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Minutes for General Meeting November 17

Venue: Victoria Park Hotel, 605 Albany Highway Victoria Park 6100



Chaired by:

Peter Butler

Minutes by:

Peter Butler

Meeting Commenced:



Jeff Thomas, Steve Wheadon, Peter De Blanc, Gary Pontifex,

Attendance: As per attendance register.


New Members/Guests in Attendance:

Marty and Grace

New Members Joined:

Tracey Alach

Matt Malone

Dylan Devereux

Members Renewing:

John Miller

Malcolm McCulloch – lapsed in 2019, now renewed, awesome.

Jason Mora

Ian Steel

Previous Minutes:

As distributed to the committee and loaded to the website.

Motion to accept – Sue Lipsit                                     seconded – Rob Pieri                                      accepted.

Matters Arising from Previous Minutes:

Aggregation of data MSW ‘open mic’ session

Numbat Rally debrief now scheduled for Dec 1 by committee

New member welcome review by committee at next committee meeting

** Peter Butler will review previous 2020 minutes for other ‘matters arising’ still outstanding


Secretary’s Report:



Good evening from a cold, wet and locked down UK.
I’m doing some research for my son who lives in Sydney (he ‘voluntold’ me I was helping him) concerning his plan to ride to Steep Point and thence to the gun barrel highway.
As I can see from your website you have many clubs and affiliates so I was hoping you could suggest some contacts we could talk to about his ride – to gather information / suggestions etc.
Many thanks for any information you can provide. Regards, George Clarke

** Peter Butler to reply. Well prepared, water, water, look for Facebook Page – Motorcycle Camping Australia. http://www.liquidcontainment.com.au/category/38/Motorbikes




PayPal Account: Dave Wright requested the PayPal account name be reset from his.

Name update request has been submitted as per Dave Wright’s request. I used mine as it required photo ID, and I’m one of the 2 main people in the account. I also updated the address from 77 Wilfred to my address. If this is an issue it can be reset.

** Peter Butler still working on this because PayPal complicate the simple and have the worst support on the planet.

President’s Report:

  • Numbat Rally Review Meeting
  • Motorcycle Safety Week and Review Meeting
  • National Road Safety Week
  • Toy Run
  • Season’s Greetings

Numbat Rally Review Meeting

A Numbat Rally review meeting will be held on the 1st December to document the learnings from the rally and how best to plan for the next one.  It was a success for the planning stage given the Covid uncertainty and the required change of date and venue.  While the rally was a lot of fun and appreciated by most people, the number of attendees was down on previous years.  How to make the best use of the venue and increase the attendees will be the main topics of discussion.  The review meeting will be held on the 1st December for the Numbat and general committee members.  I will have to connect via Zoom as I will be in self-isolation on that date.  Anyone else who wants to have a say should either make it known at the meeting or send me an email and I shall include your comments in the meeting agenda.

Motorcycle Safety Week Review Meeting

The MSW was a resounding success due to the efforts of Dave W and Steve F.  A review meeting will be required to correlate the learnings and document the actions the MRAWA needs to take.  Responsible persons with timelines will be required to ensure we do not lose either the momentum or the initiative we have shown.  Dave W. can give a more detailed description at the meeting if required.

National Road Safety Week

NRSW was once again organised by Dave W and Steve F.  I will leave the discussion details to them as I have been away for a while and not up with all the current details.  Over to Dave and Steve!

Toy Run

The Toy Run will once again be held in December.  I ask the MRAWA membership to support this great event by attending and showing our support.  There will be an MRAWA area for people to gather pre-ride and travel as a group.  Have a look at our website for further details.

Season’s Greetings

I wish everybody a safe and happy holiday season and look forward to seeing everybody in the new year.  Please remember there is no meeting in December.  I will be leaving South Australia on the 20th November for the ride home and will be required to self-quarantine until around 10th December.  Great timing for the SA outbreak.

Vice President’s Report:


Treasurer’s Report:

For the period: Previous month

Road Safety/AMC Report:

Motorcycle Safety Week

Steve Fish and I have now gone through the results and comments from both the Motorcycle Safety Week Survey and Forum and have condensed and consolidated the ideas from those events into a Motorcycle Safety Action Plan 2020 that we will be talking to the Road Safety Commission and other government agencies in the next week or two.

The link to this working and live document is attached and we would welcome your comments on this.

Motorcycle Safety Week 2020 Actions


National Road Safety Week 2020

The National Road Safety Week activities that the MRAWA is undertaking have been funded from a grant that we received from the Road Safety Commission out of the Road Trauma Trust Account and I would like to give them a huge thank you for all of their support and help during and leading up to this event.

Our activities include 3 motorcycle specific first aid courses run on Saturday 21st November and Sunday 22nd

November, facilitated by Janine Nicholas who runs the Rider Down courses.

We will also have a free doughnut and coffee safety ride to Whitman Park on Saturday 21st November.

I hope you can join us.

My first function that I attended as part of National Road Safety Week was the National Day of Remembrance for Road Victims on Sunday 15th November.

At this event I met up with Hon. Michelle Roberts the Minister for Police and Road Safety who advised me that the legislation regarding lane filtering should be completed by December or January. So this is good news after working on this for the past 7 years.

On Monday 16th November I attended the 2020 WA Road Safety Forum and Steve Fish also attended online. At this event the 2020 – 2030 Road Safety Strategy was launched, and I look forward to digging into the details of what is planned for the next ten years.

During the past Strategy the killed and seriously injured road users was reduced by 30% and the new Strategy has a target of further reduction of between 50 – 70 %

Ambitious, yes but I believe we need to set the bar high to achieve a real reduction and that we all need to work in our areas to help achieve this target. We have ten years bet we can start right now.

The presentations at the forum included the latest statistic’s, data and research. Aboriginal Road Safety. Speed Management. Heavy Vehicles. Motorcycle Safety (where I had an opportunity to raise the issue of rider training) and finally a presentation from a critical care paramedic, who man’s the RAC helicopter.

General News

I was invited onto ABC Radio on Thursday to comment on the South Australian Government plan to raise the age that a person can apply for a motorcycle licence from 17 years of age to 19 years of age. My position was that lifting the age would make no difference to rider safety and that they should be concentrating their efforts on improved rider training.

As you may know we now have a signed Partnership Agreement with the Road Safety Commission for funding of projects for the next year, and we have applied to use some of that funding to go towards an ongoing digital campaign so that we can engage with motorcycle riders as we did during motorcycle Safety Week, and  keep this momentum and engagement going all year round. Once we have this established any future costs of this service will be negligible.

We expect to hear back from the Road Safety Commission in the next week or two.

As this may be my last report before the Christmas break, I would like to wish you and you family and friends a very happy and safe Christmas and a great New Year full to the brim with everything you could hope for.

Merry Christmas

Dave Wright

Steve Fish

Motorcycle Riders Association of WA Inc.

Safety Officers

Email: safety@mrawa.org

Website Update:

Big drop in traffic, as to be expected.

We’re hoping next year to launch sponsorship deals on the website, advertising space. BUT this is dependent on us maintaining good traffic so we can prove to vendors the value.

Hoping to get this RSC grant through so we can launch consistent social media campaigns to drive traffic to the website.

Website Traffic Down:

web traiffic down | Minutes for General Meeting November 17












Facebook Engagement Down:

Facebook down | Minutes for General Meeting November 17









All the MSW references have now been removed. Next will be the addition of the details on the Forum and action plan.

Reports added to the website:

  • Presidents
  • Minutes
  • Road Safety
  • MSW Summary
  • Ride Report

Email broadcast sent out. Great result as usual

email broadcast result | Minutes for General Meeting November 17




Social Media Update:

As per graphic, big slump

Stock Report:

No idea really. The website tells me no stock, I know there was stock sold at the Numbat, these sales have been banked, excepting one piece of clothing value $50 Steve Wheadon to follow up on.

Membership Report:

Think 142 + 3 new so 145

Need Main Roads 138 138 Cards for new member welcome pack.

** Dave W to send artwork file to Peter B to get quote on print run.

General Business:

We have a new general committee member with Sue Lipsit joining us. YAY!

Petty Cash Officer was discussed. Was suggested to use Sue perhaps in this role?

** Tabled for further discussion in a committee meeting.

We now have an MRA Sync Folder for up to 3TB data. All data has been transferred. Access invitations as required will be sent out shortly.

Numbat Insurance: Tabling here for discussion in next committee meeting ‘debrief’. Steve Wheadon communicated that we needed the higher level insurance in alternative years, no clear reason given.

Perth Charity Bike Run: MRAWA will be in attendance, with a stall, as well as ride participation.

** Peter to send email to MRA contact list for ride opportunity.

Ride Your Motorcycle To Work Day: Epic fail according to Peter Butler. The participation was very low, feedback from lots of riders who do ride to work stated exactly that “I already ride” but missed the point about raising awareness of that or promoting that fact. We need to look at what is the core rationale for the ‘day’ and figure out a better name for it, something along the lines of “I ride a motorbike day” or the like.

** Tabled for further discussion when we have a Motorcycle Safety Week debrief

Dave Wright brought up discussion for the need for business cards for the Safety Officers. Made sense.

** Peter to discuss with both Dave and Steve the relative emails required, finalise a design variation for this role, get quotes.

Dave Wright discussed MRA membership in Journal of Road Safety. Dave is currently a paid active member, accessing relative required information on behalf of MRA in the safety officer capacity.

** MRA Committee to consider covering costs. Tabled for future discussion.

Upcoming Events:

Ride 4 Life:

Wyalkatchem on Sunday 29th November. Includes a visit to the Wyalkatchem Museum and a Free Lunch at the Wyalkatchem Men’s Shed. Itinerary is Midland, Toodyay, Goomalling, Dowerin to Wyalkatchem.

Home via Cunderdin, Bakers Hill to Midland. Details can be found on our Facebook Page under events.

Cheers. Gary

Perth Charity Bike Ride: December 6 – MRAWA will be in attendance with a stall, etc.

** Anthony 😊 (Tony) and Rob Pieri will attend the mock run on November 22

Rides Report:

Upcoming MRA ride: Donut Run – Vulnerable Road Users Group – November 21st

Next Meeting:

This is our final general meeting for 2020.

Next Committee Meeting – December 1st – 6.30pm

  • Focus solely on Numbat debrief!
  • Quick Review of New Member Welcome

Next General Meeting – 2021 – January 19th

Meeting Closed:




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