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MRA GENERAL Meeting 16th July 2019

Start of meeting 19.47


ATTENDANCE: As of Attendance book.

APOLOGIES: Lyn & Roger Jutte, George Batt, Rhonda Nauman, William Murphy and Chris Meyer.

PREVIOUS MINUTES:   Steve WeadonCollie races – went really well.

No matters arising.


None tabled


  • Road safety strategy 2020 – have agreed to a motorcycle specific forum. They keep changing the date. I will let you know when a date is set. Looking at dropping speed limits by 10% as of last strategy. We need as many people to do the survey to prevent the speed reduction – it is unrealistic.
  • Lane filtering – sorry I couldn’t get sorted but it is a really slow process, in the minister’s office.
  • $1000 grant from road safety commission for MOTOCAP talk set for the 8th August having some trouble with venue but have one sorted Scarborough community centre. Sending the information to everyone, Ainslie – If you send me the flyer I will put it on the website. We have $1000.00 and I have spoken to Chris Horan from Deacon University and he is happy to pay for his accommodation, car etc, we will pay for his airfares and maybe the venue.
  • Joondalup M/C and scooter rider testing to resume 5th
  • I am pushing for more people to have higher level First Aide particularly truck drivers and motorcyclists through the Road Safety Commission.
  • Steve Wheadon – I would like to move a motion that this meeting acknowledge Dave for his years of service and commitment and his achievements and would like to have it recorded on the minutes of this meeting if anyone would like to second that. Seconded – Fred Mali. Unanimous vote.


None tabled.



We are now with Bendigo bank.

We need to organise a monthly email as we don’t have the magazine anymore. I have received complaints that people don’t know what is happening because they don’t have or do not use computers or Facebook and don’t check the website.



None tabled.


 Basically covered in the Presidents report.


  • I believe we are a bit low because Lyn was waiting till after the AGM.
  • Lyn won’t be standing for stock manager so we are looking for someone to do that.


144 We have had 4 new members.

I will be sending out reminders for renewal of membership with a 30 day deadline.

Steve Wheadon. – If you give me members phone no’s I can ring them about their membership renewals.

ROADWISE: Dave and Lyn

I attended the City of Stirling meeting and they are wanting to organise a Ride Rite course, they usually do about 2 a year.

AMC: Dave

Steve Fish and Dave Wright will be going over to the conference at the end of August.

I will be doing a AMC video link conference this Friday as I am the Vice Chair, regarding the conference  agenda and who is coming. Duncan Craig is doing a presentation – he is the road training guru. He has set up the training regime for Tasmania and Queensland and NSW.


Dave Wright – As I am not standing for any positions, I will chair the AGM.

We will stop for a break.







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