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Motorcycle & Scooter Maintenance Tips

Our motorcycle maintenance guide can also be downloaded as a .pdf file from here


  • Check for overall good condition.
  • Check for cracks or lumps on side walls.
  • tyres have wear indicators, these are found by looking for arrows on the side wall of your tyre.
  • Depth of tread must be a minimum of 1.5mm across the entire tyre.
  • Maintain the correct tyre pressure (check manufacturers recommendations) front and rear tyres can be different pressures.


  • Inspect discs and pads for wear.
  • Check for free play and solid pressure on front hand lever and rear foot pedal.
  • Push motorcycle forward and apply front and then rear brake.

Chain or Belt

  • Check chain or belt and adjust if necessary to manufactures recommendations.
  • Lubricate chain regularly.
  • Check for any damaged or worn links (Cracked or worn rubber on belts).
  • Check for foreign bodies in sprockets, chains and/or belts…stones, sticks etc.

Diff & Drive Shaft (for all shaft driven motorcycles and scooters)

  • Check diff oil regularly
  • Change diff oil as per manufacturers specifications
  • Check for premature wear of drive splines on both rear wheel hub and diff inner.

Suspension and Steering

  • Move handle bars left and right and check for smooth movement.
  • Push down on front and then rear suspension and check for smooth rebound.
  • Check around front and rear shock absorbers for any oil leakage.
  • Motorcycle and Scooter Maintenance Tips cont…


  • Check headlight and tail light.
  • Pull on brake lever and check stop light.
  • Press down on foot brake lever and check stop light.
  • Check both left and right indicators (front and rear)
  • Check instrument lights.
  • Make sure reflectors are in place.


  • Check throttle for smooth movement and sharp spring return.
  • Periodically check for wear & fraying on your throttle cable ends


  • Check clutch for smooth movement and free play
  • Periodically check for wear & fraying at your clutch cable ends


  • Check horn
  • Check oil and coolant levels
  • Always use recommended fuel (correct octane)
  • Does the bike feel and sound right at idle speed and whilst riding.

*Clean your bike regularly and thoroughly as this will help you to identify both
small and major problems and allow you to take the necessary step to rectify these before
they become more serious*

If in doubt about any maintenance issues contact your motorcycle or scooter dealer or a
qualified technician at your service centre.

Maintain maintenance and service intervals as per the manufacturers’ recommendations.

These steps will help you to have a safer and more enjoyable ride and will also protect you
and the investment you have in your motorcycle or scooter.

Let those who ride decide

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