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Minutes for General Meeting September 21

** Actionable Items as a result of agenda/minutes



Chaired by:

Gary Pontifex

Minutes by:

Peter Butler

Meeting Commenced:



Chris Meyer

Attendance: As per attendance register. 17

Welcome Guests in Attendance:

Tess, Penny, Jeff, Mark, Sandro

New Members Joined:

1 family

Members Renewing:


New Members in Attendance:


Membership Report:

Have not reconciled, member status is – active 148, expired 29, pending cancel 5, on hold 6, cancelled 11

Peter gave an explanation that a status may be cancelled but the member still active as the membership does not expire until next year.

Previous Minutes:

As distributed to the committee and loaded to the website

Motion to accept: Peter Butler                                   Seconded: Rob Pieri                                       Accepted:


Matters Arising from Previous Minutes:

Action points from last minutes:

Constitution Update – more on that shortly

Setup PBF Club Membership – work in progress

Position Statements – work in progress

New Topical Pages – work in progress


Secretary’s Report:



Jon Della         Email querying August minutes

Email making members aware of Moto GP helmets for sale

AMC Invoice – due September 16, email passed onto treasurer

Richard Watkins

Good afternoon Peter,

Having now investigated the Member Register for MRAWA I have two questions.

  1. Section 15(b) of the current MRAWA Constitution states.

“Adults in a family membership shall have one (1) vote each, with a maximum of 2 (two) for each family membership.

How are the family members recorded on the Member Register?

  1. In the March Meeting Minutes it was mentioned that the Committee had declined Aari Simpson’s membership application. If this is true why does he appear on the Member Register?


Richard Watson


Hey Richard,

1) The membership level is another column listed as such, single, family etc.

2) When I export the register of members there are various ‘subscriptions statuses’ which I need to review manually. EG: A membership might be listed as ‘cancelled’ only because the auto renew is turned off but it may still be active as it doesn’t expire until 2022. I must have missed deleting his name from the record.

Just for the record, on the evening of any special resolution meeting or AGM there will be a full register of members with member level to be able to view as well as a laptop with the online register of members available for any member to peruse.

I hope that helps.


Albany Vintage and Classic Motorcycle Club – newsletter

Secretary’s Report:

Road Safety Commission Grant

  • We have not heard any more from them, I have not followed up.
  • Been busy with compliance, now well on track

Discussion: Jon Della reported he had seen a newspaper article that MRA had been named as a partner and funding had been acknowledged. MRAWA has had no notification of this.


Not for profit compliance sorted

  • Information statements submitted
  • Register of Members provided
  • Constitution status – Now updated ready for voting at special resolution meeting

Committee Member resignations –

  • Dave Wright – Safety Officer resigned
  • Jeff Thomas – President resigned
  • Any questions can be addressed in general business

Insurance due in September. Level of cover being reviewed before renewing

I attended the AMC AGM on September 11 as Interim AMC Delegate.

Some of the below the MRAWA have submitted a grant application from the RSC. I believe we should still move forward with this applications and funding.

Summary of Focused Actions:  

  • Rider Training
  • Other Courses, Rider Down, First Aid, etc
  • Driver Rider Awareness Campaign (SMIDSY, Lane Filtering Education components)
  • Freeway Sign Messaging
  • Road Hazard Awareness
  • Motorcycle Safety Week – 2022
  • York Motorcycle Festival
  • I Ride a Motorbike Campaign
  • Motorcycle Skills Enhancement
  • Motorcycle Safety Forum 2022
  • Motorcycle Safety Week – Safety Ride
  • General Motorcycle ‘Field Days’

President’s Report:


Vice President’s Report:

Special Resolution meeting on October 19 for new constitution update.

  • Email notification to members will go out on 25.09.2021
  • New constitution will be loaded to website.

AGM will be on November 16

  • Email notification to members will go out on 1.10.2021
  • Proxy votes required to be lodged by October 19.

Treasurer’s Report:

On file


Insurance due now. Chris Cobain has asked for a review, given the committees decision to not run the numbat rally again. Waiting for a response.

** Jon Della suggested contacting James McDonald from Shannon’s Insurance for a quote or possible direction on getting a quote.

** Peter Butler to send Chris Cobain James email address.


Road Safety/AMC Report:


Website Update:


Social Media Update:

Paul Harley spotted this reference to ‘high visibility clothing’ in a submission to Parliament from ‘The Australian Road Research Board’.

Hi Vis | Minutes for General Meeting September 21

Submission # 49 – The Australian Road Research Board – stated this regarding ‘visiblity’, mandated legislation and inclusion in MotoCap, ridiculous.


Page 32 – search for > visibility

What we need is a Safety Officer to monitor this and respond.

I have contacted the AMC and requested they follow this up with a rebuke or other communication.

In email discussions I realised how many resources the AMC have.

Discussion: Noted was the ridiculousness of the statement.

Stock Report:


Upcoming Events:

Biker Blessing – Dwellingup

  • Sunday 25th of September at 11:00am
  • Setup as ‘ride to’ event and published on website and Facebook

Rides Report:


General Business:

Call for a nomination from the attendees for general committee member.

In the AGM in 2019 no-one nominated for or was nominated for the Secretary role. I will not be re-nominating for the secretary role, or any committee role.

Is anyone here interested? If so, please nominate as general committee so we can fast track that nomination.

Discussion: Several people asked how to nominate. Response was either now, put your hand up or email the secretary.

Steve Wheadon nominated himself. Was seconded by Jon Della. Steve is now a general committee member.

Steve commented next position president. Steve was noted to say the next numbat rally will be the best.

The MRAWA committee still firmly believe in the ‘tenure’ stance for MRAWA. We have seen difficult situations previously.

Clause 5 is that contentious issue.

As per our Constitution.

  1. Committee members
    • (1) The committee members consist of — (a) the office holders of the Association; and
    • (b) at least one ordinary committee member.
    • (2) The committee must determine the maximum number of members who may be ordinary committee members.
    • (3) The following are the office holders of the Association — (a) the President;
    • (b) the Vice president;
    • (c) the Secretary; and
    • (d) the Treasurer.
    • (4) A person may be a committee member if the person is — (a) an individual who has reached 18 years of age; and
    • (b) an ordinary member who has been active within the association for a period of not less than one year, unless otherwise endorsed by the committee.
    • (5) A person may be an office holder who is an active general committee member for a period of not less than one year, unless otherwise endorsed by the current committee.
    • (6) A person must not hold 2 or more of the offices mentioned in subrule (3) at the same time.

Next AGM Committee Positions:

Discussion on what members think.

Office Bearers

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

General Committee

  • Safety Officer x ? (2 optimum – AMC Delegate required also)
  • Membership Officer (PR, Managed online members portal)
  • Public Relations/Social Media Officer
  • Ride Coordinator x ? (2+ optimum)
  • Merchandise Officer
  • Events Co-ordinator
  • Webmaster – Committee Role
  • General Committee Member

Webmaster Site Management – Smarter Websites have been hosting and providing manages support since 2015 at no charge.

Full details: https://www.smarterwebsites.com.au/managed-wordpress-support/

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Next Meeting:

‘Special Resolution’ Meeting: October 19

Meeting Closed:




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