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MRAWA General Meeting 19th March 2019

Meeting started 19.30

ATTENDANCE: Tony Beeson,Chris Meyer, William Murphy Steve Fish, Fred Meli, Clint Housham, Dave Wright, Lyn & Roger Jutte.
APOLOGIES: Helen Murphy and Ainslie.

PREVIOUS MINUTES: January minutes read and moved William Murphy and Seconded Chris Meyer.

BUSINESS ARISING: Lyn – The trailer is still being advertised on Gumtree, I am going to go down to $700.00 from the advertised price of $950.00 to sell it.

Emails – Black Dog Mail – BEMC
Roadwise City of Swan Albany Vintage & Classic M/C
Lyn – Should we get rid of the mailbox? Dave – No, we have to have an official address for the MRA.

Lane Filtering – Road Safety Commission have recommended but has been rejected by the Police so it has to go back for reassessment. I will keep pursuing.
M/C Safety week – starts at the York Festival the 14th to the 20th April.
Parking tentative, we need to supply people to help with parking control to cover the $400.00 fee. Roger to assist with Chris coming about 9am.
Email Jeff to advertise parking.
William What is happening about the web page and getting Peter to do.
Grant for MOTOCAP clothing.
Meeting – Road Safety Strategy for years 25 to 28. There needs to be specific motorcycle strategies. Funding has been approved.

AMC – I have contacted the Chairman of the MRA’s decision to leave the AMC and not pay the fees because nothing is happening (decisions made at the conference) and there is no value for the monies we have already sent. Other States are also pulling out.
He made it quite apparent that he wasn’t happy about this.
Tony – Maybe you could put a motion forward about disbanding the AMC and see what
Dave – I will organise a teleconference with the other members to see what will happen.
M/C parking – Clive to put forward a case for more M/C parking.
Under the banner of MOTORSAFE I will be attending Primary Schools to do a presentation of M/C safety. I have attended 7 schools and done about 20 classes.
The Bendigo bank has been sorted.
I am doing a Ride Rite course Sunday the 24th of March in Fremantle if you want to attend.

None tabled.

Lyn has authorised the money from Commbank to the Bendigo account.

Lifers – 9 Single – Family – Total – 143

Dave – I will contact Peter to organise running of the Webpage and Facebook.

Send Sticker Logos to Dave for new designs.
Get pricing for hoodies.

Sunday 24th March – Ride to Lancelin.
Chris – I will be away all of June and I need someone to organise runs. I can set the runs so long as someone is prepared to take them.
York Festival 14th April. There is a Charity ride (Beyond Blue) up to the festival.
1st – 3rd June DOC NUMDUC Rally – 20th Anniversary.

Stirling Roadwise is sponsoring a Ride Rite course.
Vintage M/C show Cannington show grounds.

Next meeting 16th April.
Finished 20.40

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