

Upcoming Events:

Next Ride May 31st – Medium size ride suggested, 9am to 1ish home run

Rides Report:


Next Meeting:

16 June 2020 – Venue yet to be confirmed.

Steve Wheadon to do drop in, Jeff Thomas to continue to try and get response from them.

 Meeting Closed: 8.51pm



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