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Minutes for General Meeting October 19

** Actionable Items as a result of agenda/minutes



Chaired by:

Chris Cobain (Treasurer) at the agreement of Gary Pontifex (Vice-president)

Minutes by:

Chris Cobain (Meeting Chair)

Meeting Commenced:



Rob Pieri


As per attendance register

Note – the MRAWA attendance book is currently with the Secretary (absent) therefore all attendees were signed in on paper. The attendance book will be updated once it is picked up from the Secretary’s residence before the AGM date of 16th November.

Welcome Guests in Attendance:

Pene Mihajlowits (Paid membership online before the meeting was commenced)

Pene’s membership notification was received by email by MRAWA Treasurer to confirm membership

Members Joined or Renewing:

Tania McCallum – New member

Chris Farmer – Renewing

Steve Sewell – Renewing

Pene Mihajlowits – New member

New Members in Attendance:

Pene Mihajlowits

Membership Report:

Nothing to report – Current membership stands at 150 financial members as far as known without a MRAWA membership officer to confirm. Previous Minutes confirmed 148 members active and financial with 2 x new members joining after the September committee meeting plus 2 x renewing members

Previous Minutes:

As distributed to the committee and loaded to the website

Motion to accept: Steve Wheadon                 Seconded: Chris Cobain           Accepted: YES


Matters Arising from Previous Minutes:

Action points from last minutes:

Constitution Update – Completed and uploaded for members to review based on 28 day notice to vote to accept or reject at special resolution

Setup PBF Club Membership – Email recently received to follow up. Held over until after the AGM

Kate Fandry

Business Development Manage

PBF Australia

A: PO Box 538, Floreat Forum WA 6014

Freecall: 1800 809 780   |   T: (08) 9388 3366   |    M: 0448 455 460

E: kfandry@pbf.asn.au   |    W: www.pbf.asn.au

Position Statements – work in progress but at this stage in stasis as there is no Secretary currently.

Held over until after the AGM (Treasurer instructions / responsibilities are prepared)


Secretary’s Report:

N/A – No secretary committee position currently held



MAIL: Picked up by Treasurer and provided at meeting:

1) Quarterly BAS Statement – **Treasurer to process

2) Auspost PO box detail update – **Treasurer to process

3) Vintage Motorcycle newsletter – Issued to our own vintage Committee member Chris Meyer

4) Junk mail disposed of thoughtfully

President’s Report:

N/A – No president committee position currently held

Vice President’s Report:

Gary Pontifex was in attendance and stated nothing to report.

Treasurer’s Report:

On file.

Road Safety/AMC Report:

MRAWA has paid 2021-2021 annual membership to AMC

The AMC is a wealth of information including statistical data for everything motorcycling

No Safety officer MRAWA Committee position – nothing to report

Website Update:

Smarter websites has been paid to host website until end of December 2021

Cost of $137.50 per month

Two other hosting services reviewed the MRAWA website and the current arrangement is competitive given the website functionality, plug ins and software. SW to continue MRAWA website hosting until 31st December 2021

Social Media Update:

A good reach was obtained for MRAWA and MRAWA Group pages detailing GM and AGM dates.

Stock Report:

Nothing to report

Remaining MRAWA merchandise stock is currently at the previous MRAWA MO place of residence.

Needs to be picked up and returned to the MRAWA sea container – **Treasurer volunteered

General Business:

13 MRAWA members including 4 MRAWA Committee members attended the 19th October meeting. The MRAWA Committee appreciate the effort made by these active members in attending the meeting given the terrible weather conditions.

No attending member had general business to present and discuss

  • One member notified intentions of nominating for Ride Coordinator / supported by another member
  • One member notified intentions of nominating for Membership Officer / supported by another member

The MRAWA Committee thanks these members for nominating for committee positions and it was assured nominations were required before 12.00pm 19th October 2021

Upcoming Events:

AGM set for 16th November. 42 day notice provided by email broadcast to all members and MRAWA business page post that received good reach. All members present at the meeting confirmed the email notification was received.

AGM Nominations have been received for:

  • President (1)
  • Treasurer (1)
  • Safety Officer (1)
  • Membership Officer (1)
  • Ride Coordinator (2)
  • Event Coordinator (1)
  • General Committee (1)
  • Nominations close 12.00pm 19th October
  • At the time of these October minutes written, no further nominations will be accepted by the Committee

Nominations may be taken from the floor at the AGM at the instruction from the chairperson.

The newly elected president may elect not to take floor nominations if they elect to chair the AGM after becoming president at the AGM

Rides Report:

No formal MRAWA rides to report, however three MRAWA members took a leisurely cruse around a 300km loop out to Wongan Hills that ended at Bullsbrook. The trio bumped into the Ulysses Fremantle Chapter on the ride.

Special Resolution vote to adopt the amended Constitution

The 19th October General meeting incorporated a special resolution to adopt the MRAWA Amended Constitution.

The following proceedings were administered before the vote to accept / reject was taken:

  • MRAWA email broadcast notice of special resolution business was presented by the Chair
  • Amended Constitution summary of changes based on model rules was discussed between members
  • Financial members in attendance was numbered 13
  • 10 acceptable proxy nominations were held by the Chair
  • No more than 5 proxy nominations were represented by an attending member

The MRAWA Committee nominated Chair requested a show of hands from the members present IN FAVOUR

OF ADOPTING the MRAWA Amended Constitution

  • 13 votes from financial members present supported adopting the MRAWA Amended Constitution
  • 7 nominated proxy votes adopted the MRAWA Amended Constitution based on the member nominating the proxy to vote on their behalf in a way the nominated proxy saw fit
  • 2 nominated proxy votes adopted the MRAWA Amended Constitution based on the member nominating the proxy to vote in favour to adopt the MRAWA Amended Constitution
  • 1 nominated proxy voted against adopting the MRAWA Amended Constitution by instruction from the member nominating the proxy

The vote to adopt the MRAWA Amended Constitution was 22 votes in favour to 1 vote against.

The requirement of the Associations Incorporation Act 2015 Section 51 & 52 to pass the resolution by majority three fourths (75%) eligible member votes resulted in the MRAWA Chair declaring the adoption of the MRAWA Amended Constitution was CARRIED.

The MRAWA Committee will lodge the MRAWA CONSTITUTION 2021 with the Consumer Protection using our AssociationsOnline portal within 28 days of being passed.

Next Meeting:

AGM: 16th November 2021 at the Vic Park Hotel commencing at 7.30pm

MRAWA Committee delegate will ensure table and seating arrangements

MRAWA Committee will provide finger food prior to the Meeting start time

Meeting Closed:



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