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The Numbat Rally started as an actual fundraiser for the then endangered Numbat, an insectivorous marsupial native to Western Australia.

The Numbat Rally has gone on to become an iconic event run every 2 years by the MRAWA.

We're on for September 26, 27 and 28 at the new Numbat Rally location the Hayshed Kellerberrin.

  1. Read the rules before you buy your ticket
  2. Make sure you buy a ticket before you register
  3. Make sure you register after you buy a ticket

Only 3 things to do peoples, and we'll see you at the Numbat Rally 2020.

** NO dirt bike riding after sundown. It's dangerous, disruptive, and invariably leads to issues. Plenty of time in the day for dirt bike riding.**

Drink, be merry, have fun...

Some quick snap shots showing off the facilities of the Hayshed Kellerberrin (Click an image to see larger)

Oh, and read the Lyn Simpson (Jutte) story of the Numbat Rally: https://mrawa.org/general-news/numbat-rally-story-lyn-simpson/

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