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Minutes for General Meeting August 18 2020

Venue: Victoria Park Hotel, 605 Albany Highway Victoria Park 6100



Chaired by:

Jeff Thomas

Minutes by:

Peter Butler

Meeting Commenced:



Rob Pieri, Colin Walters, Craig Power

Attendance: As per attendance register. 17 in all

New Members:

6 – Clinton Kimpton, Tim Walton, Aaron Harding, Cedric Porcher, Beau Davey, Kimberley Burge – in attendance


Chris Farmer, Julian Raats

Previous Minutes:

Move motion to accept General Meeting Minutes from July 21, moved by Steve Wheadon, seconded by Peter De Blanc

Matters Arising from Previous Minutes:

Actions for committee members?


Secretary’s Report:



Minutes for General Meeting and AGM July 21 distributed, published online.

New Business Card design, was distributed on A4 paper with old business card stapled for comparison. It was noted by xxxx that it was missing an apostrophe on RIDERS Peter B said touch too late order done 😛

President’s Report:

Jeff T tabled an in-depth discussion regarding the Numbat Rally, this will be further discussed an finalised in the Numbat Rally Committee Meeting. Plus see ‘General’ below.

Vice President’s Report:

Steve presented ‘best President’ trophy to Jeff, for mentoring with him last year, truly appreciated.

Welcome our new Committee and ride Coordinators. Jeff T, Peter B, Chris C, Dave W, Steve F, Chris M, Rob, Peter D, Michael C and Safety Su, this will be an amazing year so many great changes. There will be plenty of rides and events to attend this year so please check website for upcoming rides.

I want to give a Big shout out too Andrew over at COAST 2 COAST MOUNTS in Belmont. They have generously donated a Ram Mount Phone holder for the Numbat Rally.

2020 NUMBAT RALLY IN KELLERBERRIN Saturday 26th to Monday 28th September Please Pre-Pay your Rally Tickets $40. There are only 120 Badges so get in quick.

This will help us get a gauge on food and drinks we are gonna need. If you don’t prepay its $50 bucks at the Gate.

We need volunteers to help at the rally in the 10 years I have been attending these rally’s I never realised how much effort planning and loss of evenings went into these.

If you want to volunteer, PLEASE email me vicepresident@mrawa.org


Call for volunteers from the floor.

** Volunteers were Troy Walters, Chris Farmer for the 19th?


Steve W showed the graphic of the Numbat Badges that has been ordered, 120 of.

It was noted that the Badges, only had MRA with no WA. Discussion was to see if we can have this added. It was then realised that on previous badges there was no WA. Steve W to check possibility to have added. Either way a motion was moved by Peter Butler to order the badges, seconded by Dave Wright and motion carried.


Please note Rally destination has changed to Kellerberrin.

I would like to thank the Veitch family once again for all the years they held the Numbat Rally it is definitely an end of an Era.

Cheers, Vice President Scuba Steve – MRAWA

Treasurer’s Report:


Road Safety Report:

We have received confirmation from the Road Safety Commission for our grant in regards to Motorcycle Safety Week to be held in October for $5,010.00 this is in addition to the approved grant for the National Road Safety week in November for $4,960.00.

I have completed all the necessary declaration and acceptance of the terms of the grants and issued the tax invoices to the Road safety Commission. We should receive the funds into our MRAWA bank account shortly.

This now enables us to proceed with the actions surrounding these events

Below is the plan for Motorcycle Safety Week-

  • Saturday 10th October 9.30am – 2pm Motorcycle Safety Forum. (by MRA RSC)
    • Venue – Charles Riley Recreation Centre, 7a Kitchener Street, North Beach, 6021.
    • The focus of the Forum will be taken from the Motorcycle Safety Questioner that will to close on 18th September 2020 and broadcast through WA Motorcycle Clubs and social media. And will include presentations from The Hon. Michelle Roberts MLA, Department of Transport, Main Roads Department, Road Safety Commission, WA Police and will include a workshop so that riders have the opportunity to raise issues.
  • Sunday 11th October 9.30am – 1pm – Motorcycle Skills Enhancement Course. Herb Graham Recreation Centre, 38 Ashbury Crescent, Mirrabooka, 6061.
  • Wednesday 14th October – Ride Your Motorbike To Work Day.
  • Saturday 17th October 9.30am – 12pm – Motorcycle First Aid Seminar. Herb Graham Recreation Centre, 38 Ashbury Crescent, Mirrabooka, 6061.
  • Organised and run by Janine Nicolas from Rider Down First Aid Training.
  • All week – Main Roads VMS motorcycle safety messages.
  • All week – Social media motorcycle safety posts. ( by Jeff Thomas, Steve Fish, Peter Butler, Road Safety Commission)
  • All week – TV and Radio interviews and messages. (by MRAWA Road Safety Commission)
  • Motorcycle safety brochures and posters at motorcycle gathering venues. (MRAWA)
  • Focus- Fatigue, MotoCap Protective Clothing, Enhanced Rider Skills Training, Group Riding, Reporting Hazards, First Aid and accident scene management.

We will be working with Peter Butler (Smarter Websites) and the Road Safety Commission to set up the Road Safety Survey for riders to complete and this will be distributed through various Websites, Facebook and other social media outlets.

Australian Motorcycle Council

We held our AGM on Saturday 15th August and the new Executive Committee consists of

  • Chair – Shaun Lennard
  • Vice Chair – Peter Baulch
  • Secretary – John Eacott
  • Treasurer – Brian Wood
  • Committee Member – Dave Wright
  • Committee Member – Jason Anthony
  • Committee Member – Graeme Rawlin

Some of the issue that the AMC have addressed and are ongoing are –

  • Attend meeting regarding both our Federal and State Road Safety Strategies.
  • Address the lack of a motorcycle rider representative organisation in Queensland with the demise of the MRA Queensland.
  • Rebuild of the AMC website
  • Facebook updates.
  • AMC name and trademark copyright.
  • AMC Constitution
  • Submission on Road Safety Strategy
  • AMC Motorcycle Safety Strategy 2020
  • MotoCap/Crash working group membership
  • Helmet regulation changes to ECE 22.06
  • Made contact with the newly formed Federal Office of Road Safety.
  • Joined with Australian Automobile Association on a submission to Federal Government regarding a COVID type of response to road Safety.

Dave Wright

Motorcycle Riders Association of W.A. Inc.

Safety Officer/Life Member #6

Email: safety@mrawa.org

Ph: 0418 954 424

AMC Report:

The Australian Motorcycle Council (AMC) have received a request from a newly formed group – the 2 Wheel Action Group (TWAG) – to promote a petition they will be launching in September Australia wide.

The main points are listed below: We are working towards 6 key points for the everyday powered 2 wheel rider:

  1. Lower the cost of Powered 2 Wheel registration and CTP ($50 – 50cc, $100 – LAMS, $200 – Open)
  2. Standardise registration and CTP Australia-wide
  3. LA license category vehicles able to be ridden on a car license Australia-wide
  4. Incentivize commuters to purchase Electric Powered 2 Wheel transport through green fund rebates (to parallel per current solar rebates) and NO stamp duty charges.
  5. National exemption from motorway, bridge and tunnel toll charges for Powered 2 Wheels
  6. Powered 2 Wheel parking to be free, including on footpath as long as public thoroughfares and walkways are not compromised or obstructed.

I feel the MRAWA could only support one or two of these points – being points 4 and 6, as our registration and insurance costs are lower than other states so a move to standardise registration may not benefit riders in Western Australia.

We already have the ability to ride scooters on a car license however there is a move from the Motor Trades Association to have that changed and we currently don’t have toll roads in the State.

Not sure how much traction the free parking issue would go over here as well.  Dave may have some more to add to this subject too.

Cheers, Steve Fish

Website Update:

Passed out handouts, as below

MRA Email Newsletter Statistics

Subject: Name of the email broadcast

Status: Processed # is how many people it got sent to

Opened, Clicked: 20% and 5% are excellent average numbers, so we’re nailing it.

mra email statistics | Minutes for General Meeting August 18 2020

Website Traffic Report

Average daily visits 20.

Spike in traffic 9th August on, is Smarter Website team testing AND Numbat Rally early adopters

website traffic report | Minutes for General Meeting August 18 2020




Social Media Update:

Social Media posts now converted across to new platform.

  • Rider risk video series
  • Make yourself visible series
Facebook Posts Insights

Look at the ‘Reach’ and ‘Engagement’ numbers.

Reach: How many people saw our posts in Facebook

Engagement: How many peoples played with our posts, read it, clicked on it

facebook insights | Minutes for General Meeting August 18 2020


single post results | Minutes for General Meeting August 18 2020

Single Post Results:

19 is how many people visited our website after clicking on the link in the Facebook Post

Stock Report:

Steve W – Beanie for Craig Power – status?

Numbat badges ordered.

Membership Report:

6 new members as stated, make that 7, one new member just before the meeting,

Technically that makes 113 114 but still have grave concerns on accuracy as we are still in limbo between manual member process and online member process.

Peter Butler showed quickly the number of steps involved in admin area of website when a new member joins MRA.

We need a better member management system. Committee meeting to be held to discuss, likely to be on Zoom as with all the Numbat Rally stuff happening time is an issue.

** Peter B to initiate.

General Business:

NUMBAT RALLY: Online Ticket System

We have a product page, with adult and child tickets, and required rally information –


First up we separated the products, adult and child, otherwise they had to add adult to cart, then add child.

On that page there is a link to the rally rules page –


After they purchase their tickets, they are sent an email with a link to the registration page.
We tell them ** After you buy your tickets look for the email to actually register **


On that page they provide full details. I have added in case of emergency mobile. We have also added a check for ‘I understand and agree to comply with the Numbat Rally Rules’.

This registration form stores ALL their contact details in the website and can be accessed easily, each registration will be sent to the President. The registrations can be exported to be used as a gate attendee registered checklist.

All the registration details will be parsed through to the email marketing software so we can bulk email broadcast ALL registration contacts as required.

My recommendation is that even manual registrants be entered into the system, by an MRA Numbat Committee person into the system so ALL participants are stored for future reference. EG: On the weekend, any gate registrants get added to the form https://mrawa.org/numbat-rally-2020-registration/ so we can communicate with them, either prior to the event, or after.

Not all ticket buyers are registering. I have setup an email to resend to them manually, so hopefully they will respond and then fill in the registration form.

I have created a spreadsheet in the MRA Dropbox to track all the registrants and their status.

Dropbox\MRAWA Committee\Numbat Rally\2020

NOTE: It was brought up in the General Meeting in June that some people have NO IDEA what the Numbat even is. We need a page or blog post regarding that, so I can publish on the website and email out to our list to get even better enrolments.

I need the content, I will post and email. We need content.

Jeff suggested Lyn Jutte, I have spoken with Lyn, she has graciously offered to provide the content in the next few days.


Discussed was NO GLASS (No Stubbies) Policy. Update website with ‘No Glass’ Images so participants are well aware of the NO GLASS Policy.

** Peter Butler to action

Discussed was to send an email to groups advising them of tickets now on sale. Peter Butler does not have list of groups.

** Jeff T to send list to Peter Butler

Advertise Numbat Rally on Social Media

** Peter Butler to setup on FaceBook page as event. Will share event on Bike Runs WA Group.

Discussed was add section to website promoting Rally.

Peter B advised waiting on content from Lyn to setup 1 page, with intro to Numbat Rally, with link to tickets, link to rules, link to registration form.

Was suggested to get some photos of event layout so peoples know what to expect as it is a new venue.

** Peter B to action.

Crispy advised that on website unless you didn’t know you have to click ‘same as’ in address, might confuse non webbie type peoples.

** Peter B to check out

A trailer is required, we will hire one.

** Peter Butler to loan his 8×5 tandem caged trainer, on a you fuck it you fix it basis.

** Chris Cobain is offering his ute to tow the trailer and transport equipment/people.

Sponsor Opportunity’s

This was discussed at the last Committee Meeting, thought I had logged it but could not find a reference to it so logging it again as minutes, to be discussed ASAP.

Peter B suggested initially a meet with Jeff T and Steve F to discuss.

** Noted to setup meeting to frame the options for sponsorship, likely after the Numbat Rally.

Dave Wright brought up Membership Drive suggestion from earlier in the year. The committee had a meeting and he has key notes on this, he will send them through to Peter B, for tabling and further discussion.

** Dave Wright to send Peter B notes from meeting

Upcoming Events:

Rides Report:

 Last weekend ride was a rain off, reset for this Sunday 23.08.2020

Next Meeting:

General Meeting September 15

Numbat Rally Committee Meeting September 1

Meeting Closed:


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