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General Meeting-November/2013

Meeting started at 19.35.

ATTENDANCE: Lyn & Roger Jutte, Allan Sanger, Steven Wright, Colin Hewitt, Chris Meyer, Jeff Thomas, Michelle Macrae-Morgan, John De Rosa, Joanne Wells, Glenn White, Dee White, Sandy Payne, Dee Wall, Ray Fitall, Dick Watson, Tony & Nancy D’arcy, Jeff Mazey, Dave Wright & Frank Forkin.

APOLOGIES: Dave Moore, Marilyn Wright and Jeena.


Previous Minutes  unavailable. The Secretary Bill has resigned (moved to Queensland).


  • DOCWA magazine Classic Vibrations magazine
  • Edge print account UWA Postal account
  • Commonwealth bank statement
  • Email – Vickers Stickers/ stickers, business cards etc.


  • Bike show – was good for us financially.

New members from show – 87 (single – 59, family – 14).

Our position took up 3 booth space for free(worth about $9000).

Need to send Peter Wood a thankyou and some wine.

Credit card terminal used first time and worked really well.

The new boards and displays great.

Whitey – everything went really well because of Dave’s hard work, preparedness and explanations to all helpers.

  • Memberships – there are still issues with payment online. Will look at Bpay payment system.


  • The show stand looked great and very professional.
  • Injury Control Council of WA submission for Road Trauma Support Group to put publication in the Edge and we can put our publications in the mag.
  • Ride calendar for 2014. See me if you want to do any rides/ events.


  • Credit – $2778.54 Debit – $999  Total – $6716.22


  • Organising next mag. Going to printers 15th
  • Jeff I need ride report.
  • Lyn I need price changes for clothing and pictures if possible.
  • I need photos from the show and from the Advanced rider course.
  • Jeff M – Jeff T is doing a great job with the mag.


  • 1st Dec Lunch ride to Dowerin Hotel.
  • 7th Dec Charity Ride.
  • 15th Dec Breakfast ride Moore River.


  • I met with Transport office for M/C use in the bus lanes. There will be 2 trials, South St and the Freeway for 6 months. The MRA are the advocates to inform and educate riders of use of these lanes.
  • Over the next 10 years there are going to be more bus lanes which could be a real advantage M/C riders if it becomes permanent.
  • 10 days before start of trials the MRA will do presentations to the media and all M/C groups. The MRA need to monitor and educate riders not to speed or interfere with buses in these lanes and monitor mopeds if they are to slow.


  • Dave – Can we get coloured shirts and print logo instead of embroidered?

Lyn – We used to have the logo printed, but it became quite expensive and embroidered looks more professional. Will get pricing.

If we do go back to printed we have to pay for the set up fees as well.

AMC: Dave

  • Queensland’s new laws for outlaw gangs is affecting all M/C users and is really getting out of hand. A fighting fund has been set up for High Court challenge.

I would like the MRA to make a donation.

  • Motion – Lyn “For the MRA to donate $500.00 to the AMC fighting Fund for High Court challenge in Queensland”

18 – yes, 1 – no, 1- abstain. The yes wins, Dave to organise.


  • Charity Ride – Dick – Start from Lathlain Park Football oval carpark.

Enter from gate on Roberts Rd – Clubs to the right and everyone else to the left.

Hopefully we can fit everyone in. Food, drinks and Band as usual.

Ralph and Kath will be at Belmont Park for people who turn up there.

There no bikes to park to park in the Joondalup Arena car park as this causes problems. All bikes have to go down into the grassed area.

Dave to set up stand at Joondalup. Roger to assist.

  • Dummy run – 24th Nov, 9.30 am for a 10.00 am start.

No meeting in December because of Xmas.

Next meeting 15th January 2014

Meeting finished 21.00.

The committee wish a Merry Xmas to everyone and have a Happy New Year.

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MRAWA President

MRAWA President

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