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Minutes for General Meeting May 18

Minutes for MRA WA (Inc) General Meeting

Venue: Victoria Park Hotel, 605 Albany Highway Victoria Park 6100

** Actionable Items as a result of minutes



Chaired by:

Jeff Thomas

Minutes by:

Peter Butler

Meeting Commenced:



Dave Wright, Gary Pontifex


As per attendance register. 19.

New Members Joined:


Members Renewing:


New Members in Attendance:


Membership Report:

Actual is around 160+, yet to reconcile.

Sent rejoin email notifications to a bunch of old members. I’m sure some emails are going to junk but trying to get time to phone people is nigh on impossible.

Previous Minutes:

As distributed to the committee and loaded to the website.

Motion to accept: Jeff Thomas                                   Seconded: Su                                                  Accepted:


Social Media Poll for Riding in Groups video – covered in social media.

Peter Butler – not done new patch logo for hats as yet, not done patch or hat quote as a result of no new logo.

Constitution Updated, ready to be adopted.

Matters Arising from Previous Minutes:

Action points from last minutes:

Have emailed Kate Foundry from PBF, waiting to hear back.


Secretary’s Report:

Upcoming meetings with RSC and Minister for Police.



Damien Codognotto emailed some photos from 1986. MRA WA Membership Secretary Terri Healand, with Les, in the motorcycle precinct in Melbourne. February 6, 1986.

Loaded to website as blog post > https://mrawa.org/general-news/1986-photos/ and as Facebook Post.

Accident Claims Lawyers – Simon Shaw

Representative – Radek Zacharek, of Accidents Claims Lawyers, also an MRAWA member, welcome.

Radek did short intro into what his business provides. Will consider doing short business overview segment at the next general meeting.

Contact Form enquiry: Tom Perrett – concerned about the lack of education around lane filtering.

I advised him we have this noted and, on the agenda, to discuss with the RSC and Minister


Black Dog Ride April 2021 Newsletter



President’s Report:

 In this report:

  • May Guest Speaker
  • Australian Motorcycle Council Monthly meetings
  • National Road Safety Week
  • Perth Custom Motorcycle Show
  • MRAWA – 40 years in 2022
  • Upcoming meeting with the Road Safety Commission
  • Upcoming meeting with the Minister for Police and Road Safety
  • MRAWA Constitution
  • Absence during June

May Guest Speaker

Today’s guest speaker is Radek Zacharek from Accident Claims Lawyers.  Radek is an experienced rider and a member of the MRAWA and will give a short introduction to how the company can assist motorcyclists in W.A.

Australian Motorcycle Council Monthly meetings

The AMC have moved their monthly meetings from the 2nd to the 3rd Tuesday of each week which directly conflicts with the MRAWA meetings.  The MRAWA has 2 delegates who should participate, therefore we will need to discuss how to manage the situation going forward.

National Road Safety Week

The National Road Safety Week was launched on the 16th May and continues through to the 23rd May.  It is important to keep front of mind that despite our best efforts the number of deaths and serious injuries on our roads remains far too high, with 1,200 deaths and 44,000 serious injuries every year. Last year, despite the dramatic decline in ‘exposure rates’ (time spent on our roads) due to the travel-reducing-impacts of COVID-19, 1,120 people lost their lives.

The ripple effect from each death and each serious injury is profound.

Therefore, we bring such a major focus to NRSW each year – to shine a spotlight on our collective & vital work to save lives and injuries on our roads.

Saturday the 22nd is the dedicated motorcyclist and cyclist safety day, the MRAWA is planning a safety ride with a barbeque at the destination for the participants.

Perth Custom Motorcycle Show

The BTWSC ( Belmont Two Wheel Social Club ) are bringing back the Custom Bike Shows of the 90`s we would like to see if your club would be keen to jump on board with some sort of display of your motorcycles / stalls as we showcase Perth`s best custom motorcycles.

Super advanced from the 90`s we now see some awesome pieces of two wheeled art out and about these days and we want to bring all those bikes with bling under one roof. Don’t worry we won`t forget about old school either.

This is an opportunity for you to let the vast and varied motorcycle enthusiast community out there see what you have on offer as a club and perhaps to attract new members or let the public know when you have your own events or shows coming up, there are no costs involved you are more than welcome to come and set up some sort of display.

The event will be held on the 18th of September 2021 under cover at the Dogswest Pavilion in Southern River and we anticipate between 2 and 2.5 thousand people through the door on the day. (2018 – 1200, 2019 – 2200, 2020 – Covid )

We believe this will be a great event to let people know about your club and will attract people from all walks of life in Perth.

DISCUSSION: Some members said that the attendees are at best 1/3 quoted. MRAWA to have trade stand?

** Committee to discuss and decide whether to proceed with this.

MRAWA – 40 years in 2022

The MRAWA was incorporated in August 1982 which our 40th anniversary will occur next year.  It seems to me a member only event to celebrate is in order.  A celebration sub-committee needs to be formed to plan the event, perhaps as part of a Numbat Rally which is due to be held in June.

Upcoming meeting with the Road Safety Commission

The MRAWA will be meeting with the Road Safety Commission on the 26th of May to discuss issues such as Motorcycles in bus lanes, the lack of Lane Filtering public education and some aspects of the current Lane Filtering legislation.  Attendees will be myself, Chris Cobain and Peter Butler.

Upcoming meeting with the Minister for Police and Road Safety

The MRAWA will be meeting with the Hon. Paul Papalia, the Minister for Police and Road Safety on the 10th of June as an introduction and to discuss issues we see as important.  I will be away from Perth for the meeting with the list of attendees as follows:

Dave Wright – Safety Officer

Gary Pontifex – MRAWA Vice President/State coordinator for Ride4Life.

Chris Cobain – Treasurer.

Peter Butler – Secretary/Membership Officer.

MRAWA Constitution

The MRAWA Constitution has been updated in line with the Model Rules and is ready for the vote of approval and adoption by the MRAWA.


Jeff stated he’s very keen on the MotoCap Safety Ratings and wants to get behind it 100%. It gives riders an opportunity to check independent ratings and comparisons of safety gear, jackets, pants, and gloves.

DISCUSSION: Chris Robinson, attending new member expressed his concern that this would then lead to legislature. He asked the question “is there a global MotoCap or equivalent?” MRA to check that out.

One member, I missed who, said that it was problematic that only one organisation did the testing.

From the MRA perspective, there is no risk of legislature from the safety clothing ratings the MotoCap provides, it is simply a comparative for rider awareness to check what they’re either currently using, or considering purchasing.

** Peter to post link to website – https://www.motocap.com.au/

** Need to check out if there is a worldwide MotoCap equivalent.

POST MEETING COMMENT: From the MRA Committee perspective having one organisation perform the testing provides security in knowing the tests are uniform and consistent regarding the methodology used, and the testing equipment used.

Our stance is the MotoCap system finally gives us an objective report of the actual safety rating, the comfort rating, and thermal rating of safety gear, whereas previously we had to trust what the manufactures stated.

Check the comparison on Draggin’ Jeans for example, some do not rate well at all, yet others do, and no one would be any the wiser if it were not for the MotoCap system.

Absence during June

I will be on holiday in the north of our state for all of June and therefore will not be able to attend the June meeting.  The Vice President, Gary Pontifex will chair the meeting with all of my delegated authority.

The date for the next Committee meeting will be on the 25th May.

The next general meeting will be on the 15th of June 2021 and will be chaired by our Vice President, Gary Pontifex.

Vice President’s Report:


Treasurer’s Report:

On file.

Road Safety/AMC Report:

Road Safety Commission meetings.

I had a series of three meetings on Tuesday 4th May 2021, with the Road Safety Commission, unfortunately Jeff Thomas could not attend as he was travelling and Chris Cobain had work commitments, so I attended these meetings as the sole MRAWA representative.

The first meeting was with Mikhail Wong (Digital Project Officer) in regards to moving forward the Riding in Groups video that I will be putting together thanks to a grant from RSC and Ulysses Club. This was a very useful meeting as he has done many of these types of videos in the past and gave me some great contacts to start the process.

The Second meeting was to review the actions from the 2020 Motorcycle Safety Forum and Survey.

In attendance where Vicki Leavy, Doug Beard, Parik Lumb, and  Matt Samson (Acting Assistant Director)

  • Improved MotoCap promotion -RSC are producing MotoCap posters for motorcycle shops.
  • Improved data on crash statistics – RSC work progressing on this action.
  • Bus Lane review – Dave Wright to organise a sub group to progress this action.
  • Rider Conspicuacy – RSC ongoing project, awaiting additional funding for next stage.
  • Target bad behaviour and a lack of consideration by all road users – RSC campaign ongoing.
  • Lane filtering promotion and education – RSC education campaign has been actioned.
  • Overseas licence drivers on WA roads – education material is already provided and is ongoing.
  • Offer a free refresher course to new, returning and rusty riders – ongoing by RSC and MRAWA.
  • Motorcycle safety media campaign – ongoing by RSC and MRAWA.
  • Rider safety to be taught in schools – RSC and SEDERA and are supportive, ongoing.
  • Motorcycle safety campaigns including roadside signs and billboards – RSC funding sought.
  • Promote ongoing training for riders – promote skills course after gaining licence RSC and MRAWA.
  • Education of current road rules – RSC Streets ahead campaign is ongoing.
  • Better lights on motorcycle – RSC to investigate different colour lights on front of motorcycle.

I am still waiting for a reply for a meeting with both the Department of Transport and Main Roads Department to progress the actions in their agencies. (I will chase them up on this)

The third meeting was to discuss Lane Filtering and changes to the legislation as proposed by the MRAWA

This was attended by Matt Samson and myself.

The issues raised were filtering between heavy vehicles, filtering on road edges on country roads (as is the case in Queensland) and finally the 30km/hr speed limit on lane filtering.

  • Lane filtering between heavy vehicles – this is under review in both NSW and Victoria to change the regulations in those state to make it illegal to lane filter between heavy vehicles following a motorcycle fatality during this manoeuvre in Victoria. https://www.news.com.au/technology/motoring/on-the-road/nsw-government-encourage-motorcyclists-to-lane-filter-legally/news-story/823153bd3b764695c73cf4244b252ddd
    The RSC are not willing to change the current WA legislation at this time.
  • Lane filtering on the road edge on country roads – I raise the situation were a riders has to remain in stationary traffic on a country road for an extended length of time whist wearing full protective clothing and the effects of fatigue on the rider and the resulting increase in the likelihood of a crash in these circumstances. The RSC advised me of section 25 of the WA Road Traffic Act (Extraordinary Emergency) that allows a road user to take an out of the ordinary action to remove themselves from a perceived dangerous situation, and this would include lane filtering on the road edge if the rider was feeling faint to get to shade or water in the case of being dehydrated. I am waiting for this to be confirmed by the WA Police Dept.
  • Maximum speed limit of 30km/hr while lane filtering, – I raised the question of if this was the safest speed to lane filter. The RSC responded that this was the speed chosen as the safest speed to protect pedestrians in the case of a collision and also to reduce injuries to riders during lane filtering of vehicles changing lanes, and this speed is not on the radar to be changed in the near future.

A similar request for a meeting has been sent to the WA Main Roads Department covering roads and roadside and a request to the Department of Transport to cover training and licencing.

I have also requested a meeting with our new Minister for Police and Road Safety Hon. Paul Papalia MLA to discuss the future of motorcycle rider safety.

Rider Training

I have been invited to be part of a group from the University of WA who are looking at the current training of motorcycle riders, and if there is any scope for improvements. I am looking forward to being part of this group as I am sure there are some major improvements that can be made in this area.

Riding in Groups video ( Ulysses Club initiative)

The Road Safety Commission have given me the go ahead to produce a Riding in Groups video with funding up to the amount of $10,000.00. I have started discussions with three production companies for quotes on the work and to ascertain who I believe will give us the best outcome on this action.  The initial talks with video producers has been on making them so they can be easily viewed and shared with the correct message.

My plan is that They will be produced as a series of short messages that can be used and shared throughout motorcycle groups and through social media.

Although the grant for this project has been awarded to the Ulysses Club Inc.  I am still hoping to get support for many clubs and individuals for video footage that can be used in the videos as this will reduce the production cost and help with some real world riding.

My request for some quality footage of group riding has so far been underwhelming, I hope to receive some footage from groups on the East Coast that I can use in the absence of any WA footage.

DISCUSSION: Someone suggested Daniel Tenni (a biker) as he has local video experience.

Ride Right Course

A Ladies Only Ride Right Course is scheduled for 30th May at Mirrabooka, this is once again gratefully sponsored by the City of Stirling.

This course filled very quickly, and I can take no more participants for this course.

I have been asked to hold some Ride Right Courses in regional areas and will investigate the interest in these courses.

Dave Wright

Road Safety Officer MRAWA

Website Update:

Added the ride briefing to the website and added button link in footer of website for easy access of ride leaders to use as discussed previously – https://mrawa.org/rider-briefing/

Social Media Update:

Did a Poll on – Ideas/Concepts/Input into Video Series of Riding in Groups:

social poll | Minutes for General Meeting May 18

Dave Wright has the go ahead to produce a series of videos on the safety and aspects of riding in groups. These will be produced as a series of short messages that can be used and shared throughout motorcycle groups and through social media.

This grant has been awarded to the Ulysses Club Inc. from the RSC (Road Safety Commission).

Dave is looking for support from clubs and individuals with –

1) Topics to cover

2) Actual video/photo vision of good and bad examples for group riding

Dave Wright as Road Safety Officer MRAWA

Ulysses Club National Committee

Chair, Road Safety Committee, Purchasing, Advertising, Membership and Community Engagement

It’s National Road Safety Week (NRSW) from 16 – 23 May.

All I have had time for is one social media post.

Stock Report:

Su still needs help with sorting the container. Su to contact Fred.

General Business:

Constitution Update:

Peter Butler explained the context of the constitution update. There seemed to be a perception that the current constitution update is born of recent social media publicity.

This constitution update has been recorded in the minutes of July 2020, October 2020, and again March 2021.




When we went to update it a few months ago we were made aware that it was not actually compliant with ‘model rules’, thanks Damen Keevers, appreciated.

The inclusion of tenure as a member before being able to nominate as a committee member, and then as a committee member to an executive role is not to block anyone from contributing, its simply to protect the integrity of the MRAWA Committee, and there are a multitude of organisations that adopt this as a part of their constitution. Thing is we do want more people putting their hand up for committee roles.

We have an allowance that should the committee have confidence in the value a member might contribute, we can move them forward by consensus of the committee.

And to show this is true and valid we have 3 instances in the last year or so –

  • Peter Butler – Suggested he take the Secretary role after one month of re-joining MRAWA, then adopted the Membership role as well as Webmaster and social media.
  • Rob Pieri – Nominated as Ride Coordinator after only 3 months as a member, and then 6 months later as social media editor.
  • Peter De Blanc, Michael Couper as ride coordinators
  • Gary Pontifex only this year as Vice President after only a few months as a member.

So this is not a protect the jobs for the ‘old’ boys as cited in social media. Someone said “with a total membership of approximately 150 it doesn’t take big numbers to have the voting power to oust the current committee and install new blood…” There were other negative comments made in social media.

Proxy Votes FOR adoption of new constitution: Dave Wright, Bruce Burgess, Peter Gould, Rob Pieri, Gary Pontifex

DISCUSSION: The newer members were against the adoption of the new constitution. Damen Keevers said we should have adopted the model rules by default. He also stated that we’d now have to have a special resolution meeting. The reasons for the objections were not pursued, although we said we’d find a way for members to lodge their objection.

Peter Butler moved a motion to accept the new constitution and a vote was taken by show of hands.

The vote was 12 in favour and 10 against. With 2/3 majority required the adoption of the new constitution the motion was not carried.

** Peter to find way to allow people to advise their objection.

** MRAWA to investigating investing in legal counsel.

Upcoming Events:

Ride in June, details yet to be decided.

Rides Report:

Ride to Gnomesville, poor attendance, ride was very misty.

Next Meeting:

General Meeting: June 15th ** Cancelled **

Committee Meeting: May 25

Meeting Closed:


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