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MRAWA Achievements


made a successful submission to the Coroners court after two motorcycle fatalities involving infrastructure at roundabouts. The coroners findings were for local councils to consider dangers to  motorcycle riders in the design of roundabouts and remove any potentially dangerous objects that could cause injury  to riders such as solid objects on the roundabout or on the outside and approaches to the roundabout.

MRAWA sent copies of the Coroners finding to all 134 Local Councils in W.A. and to Main Roads W.A.

2002 to present

Ran the annual Motorcycle Awareness ride, that is now the annual Motorcycle Safety Week.


MRAWA called for the RACWA to be dismissed from the WA Road Safety Council, as they were not seen to represent the safety of motorcycle riders, as was their responsibility.


Note – this was turning point in the MRAWA having a real voice in rider safety, from this time on we were invited give our input into most discussions within Government concerning us.

MRAWA attended the Motorcycle and Scooter Safety Summit in Canberra. This is the summit that was the catalyst for many changes in rider safety that we have today.

2008 - 2009

The last of the three forums of the Motorcycle and Scooter Safety Action Group (MSSAG) was held on August 15th this was the last meeting in the Outcomes, Lists and Actions (O.L.A. process) with 48 actions agreed to by government department and stakeholder groups that included what we want to achieve, the action to be taken, the benefit and the completion date for the action. Although this was to be the last forum we will hold a follow up forum in 12 months with all attendees at the third forum invited to be given an update of the progress of the actions.


Note - all of the actions where completed over the next 3 years.

Motorcycle and Scooter Safety Advisory Group  committee was been set up as a permanent group that will meet every two months to discuss progress from the forums and discuss other actions that we can take for rider safety. The Committee consists of high ranking representative from RACWA, Office of Road Safety, Police, Department of Transport, Main Roads Department, WA Local Government Association, Motor Traders Association, and Motorcycle Riders Association of WA

Successfully lobbied the WA government to scrap the increase on motorcycle on street parking levy by 400% from $90.45 to $460.90 and after a meeting with the Minister for Transport we managed to get the motorcycle levy dropped completely, the  flow on effect was that the City of Perth suspended its plans to install parking metres on motorcycle bays as there was no cost to them.

Worked successfully with the City of Perth to establish 3 areas in the CBD for free untimed motorcycle parking.


First Motorcycle Rider Handbook printed

Introduction of L.A.M.S. into W.A.

2009 – 2014

  • Safer Roads for Motorcyclists DVD (An educational tool for road engineers)
  • Printed the first edition of The Good Gear Guide in Australia
  • Improved learner rider training (ongoing)
  • Motorcycle Safety Forums ongoing
  • Published Breaking Habits booklet
  • Published Make Yourself Visible booklet
  • Motorcycle Safety Week (ongoing)
  • Free Ride Right skills enhancement courses (ongoing)
  • Submission to Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into Motorcycle Safety
  • Appointment of a Motorcycle Safety Officer within Main Roads WA
  • Motorcycle rider on reviews of motorcycle rider fatality and serious crashes in WA
  • Motorcycle helmet WA regulation reform (acceptance of the European international standards ECE 22.05 for helmet use in Western Australia.

2014- 2020

Presentations at Road Safety Forums focusing on motorcycle safety.


Submission to the 2021  WA Road Safety Strategy.

Motorcycle rider safety survey


Lane filtering legislation approval


Ongoing Work

Results from the 2020 Motorcycle Safety Forum and survey converted into a Motorcycle Safety Strategy 2021 – 2025

  • Appeal to the decision to ban Motorcycles the use of priority bus lanes.
  • WA Motorcycle Black Spot Programme Review
  • Advanced Rider Skills Training promotion
  • Promote more motorcycle specific Road Safety Audits.
  • Educate the WA riding community about MotoCap

Motorcycle Safety Week.

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