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Minutes for General Meeting April 20

Venue: Victoria Park Hotel, 605 Albany Highway Victoria Park 6100

** Actionable Items as a result of minutes



Chaired by:

Jeff Thomas

Minutes by:

Peter Butler

Meeting Commenced:



Gary Pontifex – personal reasons.

Steve Fish – Safety Officer 2 – stood down – personal reasons.

Rob Pieri

Attendance: As per attendance register. 17.

New Members/Guests in Attendance:

Edward Rose from the Main Roads

New Members Joined:

16 + 3 not processed

Members Renewing:


Membership Report:

Total numbers yet to be reconciled, think 162.

Guest Presenter:

Edward Rose, who is the Australasian College of Road Safety Treasurer and the Technical Services Coordinator in Urban Development Main Roads.

Ed shared statistics of road users pulled from the UK. The report showed a more comprehensive view of the reality of statistics and how they relate.

Ed also made the point that statistics can often be skewed.

Ed’s Key Notes:

The report I highlighted did originate from the UK and used their data and figures but the way of looking at that data is more unusual and is aiming to bring the conversation back from claiming vulnerable road users are dangerous to the demonstrate that the real problem is those road users that collide with vulnerable roads resulting in their deaths or serious injury.

I am getting the WA data to be presented in a similar way although the absolute numbers will be lower so time frame may be extended over several years to allow for the patterns to be seen in the data.

https://www.pacts.org.uk/news-and-publications/pacts-report-what-kills-most-on-the-roads/ – link to the website that hosts the report

https://www.pacts.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/PACTS-What-kills-most-on-the-roads-Report-15.0.pdf – direct link to the report

https://acrs.org.au/chapters/wa/ – website for the WA Chapter of Australasian College of Road Safety

The ACRS WA chapter has just be reinvigorated and welcome new members, I believe your President has joined. Election of the new WA Chair is coming up in the next few weeks.

Happy to be contacted if you or other members have questions on road safety or Main Roads questions.

Kind Regards

Edward Rose

Traffic Manager Design

Road and Traffic Engineering Branch

Previous Minutes:

As distributed to the committee and loaded to the website

Motion to accept: Su                                                  Seconded: Dave Wright                                              Accepted:


Matters Arising from Previous Minutes:

Action points from last minutes:

Peter has pricing on small batch run business cards for Safety Officers, President, etc

Dave Wright to investigate Bus Lane Research by the RSC, and report, MRA to challenge. Work in Progress,

Kate Fandry from PBF did presentation on traumatic spinal cord injury (paraplegic/quadriplegic) financial support package of $250,000at last General Meeting. Committee discussed special member offer and will proceed with publishing to members. Peter to follow up with Kate.

Constitution update still a work in progress.

Lane Filtering Law Challenge – Next Steps – Discuss in General Business.

Motorcycle Safety Week has happened, will cover in detail in Safety Officer and General Business.


Secretary’s Report:



Ride4Life WA – April Newsletter 2021. Go to https://www.ride4life.org.au/ and register for newsletter.

Email from Ross Fawcett regarding Lane Filtering Laws to secretary@ and president@

  • We will discuss this in more detail in the meeting general business section.


Albany Classic and Vintage Motorcycle Club





Secretary’s Report:

Corresponding because of Motorcycle Safety Week with RSC, Main Roads, which is good, making those connections, as I don’t have a relationship with them. Dave Wright normally handles that.

The MSW Campaign was very positive, not just in results, but in working and communicating between us better, the RSC had that lane filtering law FAQ page, I had no idea.

President’s Report:

In this report:

  • April Guest Speaker
  • Vice President’s Health Issues
  • Safety Officer Resigns
  • New Safety Officer
  • MRAWA Policy Statements
  • MRAWA Constitution
  • Motorcycle Safety Week
  • Travels to South Australia

April Guest Speaker

Today’s guest speaker is Edward Rose who is the Australasian College of Road Safety Treasurer and the Technical Services Coordinator in Urban Development who will talk about intersections and their design in an urban environment.

Vice President’s Health Issues

Gary Pontifex, our Vice President has suddenly been hospitalized and has undergone open heart surgery yesterday.  I will be in contact with Gary soon to get an update on his condition.  I hope all went well and hope to see him happy and healthy very soon.

Safety Officer Resigns

Steve Fish, our (former) Safety Officer who was due to take over from Dave Wright after the next AGM has resigned due to ongoing ill health.  Steve is also a former President and Vice President of the MRAWA.  I would like to thank Steve for his outstanding service and wish Steve a full and speedy recovery.  I hope you return sometime in the near future.

New Safety Officer

Chris Cobain will step into the vacancy left by Steve and will complete the year up to the AGM as the new Safety Officer.  Thankyou to Chris for stepping up to this challenging role, although I know you will excel as always.

MRAWA Policy Statements

This section was in the March report and is included to retain relevance.

Our senior Safety Officer has offered a suggestion that the MRAWA should have policy statements on our website roughly aligned (updated to suit the MRAWA) with those from the Australian Motorcycle Council (AMC).  The purpose is to let MRAWA members, and the general public know what the MRAWA stands for and how we operate, which in my view will help to advance people’s understanding of us.

MRAWA Constitution

I have been working on the new constitution which is nearly ready for presenting to the membership for voting.  I will continue to work on the document for the next week to finalise it and send to the committee for comment once I am happy with it.

Motorcycle Safety Week

The Motorcycle safety week began on Sunday the 11th April with the York Motorcycle Festival.  It was good to see the safety message on the electronic freeway signs, although only one was displayed that I saw.

11th – It will be remembered as the “soggy” day as the rain was continuous until shortly after arriving in York.  A cyclone that had come down through Kalbarri was to blame although it was not windy where we were.  Unfortunately, the number of riders for the Beyond Blue charity ride and the crowds at York were down due to the media promising wild weather.  There was a lot of interest in the MRAWA stand, videos and our safety messages. We had a board to display the new Lane Filtering regulations which was well received by the public who usually commented something like “about time!”.

14th – #irideamotorbike day to raise motorcycle awareness went really well with large numbers of participants.  The webmaster’s report will detail interest from the members and public.

17th – The fully booked Free Ride Right advanced motorcycle skills course was run by Dave Wright.  Details will be in the Safety Officer’s report.

18th – MRAWA sponsored a safety ride with coffee and donuts for all riders from the E Sheds Fremantle to the Safety Bay foreshore.  The ride coordinator will provide further details.

A big thanks to all who helped out during the MSW, good work was done by all.

Travels to South Australia

I will be in South Australia from the 22nd April to the 15th May.  I will still be able to take telephone calls and reply to emails as required.

That is all for now, the next general meeting will be on the 18th of April 2021.

Vice President’s Report:


Treasurer’s Report:


Road Safety/AMC Report:


11th April – Launch

York Motorcycle Festival

As the Minister for police could not attend to officially open the 2021 Motorcycle Safety Week, I was asked by the York Motorcycle Festival to open the event and talk about rider safety on the Road Safety Commission stage.

Numbers were down on previous years due to the weather, so I am not sure if anyone even heard me.

Saturday 17th April

Free Ride Right Course

Funded by RSC grant/partnership.

This course was very quickly fully booked and went ahead without any problems, I received some good feedback with all participants sating they believed that the course had taught them skills that they need for safer riding.

Future Meetings with Dave Wright Jeff Thomas and Chris Cobain in attendance.

I have contacted the Road Safety Commission requesting a follow-up meeting to progress the proposed actions that where brought up at the 2020 Motorcycle Safety Forum.

A similar request for a meeting has been sent to the WA Main Roads Department covering roads and roadside  and a request to the Department of Transport to cover training and licencing.

I have also requested a meeting with our new Minister for Police and Road Safety Hon. Paul Papalia MLA to discuss the future of motorcycle rider safety.

I have also contacted Adrian Warner the WA Road Safety Commissioner requesting a meeting to discuss lane filtering and in particular our proposed changes to the legislation in regards to lane filtering between any vehicle over 22.5 tonnes and the use of sealed shoulder on country roads.

I am waiting for a meeting to be scheduled with Senator Glen Sterle, he is a scooter rider and is chair of the Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport References Committee and (more importantly for present purposes) Deputy Chair of Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee. He could be a useful contact in relation to regional rider safety from a federal perspective.

Road Safety Commission

The RSC have a new feature called the Community Connect Road Safety on their website that will more easily enable road users to connect with and be informed of new developments in road safety. The main issues of the new initiative are consult, engage, involve and empower, I would encourage all riders to register for this, as it may give us more pawer to work with the Road safety Commission and through them the WA government. www.rsc.wa.gov.au

** Peter Butler to promote RSC ‘engagement platform’ link in Social Media – https://communityconnect.rsc.wa.gov.au/

Next Ride Right Course will be held on Sunday 30th May 2021 at Mirrabooka and will be ladies only day to support The International Ladies rider event. This will once again be a free course gratefully sponsored by the City of Stirling

Australian Motorcycle Council

The AMC is putting together a group of people in Queensland who are interested in motorcycle rider safety to encourage them to form a Queensland Motorcycle Council or similar group. There has been no organisation representing motorcycle riders in Queensland since the demise of the Motorcycle Riders association of Queensland.

They have also made a submission in regards to the National Road Safety Strategy.

They will be holding the AGM and Annual Conference at Sydney 14th – 15th  August. MRA Attendance?

Riding in Groups video

I have been given to ok from the Road Safety Commission for my grant application of $10,000 to produce a series of videos on the safety and aspects of riding in groups. These will be produced as a series of short messages that can be used and shared throughout motorcycle groups and through social media.

I have had some initial talks with video producers on how to build my ideas into something that can be easily viewed and shared with the correct message.

This grant has been awarded to the Ulysses Club Inc. however I will be looking for support for many clubs and individuals for support with vision of good and bad examples for group riding.

Dave Wright

Road Safety Officer MRAWA

Discussion ensued on ‘Riding in Groups Video’:

Stefan Jones – suggested including corner marker training aspect. So many people do it badly, and in an unsafe manner.

Jon Della – Braking, 3 types, so video covering those. Also use trending keywords to do research on most popular topics for highest watched videos to seek out best topics to cover.

Simon Waters – suggested covering bike maintenance.

If I missed any others, please let me know, I’ll add them, think I might have vagued out, it happens 😊

** To contribute ideas for ‘Riding in Groups’ video send an email to Dave Wright at davmar08@bigpond.com

** Peter Butler to check out opportunity to request input on social media.

Website Update:

Lots of traffic.

Social Media Update:

In the MSW spiel.

Stock Report:

Stock totals as follows:

Post M/C Safety Week 2021 (2 sets of sales-York and Safety Bay Ride)

  • Stubby holders-Regular MRA X 36
  • Patch-Annual Awareness Ride-60mm diam. X13
  • Patch-MRA Rectangle- 100mm diam. X17
  • Patch-MRA Round-90mm X 13
  • Beanie: Numbat x0


  • Polo-Black- XLx1
  • XLx1
  • XLx1 with pocket
  • Lx1 with pocket
  • Lx2
  • Mx3
  • Tee shirt-Black- 2XLx1
  • XLx2
  • Lx1

(Spread sheet still in progress)

I made some merchandise order sheets, just to have a few in case someone wanted something I

didn’t have. Weighed and priced what 1- 2XL polo shirt would cost to post. Sample attached.

Sold $76 in stock at York plus $1 donation, $40 sales at Safety Bay. Total=117.00

I paid the coffee girl cash to save us the 9% credit card surcharge.

** Note for Chris Cobain for the balance of the transactions. In hard copy and can also email.

New signage working really well. I cleaned and polished the upright acrylic frames found in the sea

container last weekend. Attracting attention with my flashy “Specials” signs. Sold a couple Annual

Awareness Ride patches at York from our nostalgia range for $1.

When is our next sales function? (Nothing coming up soon)

Time to settle in an order new items-ball caps and beanies, also think I should have so 2XL Polo

shirts (Already need one for Rob Pieri), do pricing, add to website and eliminate not needed items.

** Peter-how are the patches and my logo artwork going?

Sent my York pictures to Peter and Jeff last week, sent the Safety Bay ones today.

I would like to get into the seatainer and pull out all the things not needed anymore.

  1. There may be some things like old numbat pins that I can flog in our Nostalgia range of items for sale.
  2. The loo roll can be composted (you are all invited to a spud roast in the 6 months following)
  3. The food serving items such as cups and cutlery can be donated to The Salvation Army for their after school and homeless food service programs. I will get it all together and donated on behalf of MRAWA.
  4. A Ride pack needs to be put together with jump packs, first aid kits, hand sani, vests and whatever else.
  5. Remaining items need to be organised, tidied up and labelled as needed, recycled or tipped.
  6. A sign in/sign out clipboard on door with name and phone # of who signs out what

And for the good of the cause:

  1. I am thinking of using the money I collect from empty bottles and cans from events to donate to the Project Numbat on World Numbat Day October 16, 2021. So far I have $1.30
  2. Looking for new volunteer with a car or ute, who can spend one day weekday or weekend, to pick me up in Kyup, drive us to Forrestfield where the seatainer is, help to go thru and clean it out, do 1 trip to the nearest tip/recycling centre and a trip back to Kyup with the items I will do appropriate things with as above. It will be good for your karma, and your c.v. and I can supply lunch. I will coordinate with the property owner for a time that suits all of us and where the centres are closest to the property. (Was hoping for one of the newer members to pitch in on something. No one offered. One suggested I post my request on our socials. I suggested that if we can’t even get them to show up to a meeting once a month, how could we get them to help clean out a shipping container? No further response.)

End of merchandise officer report.

Susan Lipsit

** Peter Butler to post help request for Sea Container sort out on MRAWA Page/Group

General Business:

MSW 2020 Forum – Roadmap of Forum ‘Action Items’:  

Peter Butler shared how he was working on creating a ‘Road Map’ of the action items from the Motorcycle Safety Week 2020 Forum. The source of the ‘action items’ was the survey the MRAWA did in October 2020 as well as the brainstorm session the attendees contributed at the forum.

As with most events of this nature keeping tabs of the progress, and relaying that in an easy to view and monitor in an easy to find, easy to follow format is always a challenge.

Here is the PDF summary, lost in the minutes –


A ‘Roadmap’ will give us an easy graphical representation of all that was covered in both the survey and forum, as well as the status of each.

Lane Filtering Law Changes:

Email from Ross Fawcett regarding Lane Filtering Laws.

I loaded your email and suggestions into a chat channel we use Ross. The committee met but we already had a full agenda with Motorcycle Safety Week so could not give it the time it deserved. Chris C picked up a couple of points that neither the RSC or Minister are likely to accept, so a work in progress as you said yourself.

I did propose we form a discussion group to tackle this, it’s now tabled for discussion and a vote on the best way forward at the next committee meeting in May.

Peter B did propose we do a flowchart to show members and riders would know what the next actions were.

flowchart | Minutes for General Meeting April 20

What is certainly noted for discussion on proposed changes:

  • ‘between any vehicle over 22.5 tonnes’
  • and the use of sealed shoulder on country roads.

Random ‘Model’ Emails/Letters to the RSC, Ministers, MP’s:

Peter Butler expressed his concern on having random ‘model’ emails and letters being promoted in social media to send to the RSC, Ministers, MP’s, etc.

The problem could occur that if these ‘model emails/letters contain inaccuracies or invalid requests then they just become ‘noise’, and when we do form an official response, those submissions could lose their effectiveness.

We want to be a voice for riders to the RSC, Ministers, MP’s, etc to listen to, but also to have a unified voice of sound reason and sound rationale.

We have seen the effectiveness of these ‘emails/letters’ when riders expressed their outrage over the exclusion of ‘Freeways’ from the new Lane Filtering laws.

Education of Lane Filtering:

Peter also believes there is a case for more driver education on the merit of lane filtering for bikes.

Most vehicle drivers have no idea of the risks, or dangers for riders in peak hour traffic. We believe an ongoing education series is warranted for better driver awareness.

Motorcycle Safety Week:

Campaign details.

Email Broadcasts:

Total of 5 email broadcasts went out.

Excellent open rates, good click through rates.

email broadcasts | Minutes for General Meeting April 20

Social Media:

Facebook ‘Profile Frame’ concept – brilliant stroke of genius. That was Jon Della’s idea, he even did up the graphic, my team tweaked it to fit both the round and square profile requirements of Facebook.

How many users? 503

Thanks Jon, this is something we’ll use into the future.

fb profile frame | Minutes for General Meeting April 20

The marketing concept of using the tag #irideamotorbike was also successful. Most riders got it right, posted a pic with hashtag ON their own profile.

Many riders posted a pic with no hashtag, but hundreds of riders posted their pic with hashtag IN the motorcycle groups, which means only people in the groups could see the pic.


  • Be more specific next year in every post, that it needs to go to their profile, and then share in the group if they like.
  • In my opinion, run it for the week not the day.
    Committee will discuss, and likely put it out on social on a poll.

** What we cannot report on is the success of the reach and engagement within the groups we used.

  • MRAWA Group
  • Bike Runs WA
  • MROP
  • Perth Café Racers
    Some posts in –
  • I Ride WA
  • Perth Street Bikes

Social Media Statistic – Snapshot:

Total of 23 posts over 2 MRA Owned Channels, plus 3 strong channels and 2 other channels. Great result overall.

fb insights | Minutes for General Meeting April 20

Was surprised to find out we only have one Freeway sign iteration.

Will work on that between RSC and Main Roads for next year.

Also need to consider having input into other no bike related education messages. EG: Keep Left Unless Overtaking, It’s Courteous, etc.

BIGGEST RESULT POST OF THE WEEK? (This is on the MRA Page only, not the other channels we promoted on)

fb gig post | Minutes for General Meeting April 20

Upcoming Events:

May Ride maybe, May 16 or May 30?

Jurien Bay overnighter in June?

Chris Cobain proposed Chris Meyer and Su to scope out and cost TEC (tail end Charlie) Kit.

Motion to accept: Chris Cobain                                  Seconded: Peter Butler                                   Accepted:

** Chris Meyer and Su to scope out and cost TEC (tail end Charlie) Kit.

Rides Report:

York Motorcycle Festival Beyond Blue Charity Ride: turned into a ‘bike wash’. 17 bikes. Unfortunately, the number of riders for the Beyond Blue charity ride and the crowds at York were down due to the media promising wild weather.

Safety Ride to Safety Bay: 22 bikes, a fairly short ride from the E-Shed Fremantle to Safety Bay. A gorgeous day, all without incident, except perhaps an over indulgence of donuts and coffee at the end 😊

The police did not attend as hoped, but we had the RSC representative Vicki Leavy which was great.

Next Meeting:

Committee Meeting: May 25

General Meeting: May 18

Meeting Closed:


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