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Meeting Minutes

MRAWA General Meeting 19th March 2019

By MRAWA Ambassador | 16/04/2019

Meeting started 19.30 ATTENDANCE: Tony Beeson,Chris Meyer, William Murphy Steve Fish, Fred Meli, Clint Housham, Dave Wright, Lyn & Roger Jutte. APOLOGIES: Helen Murphy and Ainslie. PREVIOUS MINUTES: January minutes read and moved William Murphy and Seconded Chris Meyer. BUSINESS ARISING: Lyn – The trailer is still being advertised on Gumtree, I am going to […]

General Meeting April 2017

By MRAWA Ambassador | 18/04/2017

The Meeting Started promptly at 19.30 ATTENDANCE: Dave Wright, Dale & Nic Hill, Donna Anthes, Mick Cooper, Ian Suggett, William Murphy, Chris Pierce, Ainslie Kounis, Steve Fish, Steven West, Stephanie West, Tony Collins, Ray Fitall, Colin Hewitt, Scott Havercroft. APOLOGIES: Joanne Wells, Clive Rawson, Glen and Dee White, Lyn and Roger Jutte, Jeff Thomas, Sandy […]

General Meeting-March/2014

By MRAWA President | 19/02/2015

Meeting started at 19.35. ATTENDANCE: Lyn & Roger Jutte, Jeff Mazey, Ray Fittal, Joanne Wells, Allan Sanger, Colin Hewitt, Johnny De Rosa, Michelle Macrae Morgan, Jeff Thomas, Chris Meyer, Dave Wright, Loose Bruce. APOLOGIES: George, Dee, Marilyn. PREVIOUS MINUTES: Read Moved Roger and Seconded Jeff M, no matters arising. SECRETARIES REPORT: Emails – Greg Hirst […]

General Meeting-February/2014

By MRAWA President | 19/02/2014

Meeting started at 19.35 ATTENDANCE: Lyn & Roger Jutte, Ray Fitall, Dick Watson, Chewi, Allan Sanger, George Batt, Colin Hewitt,m Jeff Mazey, Joanne Wells, David Wright, Chris Meyer, Rick Putland & Mark Gilbert. APOLOGIES: Dee, Jeena, Rhonda. NEW MEMBERS/ GUESTS: Rick & Mark from Ulyses Fremantle. PREVIOUS MINUTES: Matters Arising. Dave – The money for […]

General Meeting-January/2014

By MRAWA President | 15/01/2014

Meeting started at 19.40 ATTENDANCE: Ray Fitall, Roger & Lyn Jutte, Joanne Wells, Clint & Sherry Carlson, Guy Hoyrs, Colin Hewitt, Sandy Chun, Luke Farenden, Geoff Weaver & Dave Wright. APOLOGIES: Jeff & Dee Mazey, Jeff Thomas, Marilyn Wright, Dave Moore & Dick Watson. NEW MEMBERS/GUESTS: Luke & Sandy, Clint & Sherry, Guy. PREVIOUS MINUTES: […]

General Meeting-November/2013

By MRAWA President | 20/11/2013

Meeting started at 19.35. ATTENDANCE: Lyn & Roger Jutte, Allan Sanger, Steven Wright, Colin Hewitt, Chris Meyer, Jeff Thomas, Michelle Macrae-Morgan, John De Rosa, Joanne Wells, Glenn White, Dee White, Sandy Payne, Dee Wall, Ray Fitall, Dick Watson, Tony & Nancy D’arcy, Jeff Mazey, Dave Wright & Frank Forkin. APOLOGIES: Dave Moore, Marilyn Wright and […]

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