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Minutes for General Meeting 16.06.2020

Date: 16.06.2020

Chaired by: Steve Wheadon

Minutes by: Peter Butler

Meeting Commenced: 7.30pm

Apologies: Jeff Thomas

Attendance: 18. As per attendance register.

New Members/Guests:
New Members:
Guests: As per attendance register.

Previous Minutes: Accepted

Matters Arising from Previous Minutes: In each section below


Secretary’s Report:

Correspondence: Newsletter from ‘Albany Vintage and Classic Motorcycle Club’. Awesome, I see they have a new member from Perth so might join myself.

Dropbox Account: At the previous meeting it was agreed to adhere to our new digital policy, and a motion carried to setup MRAWA owned Dropbox account.
** MRAWA owned Dropbox now active and setup. Will invite committee members as required.

Upcoming AGM:

Committee Nominations 2020: Updated form on website

  • 25 submissions/nominations to date
  • Nomination Expiry is 23rd June –

** PBB (Peter Butler) will send out a last call nominations email on the 19th, this Friday.

Grant for website upgrade – status?

** Matter deferred as president was absent and is an integral part of this process

President’s Report: 

  1. Numbat Rally
  2. Rides Calendar
  3. Meetings
  4. Annual General Meeting

Numbat Rally

The Corona virus seems to be pretty much under control now and the government has eased

gathering size and intra-border restrictions. Given this good news, the MRAWA will plan to go

ahead with the Numbat Rally from the 26th to 28th September, which is our last long weekend before

Christmas. We have spoken with and emailed the owner of the rally site who is keen on the phone

however we have not yet had written confirmation. We will keep everyone updated as information

becomes available. Should events not go as planned and we cannot hold the rally, the alternative

would be an overnight back to basics camping trip.

Rides Calendar

The next organised ride will be Sunday 21st June for a lunch ride to Yerecoin. Hopefully the weather

will be kind although wearing the correct gear will keep you dry and warm. I shall be leading the ride

which has been advertised on the website and Facebook.


Thanks to the Vice President Steve W, we can now resume enjoying our face to face meetings at our

normal venue upstairs at the Victoria Park Hotel. Steve took the time twice to appear in person at

their door and used his considerable charms to convince them that they really did want us to return.

Annual General Meeting

A notice for the upcoming July AGM was sent out to all members on Friday 5th June. There have

been a good number of nominations which is good to see. I expect we will have a full and very

capable committee for the next Fiscal year. Nominations will close midnight 23rd June.

Bruce Burgess (life member no.8) has agreed to run the proceeding during the voting process which

will be by secret ballot. Bruce has a wealth of knowledge and experience in these matters.

The events for the evening will roughly follow the following agenda:

  • 6:30pm Meet downstairs for dinner and socializing
  • 7:30pm Convene upstairs for the General meeting which shall be kept brief
  • 8:30pm Dissolution of the committee and break for drinks and supplied finger food
  • 9:00pm Convene the Annual General Meeting

Vice President’s Report:


Treasurer’s Report: ‘on file’

Road Safety/AMC Report:

Safety Officer: Dave Wright

Motorcycle Safety Week October 10th – 17th

I had a meeting with the Road Safety Commission last week to discuss their involvement with the Motorcycle Safety Week following an application for grant to support our effort (this is progressing through the system) They are keen to be involved

Key points of our 2020 Motorcycle Safety Week are –

Saturday 10th October – Motorcycle Safety Forum.

Sunday 11th October – Motorcycle First Aid Courses.

Wednesday 14th October – Ride Your Motorbike To Work Day.

Saturday 16th October – MRA Safety Day Ride.

Sunday 17th October – Motorcycle Skills Enhancement Course.


All week – Main Roads VMS motorcycle safety messages.

All week – Social media motorcycle safety posts.

All week – TV and Radio interviews and messages.

They are keen to be involved with our Motorcycle Safety Forum and our social media strategy for the week.

The Road Safety Commission is also keen tom set up regular monthly meeting with us to work through issue and establish a year long safety message social media campaign to motorcycle riders.

The grant from the Road Safety Commission for the National Road Safety Week that has been rescheduled to 9th-15th November  is still active and therefore we do not have to reapply.

We need to have more MRA membership encouragement cards printed, so that we can hand then out to riders we meet and to be placed in motorcycle shops, my suggestion would be to have 5000 printed

** Peter Butler questioned who has the digital file for the business cards?

** Can’t damn remember the response, I am 60 you know. Who has that? Can they please send it through to me?

Australian Motorcycle Council

We have joined with the Australian Automobile Association to call on the Federal Governments Transport and Infrastructure Council to adopt a response to road trauma in a similar way as was used for the Coronavirus pandemic, in there is real time reporting of crashes with actions to combat the issues. See attached PDF We are also attending and addressing their hearings on this issue.

We have also submitted our input into the 2020 Federal Road Safety Strategy. See attached PDF

Our next AMC combined delegates and committee is scheduled for Thursday 25th June 2020

Safety Officer: Steve Fish

Not much to report as COVID-19 has put meetings and action on hold.

In discussion Peter Butler queried both Steve F and Dave W regarding the casualty statistics, and the merit of publishing them on the website, to possible use as leverage for the safety message for future funding.

** Steve F mentioned that this information is available here – Road Safety Commission – https://www.rsc.wa.gov.au/

** Steve F also provided a link to the announcement of the new Road Safety Commissioner – https://www.rsc.wa.gov.au/News-Media/Latest-News/May/New-Road-Safety-Commissioner-for-WA-appointed

 Website Update:

Committee Nominations 2020: Updated form on website

  • 25 submissions to date
  • Nomination Expiry is 23rd June

Open Rate – 66.4%

Click through was 8.6%

Email Newsletter to members is 51% open rate


We have now installed Facebook Pixel Tracking, in preparation for FB Ads.

Also installed cookie consent compliance so we’re fully compliant.

We charge 275 inc GST for this service, MRAWA zilch

** Upgrade by Smarter Websites as pro bono acknowledged

Membership Renewal Notifications:

Now completed

Last meeting this was an action task set –

Issue was: High number of non-renewed memberships.

  • When a membership is coming up for renewal a single notification used to go out
  • Now (7 notifications):
    – a 30 days before, 14 days, 7 days, day before, on the day, 1 day after, 7 days after

** Ainslie requested another follow up, possible at 30 days after. PBB will action.

Details of Merits of Membership Levels on Website:

Yet to be actioned.

It was also discussed last meeting that membership, details, especially family members specific details were scant. Dyani confirmed this as a result of her recent sign up experience.

** PBB will action

2 options to help with website and social media marketing:

Social Media Posting Tool:

Social Bee – LTD (Life Time Deal) Normally US$19 per month, this is AU$77 for life. BIG saving.

** Motion to accept by Dave Wright, seconded by Steve Wheadon, motion carried.

Email Marketing Software Upgrade:

MailPoet Upgrade – Current free plan allows for 1,000 maximum subscribers.

Premium is EU$46 per month (paid yearly) which allows for 5,000 subscribers.

We can get LTD (Life Time Deal) for AU$77 for life.

  • Currently have 568 subscribed, so this upgrade means we’ll be safe for life.

** Motion to accept by Dave Wright, seconded by Steve Wheadon, motion carried.

New email newsletter format and regime:

The Razors Edge Newsletter in its previous format was –

  • labor intensive to create, requiring massive effort on the part of Jeff Thomas, hence irregular publishing.
  • As a PDF it also limited readership as it’s loads as a separate page on the website
  • and cannot be sent as an attachment using modern email marketing software

We have now integrated an email marketing solution within the website that will simplify this whole process.

It was also agreed at a previous meeting that we should trial sending email newsletters to the MRA database of some 568 subscribers rather than just limiting that to only paid active member of 109.

All of the newsletter information is actually available on the website anyways, so seems pointless to not take advantage of the 568 subscribers who actually requested to hear from us regularly, which we have not been doing.

Peter Butler will initiate this effective of June, Jeff Thomas will in time manage this.

Social Media Update:

Report as per print out

New Social Bee Social Media publishing software as discussed

Stock Report:

No movement

Membership Report:

109 as best calculated

General Business:

Dave Wright – Ride Right course is on this Sunday – https://mrawa.org/ride-right/

Dave Wright – suggested business card order, all members to carry 50+ to hand out as awareness and new member drive.

Peter Butler queried who has the digital file for printing more cards. Who has that? Please send to Peter.

Numbat Rally:

Numbat Rally from the 26th to 28th September, which is our last long weekend before Christmas. We have spoken with and emailed the owner of the rally site who is keen on the phone however we have not yet had written confirmation.

Sue Meyer put her hand up to assist in anyway. Also brought up issue to consider around being COVID-19 Compliant, etc.

Insurance for rally to be checked was mentioned.

Numbat Rally Committee to consider these points.

Upcoming Events:

Ride to Gin Gin 31st May Report. Details on website > https://mrawa.org/events/mra-wa-rides/ride-reports/ride-to-gingin-31st-may/

Gary Pontifex shared about the upcoming Ride 4 Life events. World Mental Health Day is on the 10th October 2020.

Chris Meyer and Gary P to discuss whether MRAWA will be active in this case.

** Peter Butler did intro email between Gary and Chris

Rides Report:

 Lunch Ride to Yerecoin

Date: 21 June 2020

Time: 9:30 am – 3:00 pm

Location: Midvale

Lunch Ride to Yerecoin Hotel.

New rider friendly, all riders are welcome, approx 250km ride route. Meeting at Caltex Midvale 375 Great Eastern Highway Midvale. Stands up at 9:30am.  Yes, you can sleep in! The weather is looking good with light winds and only a slight chance of rain.

Next Meeting:

Committee Meeting 7.07.2020

AGM 21.07.2020

Meeting Closed:

8.36 pm


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