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Minutes for General Meeting August 17

Venue: Victoria Park Hotel, 605 Albany Highway Victoria Park 6100

** Actionable Items as a result of agenda/minutes



Chaired by:

Gary Pontifex

Minutes by:

Peter Butler

Meeting Commenced:



Jeff Thomas, Rob Pieri, Su Lipsit

Attendance: As per attendance register. 16

New Members Joined:

July – 2

Members Renewing:

July – 2

Renewal notifications going berserk, something must have happened in an August at some stage, we must have had a massive influx of new members so lot of renewals in progress.

Membership Report:

Haven’t reconciled, due to renewals in progress.

Previous Minutes:

As distributed to the committee and loaded to the website

Motion to accept: Peter                                 Seconded: Chris Meyer                                              Accepted:


Matters Arising from Previous Minutes:

Action points from last minutes:

Constitution Update – more on that shortly

Setup PBF Club Membership – work in progress

New Topical Pages – work in progress

Position Statements – work in progress


Secretary’s Report:



As reported in last month’s meeting, we met with the RSC in relation to motorcycle programs and grants.

RSC – Have responded to our proposal. “The RSC team are reviewing the partnership proposal you presented and will be in contact with our recommended proposal and focus areas.”

Summary of Proposal:

  • Motorcycle Safety Week 2020 Forum ‘Roadmap’

2021 Events (Annual Events/Programs)

  • Rider Training
  • Other Courses, Rider Down, First Aid, etc
  • Driver Rider Awareness Campaign (SMIDSY, Lane Filtering Education components)
  • Freeway Sign Messaging
  • Braking Habits Campaign – Digitise
  • Road Hazard Awareness
  • MotoCap

2022 Events (Annual Events/Programs)

  • Motorcycle Safety Week – 2022
  • York Motorcycle Festival
  • I Ride a Motorbike Campaign
  • Motorcycle Skills Enhancement
  • Motorcycle Safety Forum 2022
  • Motorcycle Safety Week – Safety Ride
  • General Motorcycle ‘Field Days’

Email today from Greg Goad, Executive Officer – Consumer Protection Division regarding complaint against the MRA. 3 points:

  • A request from Richard Watson for a copy of the Member Register has not been met
  • MRAWA is overdue in lodging an Associations Information Statement with Consumer Protection
  • The rules of the MRAWA Constitution)do not meet the requirements of the Act

I have responded by email and spoken to Greg Goad.

** This matter will be followed up by Peter Butler as required.


Albany Vintage & Classic Motorcycle Club Newsletter

President’s Report:

Quote: “As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all”

In this report:

  • Make Yourself Visible
  • Road Safety Commission Partnership
  • MRAWA Constitution
  • Position Statements
  • National Breast Cancer Foundation
  • Biker Blessing – Dwellingup

Make Yourself Visible

Spring is just around the corner and it is timely to remind everyone, especially those who hibernate during the winter months that it is always wise to make yourself visible to other road users.  Some methods to achieve this is to:

  • Not sit in another vehicle’s blind spot, move forward or back to be seen.
  • Be aware of obstructions like other vehicles, signs, bins, trees etc. that can reduce your visibility to others.
  • Do not assume you have been seen and then proceed because you have the right of way. Always assume you have not been seen and the other vehicle may move in front of you.

Awareness of your surroundings, of what other drivers are doing and travelling at a sensible speed will all help to make the motorcycling experience both safe and enjoyable.

Road Safety Commission Partnership

A meeting was held with the RSC on the 7th July with Dave Wright, Peter Butler, Gary Pontifex and myself in attendance.  The RSC had requested a submission for the next 2 years detailing the strategy of the MRAWA to promote safer riding and rider education.  The submission is currently being reviewed by the RSC and a meeting to discuss the road safety partnering agreement will be held soon.  The partnering agreement provides the MRAWA with funding to produce the safety related free booklets, pamphlets and stickers that we hand out at motorcycling events.

MRAWA Constitution

The MRAWA Constitution has been updated in line with the Associations Incorporation Act 2015 and is currently being reviewed by myself and will shortly be passed onto the committee for approval.  All members will be notified when the document is ready to be voted on, although the current plan is to vote on the new constitution in the October meeting and hold the AGM in November.

Position Statements

A series of position statements are still being prepared that will be displayed on our website and Facebook pages.  These statements will be evidence based and include but not be limited to the MRAWA stance on such topics as:

  • Motorcycle Protective Clothing – Jackets, Pants and Gloves.
  • Protective clothing legislation.
  • Star ratings on Protective clothing
  • Lane Filtering
  • Public education for new and updated laws
  • Motorcycles in Bus Lanes
  • Motorcycle Black Spot program review
  • Advanced Rider Skills training program

Free evidence based news:     Busting 5 myths about 30kmh speed limits in Australia

National Breast Cancer Foundation

The Chidlow Tavern is holding a fundraising event on the 24th October from 11:00am to raise money for breast cancer research.  The organizers request that all vehicles taking part donate $5 to the foundation.  The day will feature live music, a car and motorbike show, best dressed (pink theme), raffles, spot prizes, speeches and more.  It would be great for as many people as possible from the MRAWA attend to show our support.  Details will be posted on our website.

Please note, this event is not related to the Pink Ribbon ride.

Biker Blessing – Dwellingup

Padre William Thomas is the priest for the Anglican church of Pinjarra/Waroona area and will hold a Biker Blessing at the Dwellingup worship centre on Saturday 25th of September at 11:00am.  There will be a 10 minute service followed with a time to meet and chat, not to mention the local cafes for a coffee or meal.  Padre William is a former president of the MRAWA and it is appropriate for the members of the MRAWA to return the support given to us in appreciation for his past efforts.  Details will be posted on our website.

The next general meeting will be held on the 21st of September 2021.

Jeffrey Thomas


Motorcycle Riders Association of W.A. Inc.

Mobile: 0409 293 320


Ride Like Your Life Depends on It.

Treasurer’s Report:

On File

Road Safety/AMC Report:

Motorcycle be allowed to use priority bus lanes review.

This has been on the agenda for some time now and I must apologise to members for my delay in getting the submission together objecting to the findings from the Road Safety Commission based on what we believe is bad research and data.

I have been slowly working through the extensive research that I have on motorcycles in bus lanes from within Australia and around the world.

As mentioned in previous reports, I would like to organise a sub-group to work on our submission to the Road Safety Commission and the Minister for Road Safety challenging the rejection of motorcycles in bus lanes even after the two year trial was completed and no incidents where reports. Indeed, the Department of Transport in their final report suggested opening most bus lanes to motorcycles.

Australian Census

Following from the recent Australian Census I have taken on the work through the Australian Motorcycle Council to push for future censes to include questions regarding transport to include motorcycle, as we believe that this is important information that will be used by road authorities, training organisations, licensing authorities, motorcycle manufacturers and dealers, Australian wide.

I am happy to take suggestions from riders for any other benefits to questions from the ABS.

We all need to contact the ABS well before the next census to due out, as the opportunity is now and over the next year or we will miss out again.

Riding in Groups Videos

I have been given approval from the Road Safety Commission to proceed with the Riding in Groups videos.

I have received a quotation and now just need to give the RSC some more details of the content before I award the contract. We nave secured Ian Blackley as the voice over for the videos and we see the format as twelve 15-25 second films promoting the ‘Riding in Groups’ education to be produced in a square format for Instagram and Facebook. We Hope to have these ready to go in the next 8-10 weeks.

The films will be short informative and punchy with key messaging as per below.

  • –  Pre-ride
  • –  Ride leader
  • –  Tail end rider
  • –  Corner markers
  • –  Read the Road not the bike in front of you
  • –  Safer spacing
  • –  Staggered formation
  • –  Fatigue
  • –  Rest Stops
  • –  Protective Gear
  • –  Crash scene management
  • –  First aid

Australasian Road Safety Conference 2021

This 3-day conference will now be by video link only due to the Covid situation on the East Coast. From 28th September to 30th September.

I intend to register for the conference as I have been to many of these and find them very useful to learn of new research and systems that are being used or planned, this gives us the opportunity to recommend that good projects be taken up in WA, but it also gives us the opportunity to challenge the work if we believed it would have a negative effect on motorcycle riders.

Australian Motorcycle Council AGM

The AMC, AGM will be held on 11th September 2021 and will be by video link only this year and will not include the Annual Conference as has been the case in the past.

AMC Report

Over the last month the AMC has been working with ARRB on a document regarding the placement of rub rails on W beam crash rails, to justify where they should and should not be used, this came about be due to a Queensland rub rail project.

We have also been working to amalgamate the Crash and Sharp helmet star rating website and into one This in part is because of the new European regulation regarding motorcycle helmet (EU 22.05 to be replaced with EU22.06 that will be phased in over the next 2 years)

Dave Wright

Road Safety Officer MRAWA

Website Update:


Social Media Update:


Stock Report:

Stubby holders-Regular MRA X 36

Patch-Annual Awareness Ride-60mm diam. X13

Patch-MRA Rectangle- 100mm diam. X17

Patch-MRA Round-90mm X 14

Beanie: Numbat x0


Polo-Black                   XLx1


XLx1 with pocket

Lx1 with pocket



Tee shirt-Black-           2XLx1



Sales July 21 General Meeting

2- 90mm patch @$10.00 each

Total                       $20.00

Susan Lipsit

General Business:

Crash Investigations Process – Dave Wright said he’s also lobbying for further action regarding the Crash Investigations process. This was discussed with the Minister for Police in our recent meeting as documented in the previous minutes.

Discussion ensued.

Register of Members Information Release – One member expressed in no uncertain terms their frustration by the requirement of the MRAWA to provide their personal information to another member, which he has requested and intends to use for purposes that he was not prepared to advise or explain.

This member then resigned their membership on the spot and left the meeting.

The MRAWA committee were surprised that the courtesy request of a statutory declaration as to the reason behind this members request for the register of members, although not covered by our current out of date constitution, was not provided.

It was simply that, a courteous request as to the intent. We believe all the members would like to know why!

General Discussion on register of members, lane filtering, MRAWA funding from RSC, on the constitution, on committee roles.

Dave Wright abruptly excused himself from the meeting when the lane filtering conversation went on.

Upcoming Events:

Sunday 25th of September at 11:00am

Biker Blessing – Dwellingup

Padre William Thomas is the priest for the Anglican church of Pinjarra/Waroona area and will hold a Biker Blessing at the Dwellingup worship centre on Saturday 25th of September at 11:00am.  There will be a 10 minute service followed with a time to meet and chat, not to mention the local cafes for a coffee or meal.  Padre William is a former president of the MRAWA and it is appropriate for the members of the MRAWA to return the support given to us in appreciation for his past efforts.  Details will be posted on our website.

** Jeff Thomas to setup ride on website and Facebook

** Someone to take lead on this ride?

Rides Report:

Possible ride 29th August, weather permitting, more details to come.

Next Meeting:

General Meeting: September 21

Meeting Closed:


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